Rose Among Thorns Workout

May 25, 2012 by

Upper Body Workout


Hello my darlings,

I am back with another upper body routine! We filmed the workout yesterday, and the day before was when I trained on the trapeze, so today I am so sore that my fingertips are in pain. We filmed outside but went inside to do the explanations because it started to rain like crazy. I so love working out in the nature, the only down part is how uneven the ground was in the place where we filmed and I felt paranoid about my form the whole time.

As I mentioned in the video this workout is a strength training and cardio at the same time, so after the workout you can do an abs routine instead of the usually light cardio. Let me explain, every time we workout, our body is using a certain energy pathway, intervals under a minute use anaerobic pathway, intervals a minute and over are using aerobic pathway and that is the pathway that strengthens your cardiovascular system. I actually have a post about this: ” Aerobic Vs Anaerobic Exercise “, this is something you guys should all know and understand, make sure you check it out.

Make sure you do a good warm-up before you begin to exercise, as well as practice the proper form, because good exercise form = results!


Rose Among Thorns Workout Video



Workout Explanation


In this workout I was using my timer, a 12 lbs medicine ball and half of my my Pink Lebert . If you don’t have a Lebert you can use 2 chairs and a broomstick, just like I’m showed you in the picture in this post ” Love Your Body Workout “. Or you can build your own dip bar and make your own medicine ball, just check out this post – ” Fitness Equipment On A Budget “.

This workout was broken down into 2 parts. First part was interval training, second part was done for good form not time and it only has 2 exercises. After each part you will take 1 minute break and keep going until you’ve completed 3 rounds total of both parts.

Make sure to watch the Workout Recap part of the video where I go over the proper form for each exercise as well as variations for beginners.


Part 1

Set your timer for 6 rounds of 15 seconds ( rest interval ) and 1 minute ( max effort interval ). There is 6 exercises:


  • Oblique Staggered Push-up
  • Slow Pull Down
  • Scoop It Up
  • Push Back Push-up
  • Controlled Fold ups
  • Wall Mountain Climbers


Part 2

  • Diamond Push-ups ( slow down the movement on the way up ) – 6 reps
  • Crab – 50 reps


My scores :

Part 1

1) – 17, 15, 14

2) 13, 12, 10

3) 17, 17, 16

4) 16, 16, 15

5) 13, 12, 12

6) 52, 47, 43


Part 2 I did for form and did not count my time.

Since it’s the end of the week I recommend you guys do a total body stretching, I am definitely doing that today.


Have a wonderful Weekend everyone!


PS – a lot of you guys have been sharing your recipes with me and I thought it would be a great idea if I make your recipes and them post them on the blog :).  Also check out my weekly article on ” Breaking Down The Myths In Fitness




Upper Body Workout


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • ltwin

    Privetik Tanyusch-Dorogaya,
    U menya segodnya restday.. zawtra budu etu interessnuyu trenirowku delat.. spasibo za etu 😉
    ya nadeyus, twoi nowiy timer ne polomalsya..
    a ty wiglyadisch snowo klassno! ya tozhe ho4u tak wiglyadit 😉 no budu staratsa!

    zeluju i obnimayu iz germanii

    • Privet moya lubimaya Lilija :),

      Ya tolko chto poluchila tvou otkritku, ah kak ti menya obradovala!  Spasibo tebe ogromnoe za dobrotu i vnimanie ko mne, ti prosto zamechatelnij chelovek 🙂

      Lublu tebya, seluu i obnimau krepko krepko 🙂 🙂 

      • ltwin

         Ya o4eny rada 4to tebya obradovala!
        Tatiann, ya zhe tozhe ho4u tebye 4ego-to horoshoye sdelat..ti mne tak pomogayesh, dazhe ne weretsa 4to ya w takuyu formu uzhe prischla.. ya uzhe poltara goda zanimalas…ty nawernoye znayesch etu site.. no kogda Z ushla u menya soowsem interess propal.. potom tebya nashla i s teh por bolshe ne 4em drugim ne zanimayus, tolko s toboi…u menya bolshe wreminya, nastroyeniya lutshe i moya zhizn! Spasibo TEBE dorogaya!!!!
        Ti moya pomozh i radost!

        • Ahh moe solishko eto tebe spasibo za takie dobrie slova :), ya tak rada chto moi trenirovke tebe pomogaut :), 

          Ti u menya umnisa i krasavisa!!!

          Seluu 🙂

  • AlishisPhillips

    Ok, done and done.  Here are my scores:
    Staggered Pushup: 14,  15,  14

    Slow Row: 8,  8,  7

    Scoop it up: 12,  12, 11

    Pushback p.u.: 13,  12,  10

    Fold Up:  8,  7,  8

    Wall Climbers (half on wall, half on ground) 30,  37,  40

    All of the push-ups were from my knees.  I also didn’t time the second part, but I did it!  I almost fell over on the last 10 reps of the crab on the last round.  I was TIRED! 🙂 But this one was really fun.  I was working really hard, so I was sweating really hard…maybe its the high humidity.  I was drenched.  Feeling really good, and looking forward to more more more! 🙂  Thank you much.  I don’t know how you put together workouts that are both torturous, fun and effective…

    • Thank you ALishis :), I am so happy you are having fun with these workouts.  Every time I make them I try to be as creative as I can so we can enjoy them, cause I get bored pretty fast.  

      It’s pretty hot here too, good thing I have a pool at my house so right after the workout I can jump inn 🙂

      • AlishisPhillips

        Ahhh…a pool.  I have a shower.  That’s my NYC style pool  🙂 

  • Ellen65

    This looks like a great workout. I have injured my shoulder and I can’t do much upper body. I am so sad to have to miss this one for now anyway. : (

    • Ahh don’t worry Ellen, let your shoulder heal and this one will still be here waiting for you 🙂

      • Ellen65

         I know but I was making such great progress! It is disappointing.

        • It’s all about ups and downs, you will definitely get back up, trust me.  You know when I recovered from my back injury and just as I started to get back on track I injured my knee, I was devastated especially because it was just before the new year holidays.  I had to give my self a little pep talk and stay positive, and once I did that my knee healed in 5 days instead of 2 weeks like I was told it was going to heal.  

          You will be right back up soon 🙂

          • Ellen65

            Thanks for the pep talk. It helps to here what you went through.  I can still do legs, cardio abs so I can still keep going in other ways.   I will stay positive and hopefully my recovery won’t take too long. : ) Have a great weekend.

          • Ellen65

            * hear*

  • Thanks love :), 

    I was also wearing the nail polish with that name so I could be totally themed he he he 🙂

    • daybelis garcia

      Lol my mom told me that was probably it, she is also a nail polish addict

      • Yes I love my polish! I thought the names of many of them were brilliant and I wanted to name my workouts after them, and we tried to make the background kind of thorn looking too 🙂

  • Looks like a lot of fun! Tempraturs are soaring in The Netherlands/Holland right now and I am not built for warm weather. :p  Really affects my training. :s  Might do this one tonight.
    I liked your article about fitness (and shared it on my FB page: BodyworkX). No fads, just sensible advice on fitness MASSIVE LIKE! 🙂

    • Thank you Marilyn 🙂

      Yes summer is here and the weather is getting hotter and hotter by the day, it’s so much better to workout during the colder days. 

  • Swiss_BodyRocker

    Here are my score.
    Oblique Staggered Push-up  14,14,14
    Slow Pull Down   14,11,11
    Scoop It Up  15,16,16
    Push Back Push-up  13,13,12
    Controlled Fold ups 12,10,10
    Wall Mountain Climbers   40,38,35

    Love the Push Back PU, first time doing it!

    Have a wonderful Saturday all!

    • Have a wonderful Saturday as well!!!

  • Fun workout!  My crabs were falling apart at the end, lol.  Great workout as always. 🙂  used my 10lb ugly ball and my walker for the pull ups (my hands were in a neutral grip).  the mountain climbers had to start on the wall and end on the floor. 

    core twist pu: 17-13-12
    slow pull ups: 14-15-15
    scoop it up: 13-16-15
    push back push ups: 13-13-10
    fold ups: 10-13-14
    wall mc’s: 45 total (30/15)–45 total (27/18)–39 total (28/11)

    Followed with 10 minute cardio and 3 min abs.  Thanks again!!!  LOVING every workout I do.  You really keep them creative.   

    • 1Ivana

      haha..I almost forgot you also have walker..:)

      • Ha ha, yes.  You too?  It’s not perfect, as it has that bar across it, but it was free! 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing Kendra :), I try to be creative for you guys!

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…
    this morning I did a cardio workout from Jillybean ( I didn’t know about her until I read a post from Tatianna)..
    In two hours I am going away…but just for a day..hihi…I just love this little trips…
    I still have 4 more days until my big trip, and I just want to soak up as much of you all as I can…

    kisses to you all

    p.s. It is a wonderful day here!!

    • Ivana, I am so happy you did Jillibean workout, I remember finding her on youtube and wanted to include into my post so I can share it.

      Have a wonderful Sunday !

  • JoannaKonieczna

    I will do this workout tomorrow!:) AND…i really like you russian version:)

    • Thank you :), yes I like to do the Russian version because i have a lot of Russian subscribers on youtube 🙂

  • Vivi

    My heart skipped a beat. Looks like another awesome workout.  And the name….LOVE it! Plus, I’m slightly blinded by the nail polish color. I see fluorescent reddish-orangish-pinkish spots. 

    • Ha Ha Ha, I named the workout after the nail polish, but on top of my nails I also added some golden flakes 🙂

  • Kate_CZ

    Did it today, hurrey. Thanks for another great workout, Tatiana!

    PART 1
       1) Oblique Staggered PU – 18, 15, 14
       2) Slow Down Pull Ups – 8, 6, 6
       3) Side Lunge + Centre Jump (with 4kg ball) – 17, 15, 15
       4) Fold Ups – 21, 18, 16
       5) Wall MC – 60 58, 62

    PART 2
       – I can´t do proper Diamond PU, so I did 12 on my knees instead
       – 01:45, 02:03, 01:56

    In part 1 I did normal Pull Ups for the exercise 2 because I´m in love with my pull up holds and want to use it more. I was helping myself on the way up and then go very slowly down. And I changed the type of holding every two reps. It´s fun. This is how it looks:

    • Wow that looks cool and very creative!  I love your outfit too 🙂

    • Vivi

       Wow. The aesthetics for your pull up…thingy is very appealing. Where did you find it? What else can you do with it? It appears to have many interesting features.

      • Kate_CZ

        Hello Vivi, I´m happy you like it. It´s a training board for climbing and it can be found in some outdoor shops probably. The main purpose is to practise skill and ability to different kinds of grips. It´s mainly designed for increasing finger and forearm strenght but I also use it for my pull ups, hanging knee raises and similar stuff.

    • Kate_CZ

      Hups, I´m rewriting my scores into my notebook and I found I omited my Push Backs. So I did 13, 12 and 13 reps 😉

  • sus

    I just finished this workout.  I had to do the diamond push ups from my knees.  Is there a specific way to have the elbows for this one?  I felt like they were going to pop or something, so the 2nd and 3rd round I did push ups with my hands out a bit more. My scores:
    8-8-8 (this one I need to practice, but I love the push back on this push up)

    2.43,3.05, 3.01

    Just had a protein shake because my refrigerator is empty! I usually prefer to eat real food after a workout  because protein shakes fill me up and then I don’t eat until really late. Time to grocery shop!

    • Hey Sus, 

      Yes be very careful with the diamond push-ups, I am going to add this exercise to the proper form 2 video list, you have to keep your elbows tucked inn.

      I stopped taking whey, now it’s just real food all the way.  Unless of course you don’t have food then whey is great. I am going to make an update food diary video :).

      • sus

        Thanks! Can’t wait to see proper form and food video updates. 

      • sus

        So this weekend I decided to try the diamond push up again with my elbows tucked in and guess what? I DID THEM!!!! No pain, and I was so happy I could actually do them! I was so excited and shocked.

        • See I told you :), I am so happy!

          • sus

            Thanks to you girly!

  • Katerina

    Loved this workout! The exercises were hard but the break interval was perfectly timed 🙂 Here are my scores:
    Round 1: 11, 8, 14, 7, 9, 50Round 2: 12, 11, 15, 8, 11, 43

    Round3: 13, 12, 15, 10, 12, 49

    I didn’t write down how much it took me to complete the second part.

    The fold ups were brutal! I felt like my legs were made of lead :))

    Thank you Tatiana, I had so much fun and had I great workout!

    • Katerina, thank you so much for sharing your scores!!!  The fold ups are very very mean exercise he he

  • Hi Stephanie, 

    It is so nice to meet you :), thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • Kane

     I will agree that the timing of this workout was just perfect in terms of intervals. Just when you think you’re about to die, you’re saved by the bell! Designing a good workout is like planning a comedy routine or writing a song – timing is everything. Great work, Tatianna!

    • Ha Ha Ha, I just love your comment ” Just when you think you’re about to die, you’re saved by the bell ” – love that!  I’m so gonna use that phrase – Thanks Kane 🙂

  • SaphireChika

    Rose among thorns workout:6 rounds,6 exercises 15/1 min
    part 1 oblique staggered pu: 16,12,15 slow pulldown:15,17,16 scoop it up:12,13,14
    push back push up:11,13,14 controlled fold ups:11 9 12 wall mcs:36,20,27…..loved this workout…today my wrists are paining from the wall mountain climbers…  🙁 🙁 after this i did 20 side bends holding a bamboo stick above my head…i did modified planks before and after the workout! loved this Tatianna!!! keep em coming!! and i’m looking forward to ur next ab workout… 🙂 can u make a workout using books as equipment? because i have loads of college books! lol 😛 …..

  • yboog

    I know u said “Smoke and Ashes” was named after your nail polish and now I cant stop lookin at your nails!!!
    So the color this timelooks like a “Rose among thorns”…is this your nail polish  name here too?! So cute!

    • Yep it is :), I started naming the workouts after my favorite polishes, I though it would be very Me :).  I think I need to visit Nail Polish Anonymous cause I can’t stop buying new polish LOL

  • gymlafrance

    une séance très dure, mais…très sympa! merci tatiana!

    • Je suis heureux que vous ayez apprécié 🙂

  • Backtomobay

    This was the first workout I did of yours and loved it!!  The following day I did your “Bodyweight Only Workout” and now today, I can barely get out of the chair!  LOL!!  Today will be my rest day but I am looking forward to trying more of your workouts.  So glad I found you — I was a BodyRocker, became a ZWarrior and am now following you as well.  Thank you!

    • I am so happy you like my workouts :), let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi, What a great workout.. Again a killer… The sweat is in my eyes.. :D… I have less reps that you Tatianna.. But did everything in proper form and feel great about that.. My scores:
    1: 13, 13, 12
    2: 10, 9, 8
    3: 9, 9, 9
    4: 10, 9, 10
    5: 8, 10, 9 (so hard, have to practise these more often)
    6: 29, 33, 40 (had to do some normal, my shoulders couldnt take any more, last round all normal mc’s)

    The in between rounds were a nice burn to.. Also all proper from.. Feel so proud.. Thank you!

  • Gwyn Friedl

    Wow, Tati, I LOVE your workouts!  This one had me begging for a bit of mercy by round three, but I pushed on.  I can feel my upper body getting stronger by the minute with this workout.  Thanks for the great tutorial as well.  You are fantastic. Here are my scores.
    1: 13,12,14
    2: 15,15,13( Had to do this exercise with my dip station and did slow pull down reverse push ups)
    3: 18,21,19 (Used my 8 lb Ugi ball for this one)
    4: 13,11,14 ( I seriously LOVE these push ups!)
    5: 17,15,14
    6: 36,58,59( I did the first half of each round against the wall then had to come down to do regulars.)

    • Thank you so much for sharing :), I am glad you are loving the workouts!!! Let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

  • Hi sweetie :), how have you been? I’ve noticed I’ve been missing some comments cause discus has a funky way of displaying them in the background.

  • Naomi (nabi)

    My upper body is my weakness, so I love these split routines where I can really feel the burn!

    Part 1
    1) 16, 16, 15
    2) 14, 12, 13
    3) 16, 18, 19 with medicine ball
    4) 12, 13, 12
    5) 12, 11, 13 (had to switch to one leg on the last round)
    6) 42, 59, 63 (took some time to master the technique, but my shoulders are feeling it!!)

    The last time I did diamond push-ups I couldn’t even lower myself down properly on my without my triceps collapsing on me during the first one (and that was on my knees). I know I am getting stronger, but I really surprised myself today by doing all 6 with no breaks, plank position! The last one really hurt, but in a good way! 🙂

    • :), glad you are feeling stronger! Sometimes I feel I can’t do something until I try just to find out I can 🙂

      • Naomi

        Repeated this workout today! To my big surprise I did better overall on all of the exercises, better scores while still maintaining proper form. I think the reason for my improvement is both that I am getting stronger with your splits, but also because you made me aware of the dangers of overtraining. Since January I have been training with heavy weights 3 days a week with the addition of 2-3 days where I did HIIT full-body workouts. That’s 5-6 days of training per week – crazy!!! I have to admit I love the endorphins though… I decided to take a break from the weights in the end of May and I have been “forced” to take rest days after beginning with your splits. So I am down to 4 workouts a week, and then I do something light the 5th day. Two days off per week. It’s hard to sit still, but it works.

        Part 1
        1) 18, 17, 18
        2) 12, 12, 13
        3) 18.5, 19, 19
        4) 17, 16, 15
        5) 17, 16, 15
        8) 80, 79, 78

        Part 2 I did for form, was able to slow down the diamond push-ups even more and still had more to give! Finished with some elevated push-ups, L-sits, dips and pull-ups with leg raises.

        • Yeah 5 days a week of intensive training is hard, it’s better to cut down to 4 solid days, it will give your body a chance to recover.

  • Evaleen

    Did this routine yesterday, and writing it down to repeat again soon. 🙂 It combines some of my favorite moves (pull-ups, push-up variations, and crabs) and ones I really need to work on, like those diamond push-ups… which I did from my knees, though I doubled the reps. Also had some sloppy reps on the fold-ups when my hold “broke”, so gotta practice those too. And I could almost do the staggered PU correctly, but when pressing up, I had to return my foot to the plank, THEN move my hand back.

    1. Oblique Staggered Push-up [ 15 / 14 / 13 ]
    2. Slow Pull Down [ 9 / 10 / 11 ]
    3. Scoop It Up [ 11 / 10 / 11 ]
    4. Push Back Push-up [ 9 / 9 /8 ]
    5. Controlled Fold ups [ 12 / 12 / 12 ]
    6. Wall Mountain Climbers [ 22 / 25 / 27 ] — I realized afterward that I had nervously stepped these, and not jumped… was between 90 and 45 degrees off the floor, I reckon

    Time from start to finish was 33:23. Great workout, I was drenched after it. 🙂

    • Eveleen don’t worry, it’s better for you to step the wall climbers and be safe rather than push-it and something happen. You will eventually build up to jumps 🙂

  • KirryKaatje

    Today I did this workout after a two week break in order to heal my huge thigh tattoo. So getting back on track was kinda rough. I was soaked in sweat afterwards and skipped the diamond pushups and toe crabs after round 1, because I really felt it was more then enough to keep it with the 3 rounds instead.
    Also, I’ve made the error of doing reptile pushups instead of oblique staggered push ups.. My mind is just somewhere else I guess. 🙂 So when I finally realised I just got with them.

    Oh right! I love love LOVE those Push up & Push back’s. Doing that exercise made me feel so strong and I felt every muscle shake. Loved that feeling. It made me feel so proud that I’m able to do that exercise. 🙂

    My score!

    1 – Did Reptile Push ups instead…. oops… 8, 8, 7
    2 – Slow Pull Down on my dip station: 11, 9, 8
    3 – Scoop it up with a 4 kg dumbbell: 8, 9, 9
    4 – Push up & Push Back: 7, 8, 7
    5 – Controlled Fold Up: 13, 14, 12
    6- The Wall Mountain Climbers of Agony: 30, 42, 32

    That’s it. Thank you Tati. <3

    • Thank you for sharing sweetie 🙂

  • KirryKaatje

    Test test.. I think my comment failed.. doooh!
    [edit] Oh no, it didn’t.. I’m just a noob with the new Disqus. *giggles* I blame the lack of oxygen to my brain due to this workout. ^^

    • You’re so cute :), I keep noticing that I’ve been missing lot’s of comments.

  • sedindriuke

    Second time I did this workout. Amazing for Upper body. Afterwards 10 min light cardio and 3 planks. Uh nice sweat. Thank you as always. And definetly I will try the cleanser recipe, as I have problematic skin and suffer lots of stress and this doesnt help for my skin…

  • Olga

    ?????? ????,???????! ??????? ??? ???? ?????????? ? ????????????? ????????! ?????????? ???????? ?????????? ?? ??? ???? ? ???? ??????? ????????.?????????? ? ???????? ???? ??? ??????????.???????,??? ????? ??? ????? ??????.
    ??????? ???????!
    ????? ???!
    ? ?????????,?????.

    • Sdravstvujte Olga :),

      Spasibo za dobrie slova, ya ochen rada bit vam poleznoj. Pishite esli est voprosi, ya vsegda rada otvetit.

  • I did this this morning.
    Warm-up: 10 mintues. 10/50sec of elevated planks 4 rounds
    Part 1
    1) 11-10-9
    2) 10-10-8 (Dip Station. I think the dip station may be just too high)
    3) 13-12-11 ( 6 lb ball)
    4) 9-8-6 ( I definitely need to practise the push back push-ups)
    5) 22-14-18 ( single leg folds)
    6) 34-28-27
    Part 2:Completed, I did not keep time. I did diamond push-ups on my knees
    Abs: 3 rounds of 20 reps Myostatic crunch. 10/50sec of elevated planks 1 round. End with 10 minutes of stretching.
    I enjoyed this routine, my muscles were gorged/pumped afterwards. Tati, very innovative the way you designed each exercise.

    • Thank you sweetie, with this workout my husband helped me a bit, Scoop It Up is an exercise they do at work during their bootcamps 🙂

    • This was my workout today. I started with the basic warm routine but replaced the 3 minutes skipping with 3 minutes of boxing drills.
      Part 1:
      1. 18-15-14
      2. 15-14-15
      3. 15-15-14 (10lbs dumbbell)
      4. 14-13-12
      5. 15-14-14
      6. 58-53-50
      Part 2: I completed 3 rounds without modification. I use to dislike doing crab…now I can do 150 reps without a complaint.
      I followed this with 30 reps of Myostatic crunch. Cool and stretched for 10 minutes.

  • marienchenkaefer

    Going to try this one tomorrow. Hopefully I can walk up as high as you that always kind of scares me ^^
    Hopefully it won’t rain so I can do this outside too 🙂
    Tati can you tell me where you got that very cute top?

  • daybelis garcia

    Did it today and yay, loved this…. quick and effective. I definitely improved from my last time:)
    Part 1;
    1. 18, 13, 14
    2) 13,12,11
    3) 17,15,16
    4) 13,12,12
    5) 16,13,12
    6) 57,54,56
    After I did a little bit of extra arm work and one of your ab videos:)… now I’m off to clean the house …happy Friday love

  • Mary Lou

    Ok. My tipped over dip station isn’t quite tall enough to do the slow pull downs correctly, but I made do. 8lbs with the side lunge, 1 leg fold ups (almost there!) and the wall mtn climbers were insanely hard for me.
    1.) oblique staggered 12, 13, 11
    2.) slow pull downs 12, 10. 9
    3.) scoop it 11, 11, 11
    4.) push backs 9, 9, 9
    5.) fold ups 14, 12, 12
    6.) wall climbers 25, 25, 20
    I did the diamond push ups off my knees as I still can’t do them correctly either.

  • JB

    2/6/13: really loved this workout – thanks Tati! For the pull down, used my bowflex w/15 lbs per arm.
    1. 13,16,16
    2. 17,18,15
    3. 10,10,11
    4. 11,11,13
    5. 20,21,21
    6. 37,40,45
    For part 2, each round roughly 2 min, 30 sec
    Finished with some tricep work on the bowflex and stretching.
    Can’t wait to do this workout again 😉

  • Kane

    This is one of the best ever mostly-bodyweight workouts. I return to it occasionally and always have a good time. This time, I shortened the rest period to 10 seconds and got a big ass-whuppin’. Love it! Thanks, Tati!

  • Tracey

    I loved this!! This is my 3rd workout with Tati and I am thrilled. There is lots of room to improve, but I love the challenge. I warmed up with 15 min of Classical Stretch, finished workout with 10 min of 40/10 jump roping and stretching. My son, in the other room, kept yelling at me to quit making those noises! LOL

    • That is so awesome, a third workout with me! So happy to have you as part of my team <3 Hugs