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Isometric Workout


Today’s workout was again focused on the lower body, butt, legs and just a little bit of abs. And today was one of those days for me that I just wanted to complain about everything and skip on my training, well 🙂 I complained just a bit but I did my training. It totally burned my butt!

This routine I was using Isometric technique as in the Isometric Burn Workout and I have an upgrade on my Blue Medicine Ball from 8lbs to 12 🙂 and trust me 4 lbs extra really make a difference.

After this routine I went for a 4 mile brisk walk as my moderate cardio, and it was very very moderate but very long. I love going for long walks and lately I’ve been doing it very often. Walking is like meditation, clears your head and opens your creativity, as well burning some calories while you’re at it ;).

By so many requests of my Russian YouTube subscribers I did a video of my daily food regimen meal by meal and snack by snack, which I already recorded and it will be ready in a few days with English subtitles, I think you will finally know that I can be a little piggy when it comes to eating. As I was looking through that video all I could think of was, whoa I eat way too much!
Now, getting back to the workout!

Go Beyond Workout Video



Workout Recap & Beginner Variation



Workout Explanation

Please do a good warm-up before starting this routine.

This routine was broken down into 4 parts, I was using my timer, my new 12 lbs medicine ball and my My Pink Lebert . This workout took me over 35 minutes to complete because the last part is done as a time challenge, you can be way faster than me.



Part one

Set your timer for 10 rounds of 10 sec and 10 sec – there is no rest, so don’t bring a pillow ;). You will be doing two exercises 5 rounds total on each side. You will only switch sides after you’ve completed 5 rounds on one leg

  • Isometric Lunge Hold
  • Side Lunge Knee Ups & Twist

Don’t even think about taking a break because these exercises are Isometric and you suppose to feel some real burn to get the full benefits, so suck it up through every single round!


Part 2

The timer stay’s the same, and you will go through both exercises for the total of 10 rounds.

  • Isometric Squat Hold
  • Medicine Ball Swing ( really squeeze your cheeks for this one, and not the cheeks on your face 😉 )


Part 3

The timer stays the same, you will also go through these 2 exercises for the total of 10 rounds.

  • Push-up plank on a medicine ball
  • Jump Knee Tuck ( staying low the whole time )


Part 4

Time challenge, set your timer as a stop watch, complete 2 exercises for the total of 3 rounds.

  • One Leg Squat & Jump Up – 8 reps ( switching legs only after completing the 8 reps on one leg )
  • Leg Lifts and Side to Side Twists – 10 reps


My scores

Part one – I was able to do 5 lunge and knee twists every single round both times and I did’t take even a second break. I went through every single round.

Part 2 – On this exercise I got stuck once in the second time around and probably took 2 second break on the Medicine ball swing, but the rest of the rounds I did solid 6 swings.

Part 3 – This one was a killer, I was averaging 6-5 jump tucks on the first time around, but on the second I was averaging 5-4 jump tucks and I lost my form on one of the medicine ball planks ( shame on me ).

Part 4 – the first time I finished it in 6 minutes and 54 seconds and the second time it took me 7 minutes and 38 seconds.

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