Best Butt Prisoner Squat Exerc...

Jun 8, 2011 by

I tried this new exercise today, I’ve seen it done before without a Balance Ball ball, but I didn’t like the flow of the movement. Doing this squat with the Ball creates balanced support and places bigger tension on the back of your leg and butt, vs doing this squat without the Ball.

Since it’s best to work several muscle groups at once, by placing your hands behind your head you are working the back as well (this is where the Prisoner name comes from).

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The Real Superfoods

Jun 7, 2011 by

After doing hours of digging around on the net, I came to discover how many websites claim certain foods as Superfoods ( such as red wine, avocados, dark chocolate, nuts, green leafy veggies, tomatoes, fruits etc ). What I didn’t find is the scientific evidence proving that those foods are Superfoods. Recently I saw an amazing documentary that helped me learn more about what Superfoods really are.

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Which Is The Purest Bottled Wa...

Jun 6, 2011 by

Several month’s ago I got a little water measuring device that came with the new Water Filter I purchased. The device measures Total Dissolved Solutions ( TDS ) in the water ( it tells you exactly how purified water really is ). Ever since then, I have been measuring all of the water I purchase (as neurotic as it sounds ).
When I was shopping in the store today I saw a lot of overpriced Bottled Water and I wanted to investigate their purity.

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Balance Disc And How To Use It

Jun 4, 2011 by

A Balance Disc is a really amazing small piece of equipment. I use it almost daily in my workouts. What I’ve learned about working out is that you don’t have to keep using heavier and heavier weights, you just have to find a way to make an exercise harder to perform, and Balance Disc does just that.

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All Around Plank Exercise

Jun 3, 2011 by

All around plank exercise is quite a challenge. This exercise if done correctly will make you sweat and give you a great burn. It works an incredible amount of muscle groups at once, builds great Upper Body Strength and Core Strength.

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