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I always get asked questions about what I eat and how I keep in shape.   I do eat very healthy, but I don’t completely obsess with what I eat,  I also drink a lot of clean filtered water.   It is all about eating at least 6 small meals a day, and always having healthy snacks in between.   Today I wanted to share what kind of snacks I usually eat.

Raw Almonds

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Raw Almonds


I carry raw almonds with me everywhere I go.   Almonds have protein, good fat and fiber, as well as potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.  Almonds will also boost energy, and help to improve your skin.   But you have to eat them in the raw, because when you buy them toasted and salted they have added oil and sodium,  which makes them not so healthy anymore.  If you don’t like them in the raw, you can toast them without oil and add a little salt your self.   But eating them in the raw, also keeps all the nutrients that almonds have to offer.
You can also snack on other nuts as well, they are all really good for you in moderation a handful ( not a whole box ).


Organic Carrots and Hummus

Healthy, Healthy Foods, Weight Loss Foods, Healthy Snacks

Organic Baby Carrots and Hummus


I really love carrots and hummus as my daily healthy snack.   Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A which is great for your vision and for your skin.   They also contain a variety of other vitamins and minerals.  It is on of those foods that help you speed up your metabolism.   Your body takes out more energy to digest carrots, then actual carrots contain.   I don’t really like how carrots taste alone, so I eat them with hummus.   Make sure when you buy hummus you look at the ingredients.   A lot of store  hummus contains additives, which you want to avoid for health purposes.   Hummus suppose to only have a few ingredients and they all should be easily pronounced.  If it has more than 10 or 11 ingredients, don’t buy it.



Healthy, Healthy Foods, Healthy Snacks, Weight Loss Foods



I love these bars taste, there are so many flavors to choose from, and my favorite part about Larabars, there is only a few ingredients and no additives. I took a picture of these two, cause these are my favorite one’s. I also like the Cashew cookie flavor :). The one’s I have in the picture are the Banana Bread ( ingredients: almonds, dates, unsweetened bananas ), and Apple Pie ( ingredients: dates, apples, unsweetened apples, walnuts ) – that’s it, plain simple ingredients. I found a few other flavored Larabars flavored with juice, don’t get those. These have sugar but it’s fruit sugar, which is different from table sugar. But if something is sweetened with juice, you know it has added table sugar.


Banana and Organic Peanut Butter

Healthy, Healthy Foods, Healthy Snacks, Weight Loss Foods

Banana and Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter


I love Organic Crunchy Peanut butter, it is so delicious.   A great way to eat it is with a banana. I also love to eat apple and peanut butter. It feels you up quickly because it has good fat in it, but don’t over do it.  Bananas are full of potassium and they boost your energy level.
One table full table spoon of peanut butter is good serving, anything more and it’s too much. It does make a difference if you buy it organic.   I can taste the difference, I once bought a regular peanut butter and ended up throwing it away.   When shopping for peanut butter the only ingredient it should have is peanuts, no hydrogenated oils, sugar or salt added.


Low Fat Low Sugar Cottage Cheese

Healthy, Healthy Foods, Healthy Snacks, Weight Loss Foods

Low Fat, Low Sugar Cottage Cheese


If you workout, it’s crucial you fuel your muscles properly.   This snack is the best before bed. Low Fat cottage cheese contains casein, it’s the type of protein that is digested slowly into the blood stream, fueling muscle growth over night.
Too much dairy is not good for you, but a serving of low fat,  low sugar cottage cheese before bed is perfect.
When shopping for cottage cheese,  always look at the ingredients list.  It should not contain more than 3g of sugar per serving, and it should also only have a few ingredients that you can pronounce and you should know what they are.  If cottage cheese contains ingredients, that you don’t understand, don’t buy it.

Snacking well is very meaningful, just as eating healthy.   It is important for your brain, for your health, for your mind and body.   When we eat healthy we feel great,  energized and happy.  Good healthy food – lifts your spirit. It is the most precious thing you can do for your self.  Don’t abuse your body with junk food, your body is your temple, it know’s what you’re eating. Respect your body, and it will respect you back.


Do you have any good healthy snacks you can recommend?


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