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Spartan Workout


Today’s workout was a complete muscle torture for the whole body.  I think it’s great to do these types of workouts at least once a week, it really kicks your body into shape.  This workout felt like it went by really fast, but when I looked at the time it was a lot longer than I thought.


I was using a set of 10 lbs dumbbells, if you don’t have dumbbells you can just use your own bodyweight or you can use a backpack and fill it up with books ( that will give you the extra resistance).  Remember that you don’t need equipment to workout, you just have get creative.  I was also using My Pink Lebert

. I absolutely love that thing ( I call it a toy because it’s pink ), you can just use two chairs and a broomstick, like I showed you inLove Your Body Workout “.


The 330  Workout Video


Workout explanation


Set your timer Gymboss Max as a stop watch, if you don’t gave Gymboss there is still no excuse to not workout :), because you can use free online stopwatch instead ( press the green arrow up ).

This workout is done for time, but never to sacrifice the proper form.  There is only one round, with 6 exercises but one of them are performed twice. The repetitions are much higher per exercise than usual so don’t’ think it’s going to be easy!


Take a quick break if you have to, not longer than 10 -15 seconds.


  • 1. Rows – 30 reps

 Notes: You can use a pull-up bar and a chair to create similar movements, if you don’t have a pull up bar use two chairs and a broom.


  • 2. Dumbbells One Leg  Deadlift – 30 each leg

Notes: If you are a beginner you don’t need to use weights, you can also bend the back leg to make this exercise easier.

Squeeze your butt at all times.  Perform the exercise slowly, don’t rush the movement.


  • 3. Pushups – 50 reps

Notes:  I did these push-ups on my half of my pink toy, but you can use a chair just like I showed here.  Changing the grip of the push-ups targets different muscles, and makes it harder to do them.

If you are a beginner, you can do these push-ups off your knees.


  • 4.  Prisoner Mini Jump Squats & Toe rises  – 50 reps

Notes:  In this exercise keep your back straight at all times, try not to take any breaks.


  • 5. Half Jack Knives  – 50 reps

Notes:  If you are a beginner bend your knees and reduce your repetitions to 30.


  • 6.  Overhead Bulgarian Split  Squat- 30 each leg

Notes:  You can use a chair to do this exercise.  Don’t rush the movement.  If you are a beginner, don’t use the weight.


  • 7. Rows – 30

Notes: This is a second round of rows.


It took me 27 minutes and 43 seconds to complete this workout.


Share your time!


PS – If you are having a hard time viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.


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