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Skin Care Tips and Secrets


It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty blog post, and today while I was doing one of my regular beauty routines I thought, hey it’s time I share some more beauty secrets with my readers :). Make sure you also check out my post on ” Secrets To Healthy and Glowing Skin ” and ” Secrets To Shiny And Healthy Hair “, you will find more advice there to complement the tips I am sharing below.


You’re skin will show me what you eat!


It always and I mean always starts from the inside. Your skin reflects your exact eating habits. If you eat lot’s of sugar and processed foods your skin will look dehydrated and you will notice fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, because sugar eats your collagen.  You can buy the most expensive skin care in the world with the best promises, but if you’re eating junk food, not drinking enough water and not getting enough sleep, no product will ever help your skin to look healthy. Water and vegetables daily is the secret to get that healthy glow!


The best natural exfoliator


I bet your grandma knows that one – baking soda. Baking soda is a must have! I use it to exfoliate my face every day, it’s gentle and effective. If you are sitting down, I would love to reveal a big secret – I use baking soda to exfoliate under my eyes as well. What?! That’s right! The area under your eyes needs exfoliation just as much as the rest of your face, baking soda is perfect for that. I know that Cleaopatra used baking soda in her beauty regimen daily, of course back then it was’t called baking soda, but that’s what she used. I personally been using it for years, and it’s still one of the best products especially for the price.


My Favorite Anti-Aging Face Mask


I started doing this mask 2 to 3 times a week before bed, and I can tell you that my skin loves it. I use Seaweed and raw honey ( you can buy the sheets of seaweed in any supermarket, blend it with a bit of water ). After you blend the seaweed you will have a very funky looking mixture, add raw honey and apply it to the face for 20-30 minutes. It smells like seaweed, but the results will give you a very firm and glowing skin. Nothing beats natural face masks!


No need to collect skin care products


Sometimes I watch some of the youtube beauty bloggers and I am just amazed at how much money goes into some of those skin care regimens. Multi – step systems, serums, creams, more serums etc. I can personally tell you that I’ve tried everything, and all those multi-step systems such as the right cleanser, toner, serum, day cream, night cream etc, it’s all just marketing, it will give you the same result if you were just to buy one good quality product. Find 1 amazing cream that works for your face and that’s all you need. Look at the ingredients not the promises. I recently found a holy grail of a product, It’s expensive but it replaced everything else in my skin care routine, so the price adds up evenly. It’s absolutely hands down the best skin cream I’ve ever used, there is one ingredient that I am not too crazy about but the results help me ignore it. The first time I applied it, I knew it was love at first sight ( message me if you want to know what it is ). I even stopped using foundation makeup since I’ve been using this cream, that’s how good it is. Notice I am not wearing any makeup in the picture above.


As I been going about through life I’ve learned that going back to basics always works, that means trying to stay away from chemicals in our skin care as much as we can.  Because dyes, parabens, preservatives get absorbed by our skin and in the long run they only make things worst.  It seems nearly impossible to find a product these days without some harsh chemicals in it, but I definitely try my best to keep things as natural as I can.  I make all of my own face scrubs, body scrubs and face masks. I use grape seed oil and coconut oil as a body moisturizer and I give my self a facial once a week ;).  I think it’s very important to take care of our selves as much as we can, because we only have one body in this life, it’s not like you can migrate into a new body and skin when you get tired of old one LOL.  My best friend always says – ” My body is a temple and I worship it ” –  ( I love that saying 🙂 )



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