HIT – Bikini Ready Butt ...

Apr 6, 2012 by

Hello friends :),

I hope you are having a wonderful week, I have a lower body routine in the style of high intensity training, and it’s very fun, it will also kick your butt! This routine is a follow up to ” Upper Body Bootcamp Workout “. We’ve been doing a lot of circuits lately, so it’s time to do a little more interval training. I used a bit of longer intervals because we all know how important it is to switch up your training all the time, you don’t want your body to get use to doing the same thing over and over.

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Upper Body Bootcamp Workout

Apr 4, 2012 by

Hello my beautiful creatures :),

I hope you are having a wonderful day because I have a cool new upper body workout! But before I completed this routine I’ve done an abs routine which was about 10 minutes long, I also did 3 sets of planks, 1 minute each.

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Lower Body Workout – Sha...

Mar 31, 2012 by

Hi Everyone,

I have a new lower body routine 🙂 and it is a follow up to the ” Upper Body I Won’t Give Up Workout “. This routine didn’t come easy to me, because I didn’t get much sleep and I wanted to make all of the excuses in the world not to workout, so I turned to my motivator – the picture of Anna Kournikova! It just does something to me, when I see a picture of Anna I want to workout!

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Upper Body – I Won’...

Mar 29, 2012 by

Hi Everyone,

I am back to torture you some more :). Today’s workout was very simple but it will still be quite challenging. This routine will be focused on the upper body and it’s is a follow up routine to ” HIIT Bikini Ready Body Workout “.

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HIIT Bikini Ready Body Workout...

Mar 26, 2012 by

Hi, Everyone

I am here to bring you another butt kicking lower body workout. This workout was divided into 4 parts. The part is focused on legs, the second part is focused only on booty, the third part is focused on legs and booty and the last and final part is card and calves. Of course I don’t have to remind you that we are also using our core in every single exercise so make sure you stay tuned after the workout to watch the recap where I go over the proper form as well as beginner variations.

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Circuit Training Combo Burn &#...

Mar 23, 2012 by

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having an incredible week :), cause I am! I have another great workout for you and it’s an upper body routine that is made of combos ( my favorite 🙂 ). This workout is a follow up to the ” Pure Torture Workout “. I originally was planning on doing more rounds of this little devil, but as I finished the first round I realized that was just a crazy thought.

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