4 Tips for Choosing Athleisure...

Mar 31, 2020 by

Most people love sports attire that is versatile, comfortable, and stylish. Perhaps that is why most active sportspeople opt for...

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Mind Over Matter: How to Overc...

Apr 25, 2019 by

Everyone knows that exercise is important, yet we often don’t do it enough. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults to get 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of rigorous aerobic exercise and two days’ worth of strength-training exercise per week. Why is it so difficult for us to meet these guidelines? There are barriers that prevent us from exercising in the first place. Let’s review these obstacles and how you can overcome them so working out becomes a part of your daily life.

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My Workout Motivation Tips or ...

Feb 22, 2018 by

Hello my Lovies, 

Have you every had times when it is much harder to motivate your self to workout? I think even the people with the most perfect discipline can answer YES to this question. I personally go through these periods from time to time and each time I find ways to get my motivation back on. Today I would like to share some workout motivation tips which really make a difference for me. 

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Natural Cures For Insomnia Par...

Dec 2, 2017 by

This is a Part 2 of my Natural Cures for Insomnia. As I mentioned in the first article, I’ve struggled with sleep problems for many years since childhood and It took me a long time to learn how to get a good night sleep using the natural approach. All of these methods I mentioned work wonders when combined together.

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Trouble Sleeping? My 7 Natural...

Nov 6, 2017 by

Are you having trouble sleeping? Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Have you been struggling with insomnia for a long time? Then this information will be a holy grail for you, keep reading because what I’m going to share with you isn’t your traditional cookie cutter advice.

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Jump Rope Workouts To Keep You...

Dec 9, 2015 by

Jump rope is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen your bones, enhance cardio fitness and improve body balance,if it is done correctly it’s also a great exercise for your abs. Jump rope is one of my favorite fitness toys to take with me when I go out of town ( besides for my interval timer ), because it’s a very portable fitness accessory, which means you will not miss out on your training.

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