Get Great Abs With Plank Variations

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Six Pack Abs with Plank Variations


Would you like to have great lean abs? Then this video is for you :). I wanted to make a video with different plank variations, because planks are one of the best ways to get abs ( that aand keeping your body fat percentage low 😉 ). The reason I love planks so much is because planks add strength and density to your abs without adding the bulkiness. Because of the isometric contraction of planks, they also make your ab muscles work more efficiently without placing the tension on your back.

The trick to get the most out of your planks is to pull your belly button towards your spine.

If you watch my workout videos you will notice that I do not add a lot of exercises that involve the crunch movements, but I do add a lot of different plank variations. Because I believe crunches are a waste and they bring damage to the spine over time as well as ruin your posture. The only crunch that is an effective exercise is a Myostatic Crunch on a balance ball, but definitely not a regular crunch.

I wanted to share one of my favorite articles about planks and why they are so effective. The article is written by Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book and it’s called ” Six Pack Abs Without Turning Into A Hunchback“. I am absolutely crazy about that blog because it has fitness information that you will never see anywhere else, seriously it’s like the fitness Bible ;).

Now here is a video of different plank variations you can incorporate into your workouts.



As I mentioned in the video, I would recommend you do 3 rounds of planks for 1 minute each round, before and after each workout to develop great looking abs.  As a certain variations will become easier to do, begin to add a more advanced plank variation.

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