Happiness And Finding The Middle

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Happiness And Finding The Middle


One of my favorite things to do,  is reading a dictionary (I know how very nerdy of me ).   I stumbled upon a word “Happiness“, which gave me an idea for today’s Thought Of The Day.  The definition of happiness in the dictionary is :

The quality or state of being happy, good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

But can we really define happiness in words?  Maybe not, since happiness has a different meaning for everyone.

Just stop for a second and think what does happiness mean to you.  And is there such thing as being happy all the time?

I believe happiness is not so much of a physical thing, but more of being and knowing who you truly are, as well is finding the middle between the good and bad.

Nothing, or no one outside of your self can make you feel happy or sad or angry.  It is about finding the middle between the positive and the negative, and being able to balance out both.

Positive thinking and feelings are very powerful tools in our life, it can create miracles, such as law of attraction,  but what if I tell you that negative emotions are just as powerful and useful if you know how to use them.

Negativity it self has a lot of energy, we tend to realize our selves in the moments of grief  or anger the most.  It is believed to be a quick path to enlightenment. Have you ever noticed when you are going through the most difficult times in your life, those moments seem to define who you are , and who you are about to become.  It is a way for us to really listen to our inner voice, it is the loudest in the moments of grief.

I am not saying that you should embrace negativity because it can be enlightening, it is all about how you use the moments of grief or anger, and how you bring your self back to the middle.

I always hear people trying to stay away from the negative emotions, like it’s a plague.  It’s always about positive thinking, and yes positive thinking is what we should focus upon,  but I also believe it is about balance between the two.

Focus on being and staying positive, but if the day comes and you are feeling sadness, grief or anger accept it as your guide and just let it pass through you.  Don’t fight it, feel it instead.  And when it passes, get back to positive thinking.  And remember You and only You can make your self happy!

What does Happiness mean to you?



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