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Beauty Products Review


Do you love beauty products as much as I do? If so please don’t forget to share some of your favorites with me. Lately I’ve been totally obsessed with watching Youtube’s beauty bloggers. I have my 10 or so favorites and Ohh my, those girls purchase insane amounts of beauty products. Watching them really helps me to sort though all the junk, this way I am always sure not to be wasting my money ;). When It comes to buying cosmetics, I am very very picky and I’d rather spend more money on something I know I am going to love, then just buy whole bunch of different things that I am only sort of going to like.

I wanted to share some of my latest favorites that I am absolutely obsessed with. ( I am not being paid to talk about any of these products, I am only sharing my love for good cosmetics ).

Now, let’s begin 😛


Guerlain Meteorites ( Teint Beige 02 ) and EcoTools Bronzer Brush


Beauty Favorites Review


I am absolutely obsessed with Guerlain Meteorites. It is my favorite product in my makeup bag. It is a veil face powder, and mind you I never liked face powder before I tried this one. I am a firm believer that face powders makes people look old – but not Guerlain Meteorites. It just sets your makeup, and gives your face this beautiful glow that looks incredible! And it smells even better, almost like vintage face powder. If you want to spoil your self, then Meteorites are totally for you. They are expensive, but if you consider that they will last you for at least over a year and for some people it can be 2 years, then the price covers it.

They also come in Holiday Collections, and I am eyeballing this year’s Christmas Collection :), I am just so in love with these things. I found out about then through Russian Youtube bloggers, this product is huge in Europe. I am sure glad I did!

The brush that you are suppose to use with them, you have to purchase separately, but after I saw that face brush in the store, I am affirm you – Don’t waste your money on Guerlain Face Meteorites Face Brush, it sucks, especially for the price.

This is where this amazing EcoTools Bronzer Brush Comes Inn 🙂

First of all, you can’t beat the price, it’s only 13 dollars. Second, it’s the best face brush ever, especially to use with Meteorites. It’s also the softest face brush I own. I have other more expensive face brushes, but non of them come close to the EcoTools. I also tried some of their other brushes, and they are totally amazing, and they are Eco Friendly ;).

Next Favorite

Loreal Voluminous Faux Cils Mascara & Famous Mac 217 brush


Beauty Favorites Review


As I wrote in my previous Shop & Tell beauty post ” My New Makeup “, I’ve been seriously disappointed with YSL brand, especially their 36 dollar mascara, it just drips under my eyes literally an hour after applying it, and it dries up faster then PMS tears. So I found my self a gem – new Loreal Mascara ( this is the first and only Loreal Mascara I’ve ever liked ). I got the waterproof version, and it’s just great! It lengthens lashes and stays on forever. I just love it!

Now the Mac 217 – I am not going to write a poem about this one, since many people and makeup artists have already done it! This is amazing eye shadow blending brush, even if you don’t know how to do eye makeup, this brush will teach you ;). You can do your whole eye make up, with just this one brush! I am personally a perfectionist when it comes to blending and I only seen a few Youtube makeup artists ( I can count them on one hand ), with perfect blending. Normally to me most eye makeup looks like bruising on the eye lids, if you don’t like that effect then Mac 217 will take care of that for you.

Next Favorite

Illamasqua Lipstick


Beauty Favorites Review


The colors of this brand are spectacular! This one is “Liv”. They literally have the most gorgeous color collection, such as deep blue, purple and black colors ( not that I would wear these colors every day, but once in a while – why not! ). This lipstick is very very pigmented so you will only need to use a little. And this color is that perfect pale baby pink that I love and it’s very matte ( I don’t like glitter in lipsticks ) The only down side to this lipstick is’s a bit drying, so you have to use lip balm before applying it.

It seems to me that all the lipsticks in this perfect pale pink color are drying.  I also tried Rouge Volupte by YSL and I loved it in the beginning, but after giving it a great run, I realized that it dried out my lips as well.

Next Favorite

Wen Limited Edition Pumpkin Ginger Cleansing Conditioner

If you read my earlier post about Hair Care, then you already know, I haven’t used regular shampoo in 2 years. Since I found WEN 2 years ago, I fell in love with this product. If you want to stop having crispy hair ends, and you wish to have shiny hair and only use one bottle for everything ( cleansing, conditioning, leave-inn conditioning, hair mask ), then WEN is for you :). If you like to strip the natural oils out of your hair, then regular shampoo, conditioner, leave inn conditioner etc is more for you. For me personally those days are over long time ago.

WEN comes in many different scents, so far the most favorite of mine is Pomegranate. The rest do seem to smell like cough medicine, but the effect is so amazing that I am willing to overlook that part

Next Favorite

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Smoothing Glaze  and Glossing Cream ( only use it on dry hair, because I use WEN as my leave – inn ) 

Beauty Favorites Review


Ojon has been in my favorites before I discovered WEN, but their Glossing Cream is 100 times better then the very famous Moroccan Oil that everyone raves about. Their glossing cream has orange cream smell which I love and it makes my hair incredibly shiny.

Then I discovered their Damage Reverse Glaze and that has now become another favorite. Since I started to run out of my Glossing Cream, I wanted to give something new a try, and love that one as well. I tried so many Ojon products before and I can promise you – I love them all.


And the last favorite

Nubian Heritage Soap 


Beauty Favorites Review


I’ve been using this brand of soap for a while, and I have to say I really love it. All the ingredients are natural and I understand what all of them are. I cannot stress enough how important the soap we use is, because skin is our biggest organ, and if we use chemicals on it, it will absorb all of it.


What are your favorite products right now?



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