Fireball Workout!

Jan 14, 2012 by

Today’s workout is a follow up to yesterdays ” Tomboy Workout “, and it’s a lower body routine. Let me just begin by telling you that after I took my break I feel so much stronger and I can push my self so much harder, and I am exited to workout overall. So listen to my advice and take a break from training every 6 weeks.

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Heartbeat Up Workout!

Dec 28, 2011 by

There is only a few more days left until the big day – New Year, and we all have to look our best and feel great! Today’s workout is focused on the lower body butt, legs, abs and it will make your heartbeat skip very fast ;), just as fast as it will make your fat melt. This routine is divided into 2 parts, the first part is done for time and it’s circuit training, the second part is interval training with no breaks.

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It Girl Booty Workout

Dec 21, 2011 by

Today’s workout was focused on the lower body such as booty, legs and some abs ;). I did this workout last week but we didn’t have time to record it and I really enjoyed this routine. It was a combination of interval training and time challenges. After completing this workout I felt amazing, I just love the feeling right after a great training! Make sure you check out a post I wrote a few days ago ” How To Train For Best Results “, because it is very important to know how to train properly and not just working out in blindfold.

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Destroy Me Workout

Dec 14, 2011 by

Today’s workout was all about the lower body and abs. We didn’t have the time to film my actual training but we did film the instructional video and I am also going to share my time and my scores for this routine as well. I called this workout ” Destroy Me ” because when I was done, I was literally destroyed! I really had to kick my own ass the whole time. For me it is kind of a double edge sword, when we film my routines It’s tough because I have to work extra hard, and when we don’t film I have to push my self even harder because I have a tendency to drag my workouts to a later time.

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Go Beyond Workout!

Dec 3, 2011 by

Today’s workout was again focused on the lower body, butt, legs and just a little bit of abs. And today was one of those days for me that I just wanted to complain about everything and skip on my training, well 🙂 I complained just a bit but I did my training. It totally burned my butt!

This routine I was using Isometric technique as in the Isometric Burn Workout and I have an upgrade on my Blue Medicine Ball from 8lbs to 12 🙂 and trust me 4 lbs extra really make a difference.

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Tear It Up Workout

Nov 30, 2011 by

Today’s workout, well what can I say – the name says it all :). It was very challenging for me, I can barely feel my legs and butt right now. This routines is focused on your lower body and abs. I am really focusing on building muscle at the moment so the goals is not to do as many reps as possible, but the goal of all the reps to be with the best form as possible under 14 reps.
I choose very challenging exercises and I split every exercise into separate mini routines.

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