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Workout Plan

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been getting so many questions about how to create a workout plan and I decided to set up different variations of workout plans for every level of fitness, you can customize them to suit your own needs, because everyone of us is on a different level of fitness.

Before you can figure out a plan for your self, decide which day of the week you want your workout week to begin with.  From there count 6 weeks, that is going to be your training cycle.  Every 6 weeks you will take 5 days off.  The schedule can look different every week depending on how much time you have, but also try to stick to a similar schedule as much as you can because our body likes consistency.


I’m going to start with very beginners to more progressed workout plans.


Beginner Level 1

Beginner level one is considered who has not exercised in a very long time. 1- 4 years or not at all.  If you are a complete beginner then what I would recommend is start of with walking every day for 30 minutes, 5 days a week.  You can also begin some very light stretching for 15 minutes every other day.  After about 2 weeks you can begin doing bodyweight workouts only.  Beginner at this level should avoid any type of interval training.

Something I also would like to recommend for beginners is to read my post What Is The Beta Switch. I believe this approach is absolutely amazing for someone who is just starting out.


Beginner Level 2

You can first start out with regular circuits at your own pace.  You can use Full Body Workout Section from the site to pick your workout, but if the workout was set up to be interval training then you do the same exercises modified for time as a circuit.   I explain all the modification for beginners in every video. Beginner at this level should avoid any type of interval training.

As a beginner on of your first goals is to strengthen your core and set your fitness foundation.  It is also the stage where you have to learn the proper exercise form, because good habits are made from the beginning.  Practice each exercise before you try it in a routine.

Remember what I always repeat over and over again – Proper Exercise Form Is Always More Important Than Speed and Quality Over Quantity when it comes to Repetitions. 

Simple Rules : Use mirrors, keep your core tight, keep your back straight, keep your body in  line, watch for the hump on top of your back especially on the push-ups, mountain climbers and planks and make your body flow through the exercise and each movement, don’t just move – MOVE IT!


How To Strengthen Your Core

At this stage you can already begin to do regular planks, try holding a plank for 20-30 seconds,  2-3 times before the workout.  While standing in a plank keep your core completely pulled inn and your back straight ( without the hump on your back ).  With time you will be able to increase the length of your plank holds.  I have a video where I illustrate different plank variations, as you get more progressed you can start changing your planks so your body keeps progressing and developing into a stronger core.


A Beginners Workout Week Plan 1


  • Monday – Warm-Up + Full Body Workout + Light Cardio 10 minutes + Light Stretching
  • Tuesday – Compete day off
  • Wednesday – Warm-up + Full Body Workout + Light Cardio 10 min + Light Stretching
  • Thursday – Complete Day Off
  • Friday – Warm-Up + Full Body Workout + Light Cardio 10 min + Total Body Stretching
  • Saturday – Complete Day Off
  • Sunday – Active Rest ( walking and staying active )


 A Beginners Workout Week Plan 2


This workout plan should be only used when you are crunched for time or just busy this particular week. The days can be adjusted to your own personal needs.


  • Monday – Warm-Up + Full Body Workout – + 15 min Cardio + Light Stretching
  • Tuesday – Active Rest
  • Wednesday – Active Rest
  • Thursday – Warm-Up + Full Body Workout + 15 min of Cardio + Light stretching
  • Friday – Day Off
  • Saturday – Total Body Stretching – 20 min
  • Sunday – Day Off


 Intermediate Workout Plan


If you are at the intermediate level you should of already strengthen your core with planks as well as learned the proper exercise form.  You are able to add interval trainings to your workout plan 1-2 times per week, but not more.  Our body takes much longer time to recover from interval training so we need to give our body that rest.

You can also begin to use split workout routines, upper body and lower body days.  At this time you can begin to use equipment and weights as well.  Make sure that if you are adding weight, it fits your fitness level.


Intermediate Workout Plan 1


This plan with 4 workout days will get you the best results


  • Monday – Warm-Up + Lower Body Workout + 10-15 minutes of Light Cardio + Light Stretching
  • Tuesday – Warm-Up + Upper Body Workout + 10-15 minutes of Light Cardio + Light Stretching
  • Wednesday – Complete Day Off
  • Thursday – Warm-Up + Lower Body Workout + 10-15 minutes of Light Cardio + Light Stretching
  • Friday – Warm-Up + Upper Body Workout + 10-15 minutes of Light Cardio + Light Stretching
  • Saturday – Total Body Stretching 
  • Sunday – Here you can do 2 things:  If you are trying to loose a little bit of weight, then you will do an Active Rest or a Light Cardio day.  If you are just trying to stay in shape then this will be your day off.


 Intermediate Workout Plan 2


This plan is where you can maintain your results and you can use this plan when you are short for time.  The dates can be changed to fit your own schedule.



If you want to develop more defined abs you can choose to add an ab workout to 2 of your training days. 


Advanced Workout Plan


Advanced level is where you are able to get through all routines and every rep in proper form without stopping during the workout.   It’s not always possible to go through every workout without stopping for  a second to catch a breather, but your form at this level should be impeccable.

You can also keep strengthening your core with different plank variations before and after your workout.


  • Monday – Warm-Up + Lower Body Workout Without Modifications + Abs +Light Stretching ( Only add cardio if you are trying to loose body fat )
  • Tuesday – Warm-up + 5 sets of planks 1 minute each – Upper Body Routine + Light Stretching
  • Wednesday – Total Body Stretching 15-20 minutes
  • Thursday – Warm-Up + Lower Body Workout + Abs + Light Stretching ( Cardio only f you are trying to lean out ).
  • Friday – Warm-Up + Upper Body Workout + Planks + Light Stretching
  • Saturday – Day Off and some light stretching
  • Sunday – Day Off


Advanced Workout Plan 2


This plan can be used if you are low on time on a certain week, but still want to get some training inn.


  • Monday – Warm-Up + Full Body Workout + Abs + Light Stretching ( You can add cardio if you are trying to lean out )
  • Tuesday – Active Rest
  • Wednesday – Active Rest
  • Thursday – Light Cardio If Possible
  • Friday – Warm-Up + Full Body Workout + Abs + Light Stretching ( Cardio Only if you are trying to lean out )
  • Saturday – Total Body Stretching
  • Sunday – Active Rest


One thing that I would like for you to know and it’s one of the most important things in proper training is rest time.  You are not a robot, you need a break if you want your body to develop without getting burned out.  As I stated earlier every 6 weeks I recommend you take 4-5 days off from training and fully rest. I have an article about what I do during my recovery week. This will help you prevent overtraining, regain strength and motivation.  Know your limits, where you can push your self and where you need a break.  I’ve written an article ” How To Train For Best Results ” definitely give that a looksie :).

Remember once you reached your goals you can even cut down to working out only 3 times a week, and that is a perfect plan if you want to just maintain your current results.

I would like for you to know that being fit doesn’t mean you always have to be on a diet or working out at high intensity all the time.  We should always alternate high  intensity trainings and low intensity days.  It’s the same principle when it comes to nutrition, we work hard so it’s ok to indulge once in a while and just relax.


PS – I wanted to take another day off to completely recover cause I was pretty sick yesterday, so we decided not to film today.  But we are filming tomorrow for sure, and it’s going to be a super fun Upper Body Bodyweight Only and Equipment Free Routine :).




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  • Vivi

    Simple, thorough, and excellent plan(s). Compiling a list of people in my head to share this with. Thanks again Tatianna!

    • You are very welcome Vivi, I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time now.  I think it will really help people figure out how to spread out their workouts. 

  • Awesome post Tatianna!
    It’s a very complete info!
    Get better for tomorrow, we’re waiting the new video! 😉

  • sarroz21

    Thanks Tatianna! I think you read my mind, I was just sitting here wondering what my next workout cycle was gonna be. Today is my rest day as well so I will start tomorrow. 😉 – Samantha

    • Yeah I felt that I needed another rest day and gain some strength 🙂

  • Jenny the Swede

    Thank you for this! I’ve noticed that people around the net wonder how they’re should plan their workouts. Your suggestions and thoughts are very useful. I have a question – when you write that the body likes consistency, do you mean consistency in the schedule (workout mon-tue, rest wed and so on) or do you mean consistency in the workouts (the same/similar movements)? I split my workouts (upper/lower and so on) as much as I can, but I don’t wanna stick to the same exercises and details too long. Actually, I like to swap around a lot. I can count on one hand, how many of your workouts that I’ve done more than once. They are so fun and good, so I want to try out as many as I can. I’m a Gemini… 😉 Would love to read your thoughts regarding this.

    • Hi Jenny, 

      When I said consistency I meant on workout days and times.  You can definitely switch up the moves, I do that all the time cause I get bored fast.  Just as long as you are trying to keep it on a consistent level on which days and what time your workout, it’s all good. 

  • sus

    Thank you so much for this.  There is a lot of info here that is so helpful and I love that you added a workout plan and links and “why” for all levels.  Once again, thanks for reinforcing form.  

    • Sus, 

      You are very welcome, I tried to compose this post so it will be easier to use it for everyone.

  • WorkItOutYourself

    Great post, Tatianna ! I am going to print it and save it in my workout folder. One question though , on Intermediate plan 1 , you say :  

    Thursday – Warm-Up + Lower Body Workout + 10-15 minutes of Light Cardio + Light StretchingFriday – Warm-Up + Lower Body Workout + 10-15 minutes of Light Cardio + Light Stretching
    Did you mean Upper body on Friday ?

    • OMG Work It, thanks for catching my mistake :), I just fixed it.  Yes I totally meant Upper Body on Friday :).

      • WorkItOutYourself

        That goes to show you, I read your posts carefully 🙂

        • Yes my love you do :), thank you so much you pointed that out, otherwise I totally see how some people can think that’s what it’s suppose to be.

          I’m uploading a new routine right now :), I’ve tried several times yesterday by youtube was having a turtle party.

          • jt

            turtle party LOL!!

          • Ha Ha yep, they love turtle parties :), especially when I am in a hurry LOL

  • Ellen65

    Thank you. This is very helpful.

    • 🙂 Glad I can be helpful 🙂

      • Ellen65

        I just took these past few days off. I started to workout regularly last August and haven’t taken more than 2 -3 days off.  I felt guilty when I thought about taking more time. Lately I have been feeling burnt out and not really enjoying my workouts anymore. After 5 days off I can happily say I feel rested and good! I am excited again about workouts. Thanks again for the great post.

        • You are always welcome Ellen 🙂

          Yes we need to rest, I usually can tell if I overtrained if all of a sudden I get mood swings and lack of motivation.  These are actually the first signs of overtraining, then if you don’t take time off you will usually get twitching muscles and if we don’t listen to our bodies we just get injured, that’s our body’s way of saying ” If you are not taking the time off then I will do it for you “.  

          I am glad you feel rested and can continue training 🙂

  • Hi Jamie,

    The reason I don’t do a lot of cardio is because lot’s of cardio makes you lose muscle, and we work hard enough to gain it.  When we do strength training our body first uses muscle glycogen for energy, once we use that up then our body begins to use fat for energy, so if you do just little cardio after the workout you end up burning body fat, but there is only certain amount of fat in fat cells.  So if we do too much cardio then our body begins to convert muscle for energy to use in that cardio.

  • jt

    Wow, as I read this, I understood so many things I did completely WRONG. Your approach is healthy and justified with knowledge, and it’s completely opposite to what “other fitness pages” seem to promote, which is A SHAME. They actually make you feel like you could not be “strong enough” and “complete beginner” in a sort of bad way, because they’re not giving you the right advice and the necessary tools to reach the next level: it seems that, in fact, they want you to BURN OUT, because otherwise, they tell you you’re “falling off the bandwagon”. 
    Your approach makes much more sense, now I can see how clumsily I got where I am now, can’t complain but, from what I read here, I see I could have progressed A LOT MORE in the same time frame had I applied the strategy you’re proposing, no unnecesary burnouts and a lot more strength, that’s for sure.It’s never too late so as of NOW I’ll begin my new week this Monday, I haven’t taken a 5-day rest for months! Those push ups gonna have to wait 😉 Ahhh but I know myself and perhaps I’ll do some skipping this weekend… :)Big thanks again, I’m learning so much with your site! 🙂

    • JT, 

      I am so happy that I can help and point you into the right direction.  Because so many people have completely the wrong idea of fitness, its’ definitely not about constantly training hard and dieting like crazy.  We need balance and that is with everything in life, food, fitness, spirituality etc.  We are not machines our bodies need rest, we always have to switch between high intensity and low intensity and also take a complete rest, same with diet, we cannot always eat perfect it’s OK to allow your self to enjoy life :).

  • Musin

    I just discovered your blog. Its really great – I did your lower body workouts (Body weight only workout)  straight away and my butt was sore for 2 days after!  

    I think I am in the intermediate category. I really want to follow your porgram, but I also really enjoy Zuzanna Lights full body workouts. I was wondering if it was possible to do both your program – splitting the workouts into lower and upper body workouts and do one day of ZWOW? And if so, which day would you do the ZWOW?

    Thank you for your site, I like it so much better than the sideshow BR has become, and I am so glad I have alternatives such as following your workouts and Z´s workouts.

    • Hi there :), 

      Of course you can do ZWOW’s and my workouts in combination.  For example, you can do it this way:  Monday – Lower Body, Tuesday – Upper body, Wednesday – Day Off, Thursday – ZWOW, Friday – Off, Saturday – Cardio, Sunday – Day off.  Pretty much you can fit in a full body workout any day of the week but you have to make sure you had enough rest before and after. 

      • Musin

        Thank you so much for replying! 🙂 

        • I am always happy to reply anytime 🙂

  • ??? ?????? ????? ???????? ??????, ??????!

    • Spasibo :), rada bit poleznoj 🙂

  • erlingtonjames

    Thanks for Tatianna, I have been feeling a bit lost lately with my workouts. I am suppose intermediate now and I do a lot of strength training (which I love too much) but I feel lost when is comes to cardio. After I finished like say around 30 mins strength training (upper or lower body) I am so tired to do cardio. I feel bad and I feel like a failure (sometimes). I read all this about you must do 30 mins cardio 3-4 and I do try.  Anyway thank you for your time x

  • erlingtonjames

    Oh plus I am doing this Turbulence Workout by Craig Ballantyne. I am trying so hard to lose body fat.

  • Evaleen

    I’m thinking for my own schedule:

    Day #1: Upper or Lower Body (Time Challenge)
    Day #2: Upper or Lower Body, opposite of prev. day (HIIT)
    Day #3: Active Rest (Walk or something, I don’t really have any active hobbies right now lol)
    Day #4: Full-Body (Time Challenge)
    Day #5: Active Rest (Walk)
    Day #6: Full-Body (HIIT)
    Day #7: Complete Rest

    Perhaps I’ll too eventually split up every routine, but it’ll help to train a while like this first, get myself used to pushing hard with mainly lower or upper body strength. Got some questions about implementing extra cardio sessions as well, but will save those for another post. :p

    • That is a pretty good schedule Evaleen 🙂

  • Evaleen

    Tatianna, I have to tell you that these fitness articles have been a HUGE help to me (been reading through as many as possible lately). I’ve had difficulties in planning my own workout regimen for the long-term, and as much as I had learned already, your insight and advice is helping it all fall into place. I still have a lot of questions, but the foundation is definitely there. 🙂 And I absolutely love this, because even though it’s fun to “try on” others’ routines, I get so bored and burnt-out following a laid-out plan that isn’t mine– that just spells out “chore” to me instead of enjoyment.

    And I’m really loving that your blog focuses on a “serious” but totally liveable approach to working out. It’s not that I want to rag on other sites/personalities for using the fun or “fashionable” aspects of fitness to get attention– cause if that’s what motivates someone at first to make positive changes for themselves, then I say good! I mean, god knows how many trends I’ve tried out myself, to find I had a real passion for them. But, there comes a point where we need to get serious and educated about our goals, if we want true and long-term progress… and I’ve wanted that for a long time, so I hope you know the good your site gives to people like me. 🙂

    And what’s most beautiful of all, is that this is clearly your passion and from your heart. I don’t mean to criticize good advice (wherever it comes from), but it just doesn’t feel right when you have to “buy” it. I have done so before, and I always ended up feeling kinda dehumanized after… because in the end, all I really am is just another customer. One that is instructed what to do, rather than given the tools (and even more profound, the compassion) to learn and grow as a human being.

    So in a nutshell, I absolutely LOVE what you do, it’s simply wonderful. 🙂

    • Evaleen, 

      Your words mean so much to me, I am so thankful to be able to help you and others.  When I read your comments I get this amazing feeling inside that I can’t describe, but I feel that I am bringing good into this world, this feeling is priceless.  

      I think I add a little bit of fashionable approach but in my own way staying true to my self, that’s why you see me wear some funky pants sometimes :). 

      I understand exactly what you mean when you say ” in the end you feel like just another customer “, that’s why I always go out of my way so people don’t feel like that.  I love to answer questions and letters I get because I want people to know that I truly care about the advice I am giving them.

      When I started this blog I swore to my self that I will always keep this blog personal and genuine, I will never recommend anything unless I am sure 100 % it will helpful and useful to others.  I always get different supplement companies offering me to affiliate with them and sell their products, but I always turn them down because I don’t believe in diet pills and I could never recommend it to others just for the sake of making money, it’s just not me.

      • Evaleen

        Am so glad you get something back (emotionally) from your efforts, 🙂 and I have no doubt numerous others are benefiting from the pure and empowering approach that you represent… cause really, who wants to be dependent on gyms, memberships, diet plans, or anything from a bottle??? HARD (but achievable) work and REAL (delicious! 😀 ) food, that’s all we really need!!! That, and of course some self-love and inner peace. 🙂

        And though I honestly can’t blame someone for not publicly “sharing” themselves (seeing what can come with such exposure, makes me feel very guarded myself), I so admire a person who’s confident in who they are, brave enough to share it, and above all, so full of heart when they do. 🙂 And that “human” element makes ALL the difference… we can read 1000 self-help books, but it will never equal real compassion.

        Haha, and “funky” — not sure that’s the word I’d use, but I do know that I just LOVE your sense of fashion!!! Those elements of elegant, girly, athletic, sultry, uniqueness, subtlety, etc– all of these totally click with me, very cool and artful!

        • Thanks Evaleen :), you are always so kind.  Yes the ” Human ” element is very important, I think people can feel this as well.  When I watch the videos on youtube I can always tell when someone is being genuine and personal, and I cherish that in people. 

  • Today I started with this approach…I’m so excited! I feel like I’m wearing my  favorite pair of shoes for the first time! ^_^ Before, I was doing mostly Full Body Workouts without any particular wo plan. For the last two months I couldn’t see any change on my body or in my strength. I knew that I should change something, but I didn’t have any idea what…then I found you and I decided to give this a try! 
    Thank you, thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you…!!! 😀

    • Hi there 🙂

      Nice to meet you!  I am really happy you found me as well, let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

  • steffi_dk

    I´ve worked out 5-6 days a week HIIT for the last 1,5 years. I know, it´s a lot and I´m actually not as fit as I should be, there is only slow progress. But I´m pretty addicted to my workouts and I´m so NOT motivated anymore, when I rest 2 days in a row and I feel like I have to catch up on all the exercises that I´ve missed during those 2 days of rest. I know that I have to change my attitude about this. But I´m wondering: only 2 Upper Body Routines and 2 Lower Body Routines a week? I thought that 2 times a week is just enough to keep your fitness level where it is without further improvement?!

    • Wow, that’s a lot of working out. The rule is this, if within 3 month’s you are not seeing results than your workout plan is off.

      2 times a week per muscle group is perfect if you want to build muscle, anything more will break the muscle down. You are working out 4 days a week all together so you are actually progressing. 4 days for progress, 3 days to maintain results.

      • steffi_dk

        Thank you for replying:) I´ll definitely try that out and I´m looking forwards to see myself in 3 month from now! Since I follow your split up routines, I can´t workout more than 4 times a week anyways, because I´m unbelievably sore, it´s amazing. I feel, that you are taking me to a whole new fitnesslevel. I´ve already learned a lot of things, I didn´t know and there is yet soooo much to check out on your site:)

        • I am glad I can help, let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  • Sdravstvujte,

    Dlya postroenia mishechnoj massi vam neobhodimo 4 trenirovki, tak kak polnosenno vse gruppi mishs dolgni rabotat 2 raza v nedelu dlya razvitia.

    Esli u vas est tolko 3 dnya na trenirovku to vi mogete ih razdelit vot tak:

    Dva dnya ispolzuete split ( nignuu i verhnuu chast tela ) a na poslednij den delaete trenirovku na vse telo.

  • Beretta Heart

    hey Tatianna,

    thank you so much for all the effort u put and the pretty cool trainings u post!!! … i like them alot … the most i appreciate that u do evry exercise so “slow” and with full control and contraction … thats whats making the difference i guess … thank you soo much again !!!!
    i wish u the best for the future and pls keep up the good work !!

    Beretta Heart

  • Jos

    I’m starting to create my own workout plan also my own workout too…what do you think of my upcoming workout schedule:
    Sunday, August 12: LovingFit 399 Reps Lower Body & Core Workout & LovingFit Sharper Abs in a Month Challenge
    Monday, August 13: My Own Upper Body Workout & 10 minutes freestyle skipping
    Tuesday, August 14: LovingFit Sharper Abs in a Month Challenge
    Wednesday, August 15: Rest Day
    Thursday, August 16: Lower Body Workout (mashed up from ZWOW and LovingFit) &LovingFit Sharper Abs in a Month Challenge
    Friday, August 17: Upper Body workout (dumbbell workout) & 10 minutes freestyle skipping
    Saturday, August 18: Rest Day
    Thank you!!

  • ?????????

    ?????? ??????? ?????????? ? ????? ?????????? ? ??????. ??? ?? ?? ????? ???????????, ?? ????? ?????????? ???? ??????.
    ??? ???? ????? ???????? ?????? ???, ????? ??????? ?????????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ????????, ? ????? ?????????
    ??????? ?? ?????!!!

    • Sdravstvujte,

      Esli vi hotite prosto sbrosit ves to vi mogete delat kardi dage do trenirovki. Raztaygku delat toge nado, posle.

  • Hi Tati! I love your blog sooooooo much! I’m having so much troubles to create my workout plan. I’ve been doing BR and Zuz for a year and my shape is much much better, I’m able to go running, which I never done before because I had no strenght (cardio is my weak point, maybe cause I can’t breath correctly breathe through my nose), but I’m very happy, I’ve been doing yoga for more than 2 years and it has changed me inside so much since I have an anxiety disorder.

    The thing is, I can’t split with lower-upper body routines yet cause I struggle with 12m hit workouts already and my arms are still “weak”, and your workouts are still hardcore for me, I did the Spartacus pone with you and I loved it but that’s all I see myself capable of doing with you lol So I don’t know how to do my plan, should I do the full workout and take a day off in between until I’m able to split the routines? How can I do it?

    Thank you Tati!

    • Hi Estefania,

      Yep, just do full body workouts with a day off in between. Don’t forget to do 15 minutes of cardio after the workouts. On the days off in between do really good stretching, I have a real time stretching routine here –

      • Thank you Tati! (fastest answer ever lol) I’ll do the day off in between cause most days I’m so exhausted, I thought after a year I’ll be able to hardcore it up but I’m nor ready yet,little by little I’ll get there! 😉

        • Anytime!

          I always try to answer all the comments, it’s started to get a bit hard at times, but if I ever don’t reply just remind me, cause sometimes the comments get lost.

      • SamanthaAnne83

        what are some examples of cardio you do after your workouts?

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  • Cardio posle trenirovke dolgno bit legkim, vse zavisit ot togo kakie rezultati vi hotite, esli na dannij moment vi hotite pohudet to posle trenirovki delajte 20-25 minut cardio, no esli vi stroite mishsi to 10-15 minut legkogo kardio kak skakalka, legkij beg, velosiped, hula hoop.

  • Mary Lou

    I am so glad I FINALLY found this page Tatianna! And the fact that you have workouts posted by upper/lower body will be a tremendous help. I ‘Pushed Through It’ today, but the ‘Strength Beast’ is still gnawing on my arms/shoulders/upper back. I now have a plan! Yay!

    • I’m gonna start linking this page in every new workout I post, cause I noticed that a lot of people get lost in not knowing where they can begin, I should of done that before, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.

  • Hi Rosa,

    Sorry for such late response, lately I’ve been having a really hard time catching all the comments. Since you took a few weeks off it will be best for you to do 3 full body routines per week, for the next few weeks, then you can proceed with split routines.

  • I’m still struggling to create my workout plan 🙁 I just started spliting routines but I don’t have time to workout on Tuesdays so I thought:
    Monday – Lower
    Tuesday – Off
    Wednesday – Upper
    Thursday – Lower
    Friday – Abs and cardio, but I love yoga and I NEED to do yoga, can I do on Saturday or Sunday? I don’t want to workout everyday and feel burnout like when I was on BR. Don’t know hot to do it.

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  • Hi Tati!
    Just read this article and decided to also create a workout plan based on your advices. I do not consider myself a total beginner, because I have some serious Bodyrock history, haha, but I really got away from my fitness path for more than 2 months and I feel I really got weak over that time. I was under a lot of stress lately and I know chronic stress is a KILLER to all health/fitness efforts you make. Sooo I decided to do 3 weeks of Beginner’s level and then 3 weeks of Intermediate level, add some cardio to lean out (I need to loose that belly fat and butt tissue, haha). Starting Monday!!! 🙂 Thank you for you work, again!!!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by Nina :))

      I am always exited when I see you here 🙂

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  • Hi Wendy,

    Welcome to Loving Fit! I am very thankful to Lish for sharing my site, and I am happy you found it. I have everything in sections and it’s quite easy to navigate.

    • wendy

      I see the sections at the top for home, about, etc. But do you have sections for upper body, lower body, and full body?

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  • I think you should do it 2 times a week. And tatianna told me to do Cardio always after your upper/lower body workout. After this you can do abs If you want and then finish off with some stretching 🙂

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  • Tatiana

    This has been very helpful thank you Tatianna!

    I have one question: i do a split routine, but for my upper body, I isolate the muscels more.
    Monday: Chest and Triceps plus some kind of cardio ( i workout at home typically, so most of the time it’s a variation of HIIT bodyweight). These cardio sessions are not very long, 15 mins max.

    Tuesday: Back and Biceps plus some kind of cardio again
    Wednesday: Cardio only

    Thursday: Lower Body (i use one of your workouts, and focus on doing that with weights)
    Friday: Abs and Cardio
    Saturday: Active rest
    Sunday: Shoulders and cardio
    What are your thoughts on this??
    Thank you for your help, I love your site 🙂

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  • ???????????? ???????! ? ?????????, ?????????? ?? ??????, ?? ????? ??????? ??? ?? ??????? ??? ? ????!
    ? ?? ???? ??????? ????? ????????????????, ?? ?????????? ????? ????????? ????. ? ???? ???????? ????????? ??? ??????????? ?????????. ?? ????? ?? ??, ???????? ???? ?????? , ????? ? ?????? ? ???? ??????????

    P.S.???? ?????? ????????. ??????? ??????? ???, ?? ???? ??????!

  • I am SO excited I found you! 🙂 Can’t wait to start! One question: how do you know when you are ready to advance to the next level? Is there a certain amount of time you should spend in each one, or is a “listen to your body” type thing? 🙂


  • AB

    Hello Tatianna,
    Can you help me choosing the right workout
    plan. I’ve been working out for a while
    and I run almost every day. I would
    really like to lose 12 pounds and toned my body. I would like to feel good inside out because
    for the moment I’m not feeling great about myself. Also, is it better to run before or after my
    workout. Hope to get some news from
    you. Have a great day!! ;o)

  • Tanya

    ??????, ???????? ????????????? ??? ?? ??? ??????! ? ?????? ???? ??????. ???? ???????? ??? ???????????? ?????.

  • ?????

    ?????? ??????. ?????? ?????????? ???????????. ? ???? ??? ????? ????????? (?? ????? ????? 2 ??????, ??? ????? ??????????? ???? ?????????? ;))) ). ?????????? ? ?? ????? ??? ??????????. ?????? ???????? ????? ??? ??? ????? ?????????? ?? ???? ?????????? ????????????? ? ??????? ????? ????? ??? ?????? ????????? ????? ?? ????????? ????? ??????? ? ????????? ???? ??, ?? ?????????? ???? ????????? ???? ? ???????? ???????? 3 ??… ??????? ??????? :))))

  • Melody

    You’re russian? Really? Wow! I never thought of that. Anyway, you did a wonderful job with this post.

  • olesya napelenok

    Hi Tatianna! Im so thankful for your blog and all the videos that you make! You’re very beautiful person 🙂 I dont understand how you stay so strong exercising without failing! I want to start an exercise routine but dont know what to start with since im very new to this. I am a mother of three and always stayed thin. Even after having my kids I would lose my weight naturally, without any diets or workouts. Now, I see that my body is not the same any more. I really need to tone it and gain some muscles especially on my bottom and around thighs. I would really appreciate if you can recommend me a workout routine that I could follow.
    Thank you!

  • Barbara

    I just discovered your blog Tatiana 🙂 & I loved it! I am getting my calendar to add my workout plan and start today 😉

    Greetings from Sweden 😉

    • Welcome to Loving Fit!!! <3

      • Barbara

        thank you Tatianna <3 <3

  • Wendy Russell Scanlan

    Tati, I’ve been loving your workouts-thank you!! Question: I am wanting to try your 10 lbs weight loss strategy. So do I pick full body workouts for Days M W F and cardio exercises from your “cardio” section for T Th days?? But I am confused as to which exercises to do for cardio since they all are “interval type” workouts. I just didn’t want to end up doing five days of hi intensity interval training and get burned out. I consider myself an intermediate level right now, but new to the full body weight interval training. (Which I am loving). I used to do triathlons but haven’t for a couple years due to health issues. Please help me in the right direction. Thank you for your blog!!! You have educated me and inspired me so much!!

  • Elizaveta Golysheva

    Hi , I’m Liza And I have 10 extra kg(I want to reset and after swapping the ass and the press.Help me ,please!Thank you in advance)

  • Marina Seredina

    ???????, ????????????! ??????? ??? ?? ???? ??????????!!! ? ????? ???? ??? ????? ??? ????:). ?????? ? ???? ?????? ????????? ????????;). ? ????? ????? ( ???????? ?? 5 ??. ?? ?????) ?? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ???????????? 3 ???? ? ??????. ????? ??????????,?? ????? ,? ????? ?? ????????? ? ??? 3 ??? ? ??? ????? ?????? ?????? ???? ??? ?????????????. ??????? ??? ???????!!!!