Deep Cleansing And Firming Hom...

Feb 29, 2012 by

I have another wonderful face mask recipe :). Lately I’ve been really on top of taking care of my skin. I’ve been eating lot’s of vegetables, I’ve been steaming my face regularly and every night I apply a good face mask. My skin has started to look quite nice and I am really loving the results. I think a lot of it has to do with all the homemade face masks I’ve been using.

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Homemade Firming Body Scrub Re...

Feb 19, 2012 by

As you already know besides for fitness I am also obsessed with everything beauty related. I am an absolute fanatic of good skin care, perfume, nail polish and lipstick :). Today I have an amazing body scrub recipe for you, I actually also use this scrub on my face as well, but if your skin is super sensitive I wouldn’t recommend it. But for the body this scrub is perfect!!!

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My Top Skin Care Tips

Feb 7, 2012 by

It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty blog post, and today while I was doing one of my regular beauty routines I thought, hey it’s time I share some more beauty secrets with my readers :). Make sure you also check out my post on ” Secrets To Healthy and Glowing Skin ” and ” Secrets To Shiny And Healthy Hair “, you will find more advice there to complement the tips I am sharing below.

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Amazing Natural Face Scrub Rec...

Dec 10, 2011 by

As you know I always try to limit the use of chemicals on my skin and I never ever buy scrubs, unless I can find my favorite scrub by Jason. But when I don’t have my Jason scrub I always make my own. This recipe I tried a few weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying it’s benefits ever since. Every time I use it my skin is glowing and very happy. And all you need is only 3 ingredients.

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Latest Beauty Favorites

Nov 7, 2011 by

Do you love beauty products as much as I do? If so please don’t forget to share some of your favorites with me. Lately I’ve been totally obsessed with watching Youtube’s beauty bloggers. I have my 10 or so favorites and Ohh my, those girls purchase insane amounts of beauty products. Watching them really helps me to sort though all the junk, this way I am always sure not to be wasting my money ;). When It comes to buying cosmetics, I am very very picky and I’d rather spend more money on something I know I am going to love, then just buy whole bunch of different things that I am only sort of going to like.

I wanted to share some of my latest favorites that I am absolutely obsessed with. ( I am not being paid to talk about any of these products, I am only sharing my love for good cosmetics ).

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More Beauty Secrets – Oa...

Sep 28, 2011 by

As I promised you in one of my earlier My Beauty Secrets post, I was going to share more of my beauty secrets with you over time ( and I have a lot ). In Russia most women still use only natural face masks because they work! Today I wanted to share some beauty secrets regarding oatmeal. Oatmeal has been used in beauty scrubs, face washes and skin creams for years, but I prefer to use it in it’s natural form. It is one of the best natural skin exfoliants and regular use of oatmeal as a face wash wilt help your face to rid of blackheads, pimples, skin irritations and early wrinkles and also even out your skin tone ( this is my own personal experience ).

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