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How To Love Working Our

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Hello my Lovies,

Have you every had times when it is much harder to motivate your self to workout? I think even the people with the most perfect discipline can answer YES to this question. I personally go through these periods from time to time and each time I find different ways to get my motivation back. Today I would like to share some workout motivation tips which make a difference for me personally.


1. Knowledge


For me knowledge is not about power as many like to say,  knowledge personally for me has always been more about motivation. When we don’t have a lot of knowledge, our “why’s” and our “reasons” are very superficial, and anything on that level doesn’t last very long.  A lot of people start leading a healthy lifestyle mainly to reach a specific physical goal, lets be honest, not a lot of people begin a workout regimen with the main goal to get healthy and learn about how the body works. There is nothing wrong with that approach and we all have to start somewhere, we do live in a physical world and it’s very natural to focus on physical things, but from my personal experience I’ve learned that if you have a solid base within your reasons and your “why’s” then in the long run you will continue to stay motivated. The more knowledge you have about a subject which is part of your life on a daily basis, the more motivated you will be to create habits around that subject. It’s OK to focus on getting your desired physical results, but if you combine it with knowledge and look at the overall picture of how training and working out is effecting your health, heart, cardiovascular system, nervous system, endocrine system, energy systems, hormonal responses, serotonin levels, stress levels, the list goes on and on, this is the BIG picture of the training effect, and when you introduce your self with this information little by little on a daily basis, your motivation will always be steady, instead of jumping up and down. The best part about knowledge now days is the abundance of it, it is right at your fingertips and it’s available for free! There are so many scientific blogs, videos, research articles, posts, etc, you don’t need to go to the library like in the old days to educate your self.  Learn more about how the body works and you will love working out.


2. Association Technique / Train Your Brain


Our brain creates neural pathways through habit and association. Every time you make a decision and follow through with it,  you create a new neural pathway. Every time you repeat something again and again, this neural pathway gets stronger and stronger. From my experience the best way to create a neural pathway is to associate it with something. If your trying to motivate your self to workout, I suggest creating special workout outfits for specific training days, your brain will pick up on it as soon as it will notice a pattern. I personally create associations with workout leggings. For example, I have several pairs of leggings and each of them I wear for a specific training day. I have leggings for lower body days, leggings for upper body days, leggings for light workout days. Once I put my specific pair of leggings on, my brain immediately clicks and knows what kind of day it’s going to be and it’s not fighting me on it, once you begin to repeat the same thing over and over again, a neural pathway associated with working out will get stronger and stronger. Make sure you buy workout outfits in which you feel good and confident about your appearance, cause if you wear clothing in which you don’t feel absolutely spectacular, your brain will create a negative association.


3. Connection To A Feeling


This goes together with what I mentioned above. Connecting your self to a post-workout feeling, the feeling of accomplishment becomes part of your motivation and training neural pathway. You know the feeling after an amazing workout? I’m sure you do, so at the end of each workout session create mindful space of awareness. I like to do that while I’m stretching, because you can really focus on that feeling. Become aware of how good your body feels after a good burn, how good it feels to complete it and how good your muscles feel when they are sore. Become addicted to that feeling and connect to it every time you are preparing for a workout.


4. Looking At Pictures which Inspire You


Every day before my workout I look at pictures of people who inspire me not only for the way they look but the way they think and the amount of knowledge they spread. I’m not trying to look like anyone else but my self, but I am inspired when I see others reaching their goals, discipline and sharing their journey. I’m not going to share the list of people that I follow and find inspirational because everyone has different tastes and should always follow those who inspire them.


6. Tracking Results


This one looks like a common sense but you’d be surprised not a lot of people track their results every single workout. There was a time  I stopped tracking my results and was just working out for fun. Then I noticed a huge decline in motivation and I couldn’t figure out why. We track our results so we can compare our past selves to our present self, so we can measure our own progress. Create a workout log and each week try to do more than you did the previous week. That could be more reps of specific exercise, more weight or shorter workout time. You can also create challenges of 1 specific exercise and repeat this challenge once per week for one month to see your progress.


Stay Healthy and Happy!

With Love,

Your Tati


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If you are new to Loving Fit and came here fore some of the most creative workouts you can do at home, I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post first. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Proper Form is always more important than speed or the amount of repetitions you do, so WATCH YOUR FORM!
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