YSL Lipstick

Feb 20, 2011 by


YSL Rouge Volupte in number 7

By now you probably think I’m addicted to YSL ( I am a little bit).  But this is the holy grail of a lipstick!  It’s the same for the price tag :0.

This is my favorite lipstick.   It has a great color density,  and the perfect shade of pink.   For me it is really hard to find the perfect lip color,  because all of the lipsticks that I seem to try out have some kind of pearly glitter in it.  But this lipstick,  is perfectly matte,  the color is rich and I love how it’s packaged.  It has a mirror on one end,  not that it’s big enough to see anything,  but it’s the thought that counts LOL.

PS (  I am not promoting this product,  it is only my personal opinion and preference )


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