Your Questions Part 1

Jan 29, 2013 by

Hello my Lovies,

The other day I posted on my Facebook that I would like for you to ask me any questions you may have for me, on any subject. I wrote down all the questions with your name and I wanted to answer all of them with more details. I decided to split all these questions into few different posts, that way the posts don’t come out too long. I am posting the questions in the order which they were asked, I also wrote down your name next to them, that way you know which question was yours and you can easily find the answer. This is first part of the questions post:

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Monday Mingle 30

Jan 28, 2013 by

Hello My Lovies,

Happy Monday! I hope you are having happy and sunny day full of positivity :), welcome to the 30th edition of Monday Mingle a question answer game we play every Monday to get to know each other better and have fun. Each week I ask 5 questions and we all get to answer them and mingle around.

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The Alignment Of Abs Workout

Jan 25, 2013 by

Hello my Lovies,

I am back with a awesome Abs routine. I was thinking that I have so many lower body, upper body and full body routines and not enough of abs and core routines. This routine would be a perfect add on to your either lower body or upper body workout for that day. If you decide to do just an abs routine for a specific day, you would need to add some kind of metabolic movements ( cardio ) after this workout. This routine is actually much longer than it looks, it took me about 15 minutes to finish it. The good news is that it’s only 1 round :).

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Food Diary Wednesday 8

Jan 24, 2013 by

Hello My Sweeties :),

I’m back with my Wednesday food log and I had lot’s of delicious things today, oink. Last week we were out of town so that’s why I didn’t post my food diary. We went back to the haunted city St. Augustine that I love so much, I made a post about it last year. I just love St. Augustine so much and I’ve missed my little ghost buddies.

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Monday Mingle 29

Jan 21, 2013 by

Hello my Lovies,

Happy Monday! Welcome to the 29th edition of Monday Mingle, a question answer game we play every Monday to get to know each other better. Each week I ask 5 random questions and we all get to answer and mingle around. I’ve been trying to come up with questions that will helps all of us with each other’s answers :).

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Tasty Healthy Treat Recipe

Jan 20, 2013 by

Hello my Sweeties,

I hope you are having an amazing Sunday! I made this amazing treat yesterday and wanted to share it with you guys, it’s super easy to make ( for lazy cooks like me 😛 ), and it’s very nutritious.

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