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Greetings my Lovies,

I hope you are having a blissful day! Like I told you guys last week, today I wanted to share an example of Fat Burning Mix Cardio that I do twice a week. I usually do this cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. This style cardio I’ve discussed in my post How To Lose 10 lbs in One Month. You can also change the exercises to your liking, but the intervals should stay the same.


For All The Newbies To Loving Fit


If you are new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch



Workout Explanation


For this routine I was only using my Gymboss Timer and a jump rope ( for the second part ). You will notice that the break between max effort intervals was longer than usual, but there is a strategy to it. If the break is too short like 10/15 sec, then you don’t have time to fully recover from your 30 sec interval, and I need you to really give your 150% at that interval. There is 20 minutes of HIIT and 25-45 additional of light cardio.

HIIT Cardio – 4 exercises

Set your Gymboss Timer like this:


How You Set Your Timer


You will go through 6 rounds of each exercise before moving on to the next.


  • Recovery – 20 sec
  • Twist Jumps & 2 Side To Side – 30 sec Max Effort


  • Recovery – 20 sec
  • Push-off Burpees – 30 sec Max Effort


  • Recovery – 20 sec
  • High Knees no Rope – 30 sec Max Effort


  • Crab – Recovery 20 sec
  • Equinox Jump – 30 sec Max Effort


Moderate Cardio

Complete 10 Sets

  • S&M Plank & Side To Side Kick Squat Combo – 10 reps
  • Medium 2 High Knees – 120 reps


Have a beautiful weekend!



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