Best Makeup On A Budget

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Best Makeup On A Budget


I always try different makeup, and I’ve learned just because some makeup is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s good.   I have a huge makeup box filled with things that are useless, because before I purchased them,  I didn’t do my research on reviews, pretty much I wasted a lot of money. Now, I only use the things that are proven great.   Most of these things I’ve used for years and love it.  Here is a list of my favorite products ( I am not promoting anything, these are the things that I love )

Face Makeup

Makeup, Best Makeup, Revlon Photo Ready, Cover Girl

Favorite Face Makeup


1. CG Smoothers Tinted Moisture

I tried so many tinted moisturizers, I can’t even count. And many of them were super expensive. But nothing ever compared to this CG tinted moisturizer. I first started using it about 8 years ago, and I always loved it. But of course my curiosity tends to get the best of me, I always think the grass can be greener on the other side of expensive tinted moisturizers. And when I try them, I end up throwing them away and coming back to Cover Girl. It is very light coverage tinted moisturizer, and it just makes your skin glow. I also believe it comes in 3 colors only, which is a bit of a down side for most people. But I use number 810 light to medium and it works like magic for me.
It is perfect to wear during the day, because it is so light on your face, you can’t even tell you have anything on.

2. Revlon Photo Ready Foundation

Revlon, generally makes really good foundations at a very small price. I tried several of their foundations and I love them. This one in particular is one of my favorites, but to blended in well, you need a great makeup sponge.
It has these reflection particles and I really like how it looks on my face. Plus it has SPF 20, which is always great. The color that I am using is 003 Shell.


Blush and Highlighter

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Favorite Face Blush and Highlighter


1. Mark Just Pinched Blush Tint

This is a creamy blush by Mark which I really love. It’s about 7 dollars at the Avon store, or you can get it online. The color is Cheeke Pommete which is a very pale bubble gum pink. I just love it, it’s light but you can layer it to make it as intense as you like.
I am still on the look out for a great powder or mineral blush, but I haven’t found the one I love. If you know of a good powder or mineral blush, drop me a comment.

2. Elf Shimmering Facial Whip

I love this highlighter so much. It comes in 8 colors and it’s multi purpose. I only have it in one color which is 1206 toasted, and I can’t find other colors that I want in stores. I am actually going to order other colors online. This highlighter is only 1 dollar. You can use it on your eyes, face, lips and body. The tube is very small, but it is only a dollar so I am not complaining.


Eye Shadow Base and Lip Primer

Makeup, Nyx Eye Shadow Base, best lip primer Laura Geller

Favorite Eye Shadow Base and Lip Primer

1. Nyx Eye Shadow Base

I love to use eye shadow base because It makes a huge difference in keeping your eye makeup on all night. It comes in 3 colors and I am using the skin tone color. It’s great for the price, which is 10 dollars and you can find it at your local Ulta store. It makes the color of the eye shadow more intense and keeps it on your eyes, not running down your face ( like I use to have before I discovered eye shadow primer ). I also tried Elf shadow primer, but I didn’t really like it because after using it, I couldn’t take my eye makeup off. But Nyx works very well.

2. Laura Geller Lip Spackle Primer

This is a really good product. It is somewhat expensive for a lip primer but I still really love it. You know when you’ve been wearing a lipstick for an hour or so and you begin to have this gross looking lipstick build up your your lips? This primer makes it not happen. Lipstick or lip gloss look more intense and last longer. Much longer.


Gel Eye Liners

Makeup, Sonia Kashuk Eye liner, Maybelline eye studio

Favorite Gel Eye Liners


1. Sonia Kashuk Long Wearing Gel Liner

The color that I have is Cocoa. They were not joking when they said Long Wearing Gel Liner. It stay on and on and on. My only problem with it, I have been looking for this liner in black, and I can’t seem to find it. As far as quality, Sonia Kashuk doesn’t disappoint.

2. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eye Liner

This is another super long wearing eye liner. It’s only 7 dollars and it has amazing staying power as well. I purchased it in charcoal thinking it was going to be black. But it was kind of glossy. The stores are always sold out of it in black. Because it’s great! This is the only product I like by Maybelline.

Nyx Lipstick

Makeup, Nyx, Nyx Lipstick

Nyx Lipsticks


Nyx cosmetics makes really great quality makeup for a very small price.  I use their purple smokey eye kit and I love it.  I also discovered some really great lipsticks from Nyx. I have a really hard time finding that perfect baby doll pink lip colors, and usually I use YSL lipstick. But now I discovered Nyx in Strawberry Milk, and It works just as well. Compared to YSL 36 dollar price tag, Nyx is a bargain.
The other lipstick by Nyx that I actually just got yesterday is not like your usual lipstick.  It comes in a tube that looks like lip gloss, but it’s matte.   It doesn’t dry up my lips and It stays on.   The Color is 03 Tokyo and it is also that perfect pink I love.

Lip Gloss

Makeup, Revlon, good lip gloss

Great Lip Gloss


This is a great alternative lip gloss for me, because normally I use YSL or Clarins Quench Lip Balm.   And they are expensive, but this Revlon lip gloss works just as well.   I like this shade in Lilac.  It’s sheer and stays on for a long time without the stickiness.

Do you have any good makeup you recommend?

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