Maca Powder Super Food

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Maca Powder, Maca Powder Super Food, Super food

Maca Powder Super Food


I discovered another amazing superfood and I wanted to share it here on my blog 🙂 – Maca Powder.
From the studies that I found, Maca Root has an adaptogen effect on the endocrine system. Adaptogens unable the body to enhance it’s power of resistance and adapt to stress placed upon it, such as heavy physical activity ( in my case is Intense interval training ) or any other external conditions.

To help you understand that a bit more, I will explain the role of the endocrine system. The endocrine system helps regulate growth, reproduction, use of nutrients by cells, as well as balances your metabolic rate.  It is the system that controls hormones and hormones control and regulate everything in your body.  The functions of hormones are so complex, that the modern day science still haven’t completely figured them all out.

Adaptogens in Maca Powder work with the body’s natural rhythms to help rebuild weak immune system ( the cause of most illnesses ), add minerals to the body, increase energy and endurance.

Maca root besides for being and adaptogen contains vitamins, minerals and fatty acids – B1, B2, B12 Vitamins C, Phosphorus,Calcium, Potassium, Copper, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc.  It also contains alkaloids which activate hormone regulators located in the brain, that in turn regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.

The phosphorus in Maca Powder is a primary building block in the cell which fuels energy production.

Calcium and vitamin C in Maca root help build muscle mass and increase physical endurance because it’s  considered an alternative to anabolic steroids.  And the best thing about that, is there is no side effects.

From everything I have been reading about Maca Powder, it seems to be even better than broccoli ( which is not my favorite veggies at all ), but  it is also way more expensive than broccoli.  In our modern day and age, nutritious food is more expensive because it is more expensive to grow it, and it takes more time rather than not so nutrient rich foods.

This is how I would describe the taste of Maca Powder: Nutty mixed with rum, mixed with wheat grass kind of taste.  But it’s not like you are going to be eating it as a powder anyway, you would make a nutritious shake right?  I just made one right now with Raw Cacao, Banana, Spinach, Almond milk and a spoon of Maca – it’s delicious.

I paid 22 dollars for a 16 oz bag of Maca Powder that would probably last me 3 weeks, but if that means I can cut down on some of my least favorite veggies and still get all the nutrients my body needs, I say 22 dollars is a small price to pay.

I got it at Whole Foods, which I think over charges for health foods in general for what ever reason unknown.  But you can order the same package online for a a bit less, if you really look around.

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Maca Powder, Maca Powder Super Food

Maca Powder



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