Twisted Pistol Kick Exercise

Jul 7, 2011 by

This exercise will probably scare someone who is a beginner, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. You have to remember that every exercise can be modified.
Twisted Pistol Kick Exercise focuses on your glutes, quadriceps, but most importantly your abs. Make sure you are always paying attention to your form.

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More Healthy Snacks

Jul 6, 2011 by

One of the most important things about healthy snacks is variety. Not so long ago I wrote a post with some great snack options, in this post I would like to add to that list.

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Luxurious Homemade Body Scrub

Jul 4, 2011 by

I absolutely love making homemade cosmetics, I guess I’m a bit spoiled and I don’t like the store brand cosmetics because of preservatives they use. All of the ingredients I use in homemade cosmetics has to be organic, that’s how you will get the full benefits of them ( there is no cutting corners here 😉 )
I have a lot of different recipes and I will slowly be sharing all of them with you here on my blog.
This scrub is one of my favorites and it leaves your skin silky smooth. What makes this scrub luxurious is the 3 key ingredients blended together.

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Abs Burner Exercise

Jul 2, 2011 by

I really enjoy using a balance ball as part of my workout almost every day. I think I am on a mission to create as many balance ball uses as possible, and I am not kidding when I say that ;). This exercise is actually pretty simple, but it does require you to have some core strength. I have an explanation for complete beginners at the bottom of the post.

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Twisted Toe Touch Exercise

Jul 1, 2011 by

I’ve tried this new exercise yesterday that’s I’ve never done before, I’ve never seen anyone else do it either, so I might of been the inventor of it ;).
My obliques were so sore today, like they haven’t been in a long time.
The key to this exercise is a proper form and good balance. If you’ve never done it before it’s best you practice first.

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