Isometric Burn Workout

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Isometric Burn Workout


I was going to do this workout last week, and on Thursday morning I realized that I overtrained my body a lot and I needed to take several days off. I’ve already written an article about avoiding overtraining, and I am going to write another one with more detail. More exercise does not mean better results and if you overtrain your body will break down muscle! ¬†

I decided to switch things up a bit, from now one I am going alternate the day where I will focus more on lower or upper body, but I will always include dynamic movement of a whole body.

Today’s workout was focused on the lower body, booty, legs, calves and abs and this workout was seriously one of the hardest I’ve done in a long time. This routine included isometrics mixed in with interval training as well as a time challenge. During the intervals there were no breaks so get ready to sweat and burn!

For this workout I was using a pair of dumbbells, a mat, Gymboss Max timer, and My Pink Lebert .


Isometric Burn Workout Video



Workout Recap & Beginner Variation



Workout Explanation

This routine is divided into 4 parts, first 3 parts is Interval Training and the 4th part is done for time. You will go through all 4 parts twice.


Part one

Set your timer for 8 intervals of 10 seconds and 10 seconds. You will do 2 exercises back to back – no breaks, you will go through both exercises 8 times.

  • Isometric Squat
  • Star Leap


Part 2

The timer stays the same, 10 sec and 10 sec. You will go through 2 more exercises back to back.

  • Running Mountain Climbers ( not touching the floor )
  • Isometric Kick Backs


Part 3

You guessed it :), the timer stays the same. You will go through 2 exercises back to back.

  • L-hold
  • Jump Squats


Part 4

Set your timer as a stopwatch, perform the following two exercises for time.

  • Dumbbell Burpee ( no push-up ), toe lift & curl – 20 reps
  • Dumbbell Swing – 30 reps


Take a few minutes break and repeat all 4 parts one more time.

Tomorrow we will be focusing on the upper body.


My scores:

I didn’t count my first 3 parts because I literally had stars in my eyes.

The fourth part took me 3:46 the first time, and 3:21 the second time to complete.

Share your scores!



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