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Nutrition Guide


I always do a lot of research on  Nutrition, and it is definitely a very conflicting science. In this post I will share some of my own knowledge about this subject and what I do to stay lean and healthy. I changed my approach a little  bit more in the past month or so.  With this new approach I’ve been seeing a lot of great improvements in my energy levels as well as body composition.


Basic Rules Of Nutrition

1. Always eat 5 or 6 times a day, more depending on how you workout. Two or three meals or one big meal is just not enough. You can have 3 meals and 3 healthy snacks, every 2.5 or 3 hours. This will keep your blood sugar and insulin at balanced levels. This way you will not feel deprived or hungry.


2.  Plan each meal with a ratio of 1 part fat, 2 part protein and 3 part carbohydrates, except for dinner. Keep your carbs lower at dinner time, especially simple carbs such as rice, pasta, bread etc. Instead you can load up on any veggie you like, preferable raw or lightly steamed. This ratio is for an average person, you can consume more carbohydrates if you perform Intensive Training such as HIIT. Without doing any calculations just take a look at your plate.


3. Before you make your plate think about what you are going to do in the next few hours, eat according to that.


4. On the days that you workout eat more protein. Especially if you are doing resistance training. Your body needs to rebuild and recover, protein provides the building blocks your body needs. An average person should consume 1g of protein per pound of body weight. If you do a lot of physical lifting, or HIIT you would increase that amount to 1.2 or 1.5 or even 2 g depending on the workload.


5. Eat at least 25 g of Fiber per day. Fiber is what gives you the feeling of being full. Most people get a lot less fiber than they think. A cup of oatmeal contains only 10 g of fiber, 3 bananas has also only 10 g, these are just examples.  This way you can have an idea of how much fiber to eat.


6. Supplements and Multi Vitamins are vital to our daily life. Even if you eat a perfect diet – you still cook most of your food. Not only that but it is also not always fresh from the garden, plus the pollution we live in, stress, physical demands etc, all of these things take a huge toll on our system.
This is also just for an average person. If you workout on a regular basis, especially if you are trying to loose weight, your body will be more depleted of nutrients, this is  why it’s so crucial to take supplements.
When we are depleted of nutrients these are the signs: feeling tired all the time, unable to sleep through the night, headaches, mood swings, getting a cold or a flue, allergies and everything else that makes us feel like something is wrong.


The Right Approach to Loosing Weight and Keeping it Off

When people are trying to lose weight, most of the time they cut down on their calories. In the beginning, this approach works and you will start seeing results,  but then you hit plateau in weight loss. This is where people get stuck and frustrated. It happens because you are not using the right approach to Fat Loss, when you just cut down on calories you begin to lose muscle mass more than you loose fat.  With that  you are also completely killing your Basal Metabolic Rate ( number of calories burned over 24 hours while laying down, but not sleeping ). People with high BMR burn calories even after they stopped exercising, people with low BMR burn a lot less.

The right way is decreasing body fat, while building more muscle and adjusting your BMR.

Since I don’t like to count calories I find it extremely dreadful, I use a different approach:

To lose overall body weight while losing fat and gaining muscle  – for 4 days a week, all of your meals should be lean ( but still containing good fat ), with the right ratio of simple carbohydrates, such as brown rice, whole grain bread, potatoes etc,  always included with complex carbs such as veggies. For the remaining 3 days a week, you will only eat complex carbs ( any veggies or fruits ) but no simple carbs.  And you will keep going back and forth. This way your BMR can adjust to a healthier weight.

Resistance training is also very important, because muscle burns fat.   The more muscle you have, the higher your BMR will be, the faster you will loose body fat.  If you are  just dieting alone you will keep loosing muscle and your BMR will keep dropping.

When you lose the weight you wanted, you don’t have to eat as lean as before, but still rotate simple and complex carbs days, with only complex carb days.


The methods of rotating carbs has been working really well for me, what I noticed and got surprised by the most,  is how much more energy I had on the days when I didn’t’ eat simple carbs. But I eat an insane amount of fruit, ( I’m pretty sure that’s where I’ve been getting all my energy ).

I never really care too much about pastas or bread unless it’s homemade bread, but fruit – I’m a junkie!
You have to remember once you are at your goal weight, and you lost it the right way, maintaining it is quite simple. As long as you don’t crash diet and workout 3 – 4 days a week, you will keep your metabolism burning at high rates all the time.


How to start liking healthy food

I use to hate broccoli and cauliflower, now I love it!  And I crave it all the time. Five years ago, if you would of told me I am going to like broccoli some day, I would of slapped you. So how do you do it?

You slowly add healthy foods to every meal, add the same food over and over again ( just close your eyes if you have to, just eat it ). Don’t change your diet drastically, just add things such as any veggies to every meal.  This is the first step to changing your eating habits.

As you introduce this food to your diet, your body’s physical composition will begin to change ( you will begin to become what you eat ). The body develops taste for this foods and begins to crave what you are eating on a regular basis.

Example: If you eat chips every day, you will always have cravings for chips, if you eat french fries every day you will have french fries cravings all the time, if you begin to eat watermelon every day you will begin craving watermelon all the time.

The more healthy foods you introduce little by little, the more you will start losing the taste for junk food – there is a whole science behind this method, but I just wanted to make it as simple as possible.


What I eat on an average day:

In the morning I always have a big bottle of Iced water ( 30 fl oz ) right after I wake up.
Followed by a handful of Goji Berries , and 3 table spoons of Bee Pollen.

Then I always eat 3 eggs, and a banana or a homemade slice of bread.
Sometimes I add chicken breast and make my eggs into an omelet ( then I only use 2 eggs ) . After I drink one cup of black coffee.

If I don’t feel like cooking, I will make a quick Whey Isolate Protein shake, with lots of spinach, Raw Cacao and a banana. This fills me up right away.

About 3 hours later or 2.5 hours, I always have a filling snack, such a Raw Protein Bar, or a Low Glycemic Bar with a glass of Almond Milk. In one of my earlier posts I wrote about other Healthy Snacks.

In my third meal, I would eat lean chicken, or steak, sometimes salmon, either with brown rice, quinoa, or a sweet potato and of course some kind of fruit, usually it’s apples, watermelon, papaya, or cherries.

An hour before my workout I have a Whey Isolate Protein Shake, a handful of Mulberries and a cup of Yerba Mate. ( This combination gives me some crazy amount of energy ) .

After my workout I have another Whey Isolate Protein Shake and a big bottle of water.

For dinner I would make chicken or turkey and big salad, with fruit for dessert.

I don’t eat 5-6 hours before I go to sleep.


I know this post is a bit long but Nutrition is serious business ;), I was trying to be as detailed as possible.

As you can see, I don’t count calories, but the approach I use keeps me very lean and healthy year round.






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  • Claire

    I think this is a great post about nutrition and I agree with so many of your points (especially your 6 basic rules). I recently read Timothy Ferriss’s book The 4-Hour Body. The section on nutrition and diet made some of the same points as you do but he really discouraged eating fruit. He suggests to avoid eating fruit 6 days a week. I’m not sure if I agree with his suggestion and wonder what you think. His reasons: Fruit’s principal sugar (fructose) is converted to glycerol phosphate easier than almost any other carbohydrate. This glycerol phosphate is converted in the liver to triglycerides which leads to fat storage. He doesn’t go into much more detail than this, so I am weary about taking his advice. He does cite a study later on showing fructose increased iron absorption to very, very high levels (not good) as well as raising cholesterol and LDL.

    • Hi Claire
      I read Timothy’s book as well. His nutrition advice it great, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. It’s a little too drastic for me. I’ve tried so many different things as far as nutrition and exercise. I’ve learned to really listen to my body, what I noticed is when I tried something extreme like cutting out certain food groups, I would feel completely out of balance physically and emotionally.
      I believe that fruit is very nutritious and it has a lot of water, which we need because not everyone drinks as much water as we should. Even though it does have fructose, that type of sugar the body processes very quickly and easily. In order for someone to gain weight by eating fruit, they would have to eat at least 30 or 40 lbs per day if not more.
      Me my self, I’ve always been a fruit person, and I eat some really crazy amounts a day because I love it so much, and I never gain weight from it. The only time I did gained weight in my life, is when I ate access amounts of processed sugar.
      But the most important thing is to always listen to your own body, because we are all different.
      So far, there is so many nutritional contradictions in our science, that It can get pretty confusing. So I always try to think of the basics, like how would nature want’s us to eat and from there I adjust it depending on how my body feels.

  • Excellent post ! Keep them coming, I will read every single one of them. Good article !

  • Bibi


    first I would like to tell you how amazing your website is. Its very informative and very clearly arranged!

    I have done sports since I am three years old and its just a part of my life. Since I had a bad accident on the street, I can’t do serious/ competitive sports any more and focus on fitness. But as I am allergic against anything correlated to milk and soy I have my difficulties with the nutrition and  am always lacking protein. Do you have any ideas what I could do to get enough protein to maybe even built nice muscles?

    • Hi there :), I am so happy you like my website.

      Of course I would love to help you out. I also don’t drink cow’s milk or soy. Are you a vegetarian or are you just allergic to milk and soy?

      What do you usually eat on a regular day?

      • Bibi

        Hello :),

        Thank you so much for your answer! You are the first owner of a blog who answers one of my posts! This makes your website even  better ;).

        I am just allergic against milk and soy, this is why I can’t eat  whey protein a.s.o. On a regular day I have an oatmeal as breakfast with fruits and  a salat made of quinoa or rice and vegetables as lunch. Most of the time I add some meat (chicken or turkey) or lean ham. In the afternoon I eat fruits, sometimes a cereal bar and coffee. For dinner I ususally have some lean meat and vegetables and a small dessert of cereals and fruits but without any sugar. My doctor told me that I need to eat some carbohydrates in the evening for several reasons.

        • Hi Bibi :),

          I always respond to all of the questions I get because I love to communicate with people, I enjoy hearing feedback cause I think it makes blogs better.

          I wouldn’t eat too many carbohydrates late at night, I think the reason the doctor tells you that because it can help us sleep better. Usually if I want to lean out ( that’s what I am trying to do right now, I will write a post about that sometime this week ), I don’t eat 6 hours before I sleep, especially carbohydrates. We only need them during the day, not so much at night.

          One thing that I would definitely recommend is eggs. Cause even though there is only 4 – 6 g of protein per egg, but the quality of the protein and how the body absorbs it is even better then steak or chicken. Include eggs into your breakfast and also as snacks during the day. I always keep boiled eggs in my fridge and I snack on them all the time. Try to get the one’s without any hormones or antibiotics added, they are very high quality this way.

          Another thing I would like to note is the amount of protein to eat per day. If you are trying to put on a bit more muscle, then your goal is to eat 1 to 1.5 g of protein per pound of bodyweight, per day. Anything less and you will have a hard time putting on muscle. Also include protein ( such as complete protein – chicken, fish, eggs, or beef ) with every meal or snack that you are eating.

          I can already tell you eat very healthy so that’s a good thing. Let me know if you have any more questions, I will always be happy to answer every question you have :).

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  • 2macedonia

    I love this website!! Thank you for posting your workouts and video’s. These are the types of workouts I have been looking for. I have a knee injury due to muscle imbalances but your workouts seem to cover the stabilizer muscles. 

    I had a baby almost a year ago. I gained 50 lbs. I eat very healthy. I am a triathlon coach and I studied nutrition therapy. I hate counting calories. I am getting discouraged because cannot lose my last 8 lbs or 3 or 4 inches to get back into my clothes. I am studying NASM at this time but I feel that even with my background and knowing what to eat and planning workouts I just don’t know why I can’t get there. I am burnt out on developing my own workout plans. I will follow your workouts for a while. maybe I need a change of energy and you give that. Do you do a few of your workouts for 4-6 weeks and then change them or do you change them every workout? If you have any suggestions why I cannot get to my goal it would be great! Sometimes I wonder if I am not eating enough. I was breast feeding and when I stopped I gained again. But I lost that wieght so yeah!Thanks so much for having an amazing blog!!Patty

    • Hi Patty, 

      Looks like you’ve hit a weight loss plateau.  This is a very common thing, especially if you need to loose the last few lbs.  Before I can recommend you something I have to ask you a few questions, this will help me to figure out exactly what is the problem that you need to work on to loose those last few lbs.

      1) How many times a day do you eat?  What are the type of foods you are eating on an every day basis?

      2) How many hours before bed do you have your last meal?

      3) How many days a week do you train?

      4) What type of trainings do you do?  And how long do you workout for?

      5) Do you take a break from training every 6 weeks?

      6) Do you use split routines or full body workouts?

      One of the key points in training is the rest time, I’ve tried different approaches and so far I’ve came up with this:  Every 6 weeks I take 5 days off to completely recover.  Also, when we train during the week, we also have to have enough time to recover, otherwise you will hit plateau and worst get overtrained, that’s when you stop seeing results.  

      Let me know the answers for those questions and I will recommend you something after that.

      • 2macedonia

        So I gave birth on March 31st 2011. I had a c-section. The first 3 months I didnt do much because I was so tired. I hiked, lifted weights and swam during pregnancy. I also biked 900 miles on the pacific coast highway when I was 9 weeks pregnant. 
        I am 5’7 and 151lbs and a size 8. I was 143 and a loose size 6.  I know I am where I should be but just really want to get in my size 6. I am also 23.5 perscent body weight and want to get back to 19-20%. I know that my abs are loose due to the c-section so I hope one day I can rebuild those muscles. 

        1. I try to eat 5 times a day. 
        Breakfast is usually: 5 egg weights maybe one yolk with some cheese., or oatmeal with almond butter, or a protein shake. 
        2-3 hours later apples with almond butter, orange, banana, sometimes almonds
        Lunch- very random- Tuna sandwhich with mustard and whole grain bread with veggies, maybe a salad with chicken and olive oil.
        Dinner-Chicken breast with quinoa and broc or brussel sprouts. Or 5 oz fish with rice or quinoa plus a veggies. 

        2. 2-3 hours. I know I should improve on that time but it is hard because of the baby. so usually if I eat that late I only have a piece of chicken or fish with veggies. 

        3. I train about 5-6 day’s a week. 

        4. I try to change my training every 4-6 weeks. I was mainly doing free weight circuits and spinning or rowing after for about 30 mintues. I also will climb 90 steps with my baby on my back once a week. so each day my workouts are about 2 hours. 

        5. No, I guess I don’t take a long rest after six weeks. Maybe the most I take is 2 day’s. 

        6. I try to change it up. Sometimes I do split workouts but mostly fullbody. I am trying to focus on my core this past week. Especially because I have a knee injury from muscle imbalances. 

        Sorry for all the information but I totally appreciate your time and advice! Thank you so much!

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  • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

    Hi Tatianna !!!

    This is a great post !!! But do I absolutely HAVE to use supplements like the Whey protein in my diet ? I just don’t like it & it costs my parents a lot b/c we can only order it from US ( & it also causes me gas at times.. :S
    Are there any other pre-workout snack suggestions ? I don’t like any dairy products, especially NOT around my WO & would keep ’em to minimum in my diet. I don’t have ideas for my pre-WO snacks & that’s really screws up my day :{{{

    Thanks !

    • Hi Beth, 

      I will be doing an update on nutrition soon, I stopped taking protein powder and now I’m just eating real food.  I still do take my L-carnitine though.  The only dairy that I have is cottage cheese once in a while and goat cheese ( goat produce is different then cow’s produce, it has different structure and gets digested very well by our body ).

      About the snacks, I do have a few posts I would like for you to check out:

      Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

      • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

        PHHHEEEWWW 😀 Now that’s making so much more sense to me !!! I know lots of ppl which have been working out & used whey protein & such of sups in their diet but they eventually stopped … 🙂

        I’ll be honest – I started to get discouraged when I was reading all of the sup-relating articles in your blog about their importance etc & now Im so happy to hear it’s defienetely not a must !!!

        Have a great day & thanks for the links ! would check ’em out ;D

        <3 BR Beth <3

        • You are welcome Beth, supplements are definitely not a must, but I would still recommend vitamins cause now day’t it can be tough to get all of your nutrients from foods especially if you cook your veggies. I always eat my veggies raw.

          • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

            Awesome ! me too 🙂 BTW I would REALLY like to know what your’e currently having prior to your WO ? I just can’t come up with something :{

            & also what kind of snacks should I be eating, is it right to aim for 3 portions of starchy carbs per day (BF/LUN/PWO-DIN) while cutting them inbetween my meals ? (=cutting out starchy carbs like oats from my snacks) to see how it works. (I think that more then 3 portions of starch would be WAY too much for just 1 day for me)

            thanks !!!

          • Right now I just have 1-2 portion of starchy snacks and that is a homemade granola that I make my self.  That is the snack I have prior to my workouts, I also make 2 eggs and 1 egg white.  I only eat my granola in the morning and the rest of the day I usually eat lots of veggies and fruit.  Sometimes at lunch or dinner I would have buckwheat or quinoa, but that is not every day. 

          • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

            BTW2 – Can I just eat a Tbsp of Almond(or any other nut/seed)-Butter instead of having 1 glass of almond milk? Do they EQUAL ?(couldn’t find any nut-milk around!)

  • Great post Tatianna,
    I liked reading what you eat in an average day.
    But, then I wonder if I’m doing wrong. I’ve always ate three times a day, (sometimes 4 if I get hungry).
    For example:

    Breakfast:  Hot black tea, 1 whole egg, 2 turkey slices, 1 mult-grain bread slice and 1 slice of tomato (sometimes brocoli if I have)
    Or sometimes I do an omelet with onions, ham, tomato, brocoli or colifleur and slice of bread.
    Or oatmeal with honey instead of sugar.

    Lunch: Chicken, brown rice and a salad (tomato, lettuce, cucumber)  or sometimes I replace the salad for cooked veggies.  Or another kind of meat.
    Or pasta with a salad.
    (I add avocados when I have).

    Dinner: Tuna’s sandwich with lettuce, onion and tomato on it and green tea.
    Or sandwich with natural saucisse, mostard, relish and green tea.

    And sometimes after working out a protein shake with half water, half milk, and a banana on it.

    I like fruits, but I don’t eat them every day, only when I have, then I’d include it to the breakfast and during the day like a lil snack.  I love kiwis, bananas and watermelon.

    What do you think?

    • Wow Elizabeth, your diet looks great!!!  What kind of turkey are you using?  Also add a little more veggies in the morning, maybe a variety of 3.  Another question what kind of multigrain bread are you using?  These days we have to be careful with multigrain bread we buy most of them now contain some kind of preservative and a lot of sugar.  

      One more question, what are your more specific goals when it comes training 🙂

      • Thx Tati! I try the best I can, I used to eat white rice, white bread, and not too much veggies and fruits, but then I didn’t have any weight problem.
        I’ve been always habit to have a “heavy lunch” and a light dinner (sandwhich), but since living with my bf, that changed at the beginner, here in Canada people have light lunch and heavy dinner, what happened is that we were having “heavy lunch” because of me, and then “heavy dinner” because of him, as result, I got some weight, 13pounds, and probably more, I don’t check the pounds often though. So, after several months I got back to my habit, and then started training on a regular basis to be able to get back to my normal weight, but it took me longer what I tought it’d take, then I started to make a couple of changes, like trying to eat healthier, I know I still have work to do on that.

        To answer your questions:
        I use “butterbal turkey bacon” with 65% less fat
        and “Gadoua Multi Go bread” it says (no artificial colours, artificial flavours, or artificial preservatives) and has 18 whole grains.  2 slices = 12 essential nutrients – 190cal. – 5g fibre – 9g protein.

        Now, last week I realized I already lost 13 pounds, I’m back to my weight!! But, I still see a layer of fat on my belly, if I take a deep respiration I can see my abs, but I wanna see them all the time 🙂 and I need to tone everything, legs, butt, belly arms…  My fitness goal is to look toned and lean, but not too thin and to be able to keep that when I reach it!

        • The bread looks good, I would substitute the butterball turkey bacon for the real turkey, I usually buy the whole turkey and make lunch meat from it.  Cause all those packaged foods have so much sodium and it makes us look puffy when we eat it.  Sometimes we gain water weight from sodium and the stomach can look like it has a layer of fat, when in fact it’s just sodium.  

          Do you do 15 minutes of cardio after your workouts? How many times a week?

          • Wow, thx for this info, I didn’t think about the sodium thing! I’ll check that and I’d try to substitute the butterball bacon.

            Before, I used to warm up with 5 mins of jump rope, or 10 mins. jumping in the mini-trampoline, but now, I’m warming up with your video and then I do 10 mins. of jump rope at the end of my workout or 15 mins. trampoline twice a week, last week I did it just once though.

            Twice is ok, or should I do that after each workout?

          • Try to do cardio 3 times a week after your workouts.  Another great trick is if you do cardio in the morning right after waking up on the empty stomach, but go lightly. 15 minutes.

          • Thank you so much Tati!
            I’ll for sure try out that trick!

            Best wishes for you always <3

          • Eli, you are always welcome, it brings me joy to answer all the questions 🙂

  • Well, I would definitely recommend you see a nutritionist for this because when you are diabetic, you need special kind of nutrition to loose weight.  If you are indeed overtraining then it could be the reason you are not loosing more weight, it can also that you are not switching your style of training which we need to do periodically.  Nutrition is 80% of your results, and I strongly recommend for you to see a nutritionist. 

    • SaphireChika

      saw one,she gave me advice like “yu need to eat more “

      • Then you have to eat more 🙂

        • SaphireChika

          ok,i will :)… some people say that starchy carbs hinder fatloss…and i have whole wheat flatbreads at my meals…apparently some ppl switch to salads drizzled with olive oil and proteinous foods…ur opinion on this? also ,i was wondering whether to buy whey protein (gold standard platinum whey,what do you think?)

          • Hi, 

            Of course you have to eat starchy carbs as well, they only way it will hinder fat loss if you don’t eat enough of protein and good fat.  

            At the moment I am not taking any whey protein cause I just rather eat real food, but if you are going to get it get Isolate, and if you can replace whey with real food than it’s even better. 

  • Hmm, I think you should put working out on hold until you figure out your health.  If I were you I would also go to homeopathic doctor and treat your bronchitis the natural way.  Then you can return to working out. 

    • SaphireChika

      I’ve recovered from the bronchitis!! So now i can workout! 🙂

      • I am glad you are feeling better, but don’t jump into it too fast, take it easy for a few days, ease into it 🙂

  • You are so very welcome, I really love creating this site 🙂

    Yes I’ve heard of that before, do you drink your water slowly? I think it depends on what kind of water you are drinking, those filters they sell in stores don’t really filter out much ( I measured it once ), so I started getting gallons, those are much more pure because there is a law on how clean the water in gallons should be.  

  • annebel

    Hi Tatianna, nice post.. This is what I have been reading on every good
    fitness page.. the problem I have with it is that I do not see me take
    salmon, stake or chickenbreast to work. Also when I do not eat bread at
    all as I see in your diet, I start feeling hungry all day. Also I don’t
    have energie for workouts then. i went without bread for about 1 year
    and was hungry very often, aspecially at work. i didn’t lose my fat. I
    am eating special sprouded bread now.. But not enough protein.. find it
    hard to get enough. I would love to have some advice from you on how to
    change this.. I am working out every day and can keep up with your
    workouts.. So i am strong and in good shape.. Only like to lose some
    more fat from the belly.. 😀

  • Jessica

    Hi Tati 🙂

    I have just ordered whey protein powder. I always said that I would never take food supplements (I’m afraid of everything that is not natural) but I read some articles from you and from others on other websites and I changed my mind. I train myself everyday and the results are not really visible (not enough for me).On your advice, I ordered isolate whey protein, vanilla flavor, because I LOVE vanilla. I hope it will be good and effective !
    Sorry for my english, I’m french >_<
    Have a good day Tati !

  • Dina

    Hi Tati, I am little confused here, by this sentence “For the remaining 3 days a week, you will only eat complex carbs ( any veggies or fruits ) but no simple carbs. And you will keep going back and forth. This way your BMR can adjust to a healthier weight.” You mean that I should go for vegi and fruits only for 3 days no protein nothing else?

    • Oh no, you still need protein ( I only meant that for other carbs ), protein is always needed! Each time you eat add about palm size protein of your choice.

      I need to update this post just a little, cause I’ve changed some things around as far as nutrition goes.

  • amanda

    Hi Tati!!! I´m vegan…Is there any problem??? can I have the same result?

  • ?????

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