Water Is Important And Why Should You Filter It

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Water and Health


Water,  is by far one of the most important part of all living organisms.  You can survive for at least a month without food, but only about 4 days without water.

Water and Your Health

60% of a human body is water.  Our brain contains about 70% of water, our lungs made up of about 90%, our blood is about 82% water, lean muscle tissue contains about 75%, fat has only 10%, bones about 22%. So as you can see it is a vital ingredient in our life.  But many people are very negligent in their consumption of water,  as well as the sources.

Water is vital to our overall health.  It cleanses the toxins out of your body,  it purifies your blood.  If you are sick,  drink even more water to recover faster.

On an average a person drinks about 2 glasses of water a day,  if that.  Most people these days drink juice, soda, everything else but water. What a lot of people don’t know, is that water is a way to detox your body. It is a miracle on it’s own. One of the best ways to get the toxins out of your body is by drinking tons of water, atleast 8-10 large glasses a day. But to get the toxins out, the water quality has to be pure. The cleaner your water, the better your body can rid of toxins.  That’s where good water filter comes in.  And I am talking about the kind of water filter that actually filters everything poisonous out of your water,  not just 20%.

People that own a water filter,  don’t really care what kind of filter it is,  as long as it says filter on it, it must be good enough.  It’s not.

Tap water contains on an average from 200-400 of  TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids ) depends on a state you live in, which are substances such as road salt,  metals, old piping,  leaves whole bunch of other things that  our water contains.

FDA requires purified bottled water to achieve a TDS reading between 000 – 010.

Anyhow,  I used to use Pur water filter,  which I thought was fine,  but it did tasted a bit metallic.  I am a water obsessed maniac, and I know my water.  The other water that I tried that came close to perfect taste was Evian and Fiji.

As with everything I do,  I started doing some research about water.  And by accident I bumped inn to Zero Water Filter ( I’m not promoting it, I’m just sharing my experience ).  Of course,  I decided to give it a try. It is a little bit more expensive,  like 10 dollars more than average filter.  But it also comes with TDS water measuring meter.  When I tried my new water filter,  before even measuring it to my old one,  the taste of zero water was totally clean. Then I proceeded to actually measure the tap water,  pur water filter,  and zero water water filter.

Here is the results:

Tap water – 210 tds

Pur water filter – 170 tds

Zero Water filter – 000 tds.

Wow,  I will never go back to any other water filter. Zero Water is for me.

I believe one of the most important things you can do for your body and health is to provide it with the best foods and the best water. Your body will thank you for this care,  by providing you with health and energy.  Don’t you think a few extra dollars are worth the benefits?  To me, hell yeah it does!

Water and your Health


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