My New Mac Book

Apr 12, 2011 by

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My New Mac 🙂


Today was finally the day I got my Mac Book Pro. I am so exited because I have been waiting for this day for a long time. I’ve heard about Mac computers for years and now I got one.
My old Windows computer was really getting on my nerves for a while, it was so slow and it made this noise like nails on the glass – crackling noise.  It crackled for every button I pressed, so it was time for it to retire.
When I went to the Mac store, I felt like I was in Wonderland.   Everyone was just cooler than windows, LOL.
One thing I wasn’t too crazy about is the sales person guy, who was trying to sell me on 100 dollars of lessons for Mac. I also got a Final Cut Express as well, and he was literally holding me hostage in that store. I mean, I understand that Mac has a different system than Windows, but come on, It’s a computer, not a space shuttle! How difficult can it be to figure out.
The sales guy just kept going on and on about how hard and complicated it will be, to learn using a Mac and especially the Final Cut Express. But what I thought was very funny, the back of the software says – ” powerful yet easy to use”. And when I tell him, don’t worry, I can find hundreds of tutorials online that will teach me how to use the software, he says ” Yes, but you can’t ask the tutorial a question”. Hell yes I can, I usually tackle questions with my brain, it’s like a puzzle, soon or a later you figure it out!

What do you think about Mac? Do you use a Mac or Windows?


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