Bam Bomber Workout

Sep 27, 2011 by

I am back with a new workout! Since it’s bee a week since I’ve worked out, I thought a great butt kicking cardio as well as some mix of resistance is exactly what I needed for my first workout back. This workout is a circuit and there is only 2 rounds, but don’t get too relaxed because by the end of the first round you will catching your breath. Besides a great cardio, this routine includes toning for the legs, butt, abs and a little bit of arms. The exercise that I picked for the upper body resistance is very challenging, and it’s one of my favorite exercises for toning shoulders and triceps.

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Get Ur Sexy On Workout

Sep 21, 2011 by

Today’s workout was only 21 minutes long interval training routine. I’ve been sick for about a week and today I felt a little better so I couldn’t wait to do my training. My body felt a little weak but I was able to give it my best :).
This routine was focused on the lower body, as well as core, shoulders, back. After my workout, I also did some jump rope skipping for 10 minutes, to prolong the effect of fat burn.

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Light Cardio & Abs Workou...

Sep 16, 2011 by

Today’s workout I wanted to take it easy a little bit so I did some light and fun cardio routine. This type of training is good to do in between High Intensity Interval Training Workouts, because it gives your body time to recover and at the same time it keeps you moving ( we recover faster doing something better than nothing at all, it keeps the blood flow going ). This was a a very fun circuit and it went by pretty fast. I will share my time at the end of the post.

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Let’s Do It! Workout

Sep 15, 2011 by

Todays workout is divided in 4 parts of High Intensity Interval Training, and in between each set there is a set of exercises for abs. I started out pretty good but half way through my workout I got exhausted and I literally dragged my self through the last two parts ( but I did it 🙂 ). This workout was about 25 minutes long, but it felt a lot longer maybe because I really had to push my self and that took extra work!

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Dream Body Blast Workout

Sep 10, 2011 by

Today’s workout is a combination of cardio and resistance training. The intervals were much shorter than I normally do, but the exercises were harder, so it was a perfect combination.

This workout broke down into 4 parts and each part was about 5 minutes long ( a tiny bit under ). There were 2 exercises in each part. I only took about 1 minute break in between ( just to catch my breath ), so don’t be taking longer breaks than that. Since all together this was a 20 minute workout, I did some moderate jump rope cardio for an additional 10 minutes, this is just to give you your body that extra fat burning time it needs ( because the body starts burning the actual fat after about 15 -20 minutes of intensive training ).

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The 330 Workout

Sep 8, 2011 by

Today’s workout was a complete muscle torture for the whole body. I think it’s great to do these types of workouts at least once a week, it really kicks your body into shape. This workout felt like it went by really fast, but when I looked at the time it was a lot longer than I thought.

I was using a set of 10 lbs dumbbells, if you don’t have dumbbells you can just use your own bodyweight or you can use a backpack and fill it up with books ( that will give you the extra resistance). Remember that you don’t need equipment to workout, you just have get creative.

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