Lower Body Workout – Shake Your Sexy Tail

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Hi Everyone,

I have a new lower body routine 🙂 and it is a follow up to the ” Upper Body I Won’t Give Up Workout “. This routine didn’t come easy to me, because I didn’t get much sleep and I wanted to make all of the excuses in the world not to workout, so I turned to my motivator – the picture of Anna Kournikova! It just does something to me, when I see a picture of Anna I want to workout!

Do you have a motivator picture or something else?

I hope some of you already noticed the changes I made to the workout sections, now we have lower body workout routines separate from upper body workout routines, as well as full body routines and just abs. I think it’s so much easier to find them this way.

In this workout all I was using was my timer and my 40 lbs VersaFit bag from Power Systems. I have to say even though I’m don’t like that I can’t adjust the weight in the bag, but I love the shape of it and how I can just lay it on my body without having it pressing on my spine like the sandbag does, maybe I have to figure out how I can adjust the weight without ruining the bag.

Before I go into workout explanation I would love to say and you know it’s coming 😉 – PROPER FORM IS ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT THEN SPEED! The second thing I would like to say, and you also know it’s coming is – WARM-UP. Warm up is the most important thing you can do before your training, it activates your muscles and prevents injuries to your back and knees, as well as the muscles.

One more little thing – at the end off workout explanation part, from now on there will also be explanations in Russian.  I had a lot of requests for that from my Russian subscribers on YouTube and of course I aim to please :).



Workout Explanation

This routine is a circuit training that I did for time. So set your timer as a stopwatch. There is going to be 5 exercises total and you will go through the following routine 4 times. The toughest thing for me was to keep the bag on while I went through the first 3 exercises, that’ was very challenging.

Complete 4 rounds

  • Squat to Backward Lunge & Knee Up – 20 reps ( Every Squat + Backward Lunge + Knee Up counts as one rep )
  • Jump Squats – 10 reps
  • Goblet Squats – 20 reps ( on the way up, try to make the movement slower then on the way down )
  • Bag Swing – 15-20 reps ( I did 15 )
  • Double Bridge – 20 reps ( Each bridge counts as one rep, so at the end you end up doing 10 bridges each way )


After I completed this routine, i did some moderate skipping and included different abs exercises in between. Since it’s closer to summer time we want to look our sharpest, that’s where a little bit of extra cardio come inn and fat comes off ;).

My time for this routine was – 25 minutes and 12 seconds ( I really pushed too ).


Have a wonderful weekend!



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