Whole Grain Bread Recipe

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Easy Whole Grain Bread Recipe, homemade bread recipe, easy bread recipe, healthy bread, healthy food


I wanted to share this very easy to make Whole Grain Bread recipe I came up with.

The reason I like to make homemade bread is because good bread with good ingredients is much more expensive and I also enjoy knowing that it’s fresh. A few month’s ago I posted a Homemade Spelt Bread Recipe, which was quicker to make but the dough was much more dense, and not everyone might like that.

This time I tried a different flower and added yeast, which made the bread very soft and delicious. You only need a few ingredients:


Easy Whole Grain Bread Recipe, homemade bread recipe, easy bread recipe, healthy bread, healthy food


and salt ( which I forgot to add to the picture ), I also added Flax Seed but it’s up to you, not everyone likes seeds in their bread, but I do :).


1. Ten Grain Bread Mix ( you can you also use plain Whole Grain Flower )

2. One glass of Unsweetened Almond Milk

3. One Egg

4. One packet of Rapid Rise Yeast

5. Three table spoons of Olive Oil

6. Three table spoons of Raw Organic Honey

7. One tea spoon of Sea Salt

To make the dough pour Almond Milk into the boiling pan and heat it until it’s warm ( not hot, because hot water ruins the yeast ), add Egg, Raw Honey, Salt, Olive Oil and mix it well ( I do it with my hands – washed hands ).

When all of the above mixed well, add a packet of Rapid Rise Yeast and start mixing it into the mixture, make sure it dissolves well and there is no crumbs.

Now you can add the flower, I used almost a full bag, leaving just a little left to add when the dough rises ( Yeast makes the dough sticky, and you have to add more flower after it rises ).

Mix the dough really well with your hands, it’s not going to be very dense. Cover the pan and leave it in a warm place to rise ( if you live it in a cold place, it will not rise up ).

After a few hours, it should rise higher than half of the pan ( I picked a big pan 😉 ), if you want you can leave it for longer, it will just keep rising and you can make more bread.

Now you can add the rest of the flower and mix it in really well.

Take a baking pan and smudge it with Olive Oil, pour the dough into the pan. You can sprinkle some flax seed on the top like I did, it’s up to you.

Preheat the stove to 365 degrees.

Bake it for exactly 35 minutes. Cool it and it’s ready.





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