Tear It Up Workout

Nov 30, 2011 by

Butt and Legs Workout


Today’s workout, well what can I say – the name says it all :). It was very challenging for me, I can barely feel my legs and butt right now. This routines is focused on your lower body and abs. I am really focusing on building muscle at the moment so the goals is not to do as many reps as possible, but the goal of all the reps to be with the best form as possible under 14 reps.
I choose very challenging exercises and I split every exercise into separate mini routines.
Since this is a very intense workout, don’t forget to warm-up your muscles, I have a great warm-up routine I did for you the other day. After that warm-up routine, you are going to replicate the movement’s from today’s workout with a much lighter load, to really prepare your body for this routine.

In this workout I was using my Timer Gymboss Max, my 8lbs medicine ball ( which is going to get upgraded in a few days by albs 😉 ), a mat and a balance ball.

This workout is split into 5 parts. The first 4 parts are Interval Training, and the last fifth part is done for time.

Tear It Up Workout Video



Workout Recap & Variations For Beginners



Workout Explanation

Part 1


Set your timer for 6 rounds of 2 intervals, 10 seconds ( rest interval ), 45 seconds maximum effort interval. You will be doing one exercises for all the six rounds.

  • Stretching Surfer ( don’t rush with your reps, on the stretching part pause to feel the burn on the back of your leg and butt ).


Part 2

The timer stays the same, but this time you will be doing 1 exercise, alternating the sides each interval.

  • Side lunges with a medicine ball ( Watch the instructional video for the proper explanation on how I did this exercise.


Part 3
Timer stays the same. You will be doing 2 exercises.

  • Bridge Walk
  • Pull Circles

Part 4

The timer stays the same. You will be doing 2 exercises

  • Diagonal Jump Lunge with a medicine ball
  • Squat pulses against a balance ball

Part 5

Part 5 is a time challenge,so you will set your timer as a stopwatch, but you are going to take about 15 second break between the rounds. The goal is to build muscle, that is why you can’t do all of these reps in a row. This is why you are aging to do 4 rounds of 12 reps each. 12 reps of this exercise will get you tired enough where the muscle is working without getting too exhausted. But if you exceed 12-14 reps range then you are not building your muscles, you are building your endurance. This is why it is important to take that 15 second break between rounds.

4 rounds of

  • Pike Roll on a Balance Ball – 12 reps each round


My Scores

Part 1

11, 11, 11, 10, 10, 10, 9

Part 2

14, 14, 14, 14, 13, 13

Part 3

1) 20, 20, 20 ( this exercise was done just to tighten everything up, so the amount of reps doesn’t really matter )

2) 12, 11, 12

Part 4

1) 12, 12, 11

2) 19, 18, 18 ( this exercise should of been burning the whole time, since it was a pulsing exercise so reps don’t really matter here )

My time for pike rolls was 4 min and 17 seconds


Share your scores!



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  • It was harder than it looked in the video, but i liked the burn :). I can say that this new approach in workouts brings me more sweat which leads to greater results 😀 Tnx a lot!

    • Yes I like it too, I noticed with this approach I don’t get overtrained and by giving them muscles rest they grow more efficiently.

  • You are welcome :). I’m really liking splitting up of the routines, It gives even better burn and helps other muscles to recover.

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  • Welcome sweetie :), great scores!!!

  • Thank you for sharing sweetie 🙂

  • Christian

    Cool WO
    Here are my scores.

    Part 1
    Part 2
    R 10,10,10
    L 10,10,10

    Part 3

    Part 4
    21,23,23 (killer)

    Part 5


    Thanks for a wonderful wo

    Have a great weekend dear!

  • Jos

    I did this today, used 10lbs mini sandbag for the weight and I had to skip all the jumps since I’m still nursing my left ankle.

    Part #1:
    Part #2: 12-11-12-11-11-11
    Part #3: 12-14-15 // 15-15-19
    Part #4: 15-13-13 // 25-19-20
    Part #5: Didn’t time it

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    done and DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried to match your reps Tati, but got going too fast on some of them. I did part 2 and 3 with out a medicine ball. Part 2 I damn near squeezed my butt inside out…lol . I did part 4 with holding the medicine ball to my chest, and it was a killer. Part 5 I did lying on my back, feet on swiss ball, bridging up and pulling the ball into my butt, holding and squeezing for a second. My reps

    1/ 11.5-11-11-11-11-11
    2/ 18-16-16-15-16-15
    3/ 26-25-24
    4/ 22-15-16
    5/ 2:25

    finished with 5/leg pistol practice, heel elevated, leg assist up and 10 minutes of 1:00/1:00 hihg knee jog/jumping jacks

    • I am glad you guys are doing the older workouts, there are a lot of super fun ones.

  • Zivenaberry

    1.) 14,15,15,14,14,14
    2.) 15,15,16,15,15,15
    3.) 21,20,21 bridges 16,16,15 circles
    4.) 15,13, 11 for jump lunges didn’t count the squat pulse, just did it.
    3:33 for 4 rounds of 12 pike rolls
    I also started the booty challenge over today since I’ve been sick and missed so many days. Let me tell you doing the booty challenge after those jump lunge pulses and the squat pulses was BRUTAL. I nearly didn’t make it. I thought my bum was going to turn inside out, lol!

  • great workout! just did it for my first time. Really focused on form rather than speed, plus ive been doing less intense workouts, to focus more on building muscle. instead of a medicine ball i used my 3kg pair of dumbells (6kg total = 13 lb) . Also did the booty challenge.

    WARM UP: 60 bridges

    1) stretching surfer: 10-10-10-9-9-9 ouchhh

    2) Side lunge R (6kg) 9 – 9 – 9
    Side Lunge L (6kg) 9 – 9 – 10

    3) one leg elevated bridges alternating (on chair) 21-22-21
    pull circles (3kg dumbell) 13 – 14 -13

    This part was the most difficult: i admit before starting the last round i took an extra 10-20 sec rest. 🙂
    4) Diagonal jump lunge (6kg) 16-12-16
    Squat mini pulses (6kg) (no balance ball) 40-43-40

    5) Sliding plank rolls on floor sets of 4: 4:27 min.

    COOL DOWN: 7:41 min
    3 rounds
    1. one leg elevated bridge 15 e/l (10 sec on last rep)
    2. tight booty hold – 30 sec

    50 shoulder width bodyweight calve raises
    50 front calve raises
    4:10 min. lol i could barely walk after those.

    😀 Thanks Tatianna!

  • Did this today! Oh my lord that was hard! Tati, I think you´re a genious. Again, everything looked not so hard on paper, but when I was doing it… Think again! And I even skipped one part accidently! I noticed about an hour later, that I didn´t do the part two at all… I mean what, Tessu, what are you doing?! =D Anyhow, my legs were trying to kill me, even though I missed one part of the W/O. What if I had done it? I´m sure my legs would just drop off… =D I´m going to do this again someday, hopefully I´ll manage to complete the whole workout at that point. =D.

  • Just finished this! Scores:
    part 1:
    stretching surfer: 10-10-11-10-10-11
    part 2:
    side lunge w/mb L: 12-12-12
    side lunge w/mb R: 13-12-12
    part 3:
    bridge walk: 20-23-23
    pull circle: 17-18-19
    part 4:
    diagonal jump lunge and pulse w/mb: 21-18-15
    squat pulses against bb: 26-24-25
    part 5: 3:16

    Finished with an old workout of Zuzana’s also by the same name that was a nice cardio finisher. I’ll be over here for Monday Mingle 21! 🙂

    • :))) I already wrote the Mingle :), gonna post it in few hours.

    • Another routine I have not done. Great job Kendra!

  • tee_w

    Hi I did this one today! It didn’t kill me! Yay! Nice burn. i skipped part 5 as pike rolls on ball are almost impossible for me still.
    Stretching surfer – 14,13,13,12,14,11
    Side lunges L – 13,12,13
    Side lunges R – 11,12,12
    Bridge walk – 11,10,11 ( after first round I just did two leg bridge)
    Pull circles – 11,10,10 ( I did these super slow and made sure I flexed everything before I even started moving into the move)
    Backward lunge with ball ( yep I switched these) – 10,11,10
    Squat pulse – 30,23,23
    Finished with 5 min hula hoop!

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    Great workout!!! I loved that I was finishing Part 3 and I didn’t feel much of a burn on my legs, but wait because the story changed right when I started part 4…OMG!! that was the moment when I said “Ok, I think I am going to die!” hahaha Amazing burn and those Pike Rolls got me shaking at all times!!

    I used a 15lb dumbbell instead of the medicine ball because mine weighs only 10lbs.

    These were my scores:

    Part 1: 11, 11,10,10,10,11
    Part 2: R: 11,11, 10 L: 11,10,9
    Part 3: Bridge walk: 19,20,18 Pull Circles 13,14,15
    Deadly Part 4: Diagonal jump lunge: 14,12,11 Squat wall pulse: 25,25,25
    Part 5: Done in 4:14

    Started with 10 minutes warm up, then the workout. Finished with day1/week1 Bum&Thights of Steel Challenge. Six Pack Abs & Core HIIT and Real Time Cardio #4! I am done for today 🙂 Thank you!!!

  • Lower body routines are not my favourites, I do them because I know I need to. This was a hard routine for me, but at the end I came to the conclusion that I need to challenge my lower more with this type of workouts. So, big thumps up from me…:)
    – Warm up: 10 minutes
    – 3 rounds of 1 minutes elevated robot planks (from push up position to elbow plank)…hardest plank I’ve done. By not moving the hips too much, you’re using your stomach muscles big time. I was lasting about 20 seconds then needing to stop for a breather.

    Part 1: 10-9-10-10-11-10
    Part 2: 15-14-15-16-15-14 (6lbs med ball.)
    Part 3: 13-17-16 (tried on the balance ball for 1st round, then changed to a chair.)
    9-9-9 (6lbs med ball.)
    Part 4: 20-16-21 (6lbs med ball.)
    20-21-20 (Hard! I almost got rid of the med ball.)
    Part 5: 5:03
    I needed a mini break before even thinking of doing anything else. After a 5 minutes break, I started day 1 of abs challenge. By the end of this, I was looking forward to stretching…stretched for 10 minutes.

  • Cassidy Croskey

    🙂 Using 12 lbs for weighted movement:

    Part 1: 10, 10, 11, 10, 10, 10
    Part 2: 13, 12, 11, 11, 12, 12
    Part 3: 14, 15, 13, 14, 12, 12
    Part 4: 19, 16, 14, 15, 18, 12
    Part 5: 3:43