Lose 10 lbs In A Month ( how I...

Oct 18, 2013 by

Greetings my Lovies!

The other day I posted on my personal facebook that I wanted to lose some weight to lean out. Just so nobody gets any ideas, I have to say upfront – I DO NOT BY ANY MEANS THINK THAT I AM OVERWEIGHT, I just want to lean out and fit into my old jeans. Usually if I can’t fit into my old jeans it’s time to tighten things up a bit. This year I’ve been giving my self A LOT OF SLACK, way more than I normally do and it did catch up to me because I own 12 pair of jeans that I can’t fit into, yep.

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Beat Fat Loss Plateau or Just ...

Sep 9, 2013 by

Happy Monday my sweeties,

I have a really cool trick that I my self have been using to break apart my usual workout routine and to make my training a bit more intense ( I know you guys think I’m crazy, Tatianna what?! You want to make things more intense LOL ), but yes, for those of you guys who have been training with me for a while, this little trick will be a nice addition to your regular routines. This will also help you if you’ve hit fat loss plateau or you just want to spice things up with intensity so to speak.

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Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Feb 12, 2013 by

Hello my Lovies,

Today we have a guest post from EvilCyber.com, as you know I’ve written a lot of articles for EvilCyber and now he will be contributing to Loving Fit as well :), please give him a warm welcome.
It’s the middle of February and a load of New Year’s resolutions are already forgotten, aren’t they? But what’s keeping people from sticking with them? Here are five points that over the years I found to be rather important to heed when trying to reach your fitness goals.

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