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Hello my Darlings,

I am really happy to have finally present you with another fitness lesson of Pistol Squats or One Leg Squats. In the video below I go over the progression technique starting from beginner level.

Before you get crazy with trying out one leg squats you absolutely have to WARM UP YOUR WHOLE BODY, placing a lot of focus on your knees. If you hear crackling noise in your knees keep warming up. This is not a joke, this exercise because this exercise will cause damage to your knees if you are not properly warmed up.

One leg squats are all about the technique, it is not the hardest exercise in the world as many people say, so don’t be intimidated. Trust me, all of the fear that you have about this exercise is just in your mind, there is no reason to be afraid of it. Always remember that fear is just an illusion that your mind had created, I can personally guarantee you that anyone can learn this exercise.

After you watch the video you can follow the following program to be able to improve on how many one leg squats you can do. The idea behind it is a very similar concept that I already taught you in ” The Improve Your Push-ups Program “.

Before you begin learning one leg squats you need to be able to do 20 regular bodyweight squats in good form without being tired. You also need to be able to do 20 weighted squats in good form. In order for you to do pistols you have to already have some strength in your legs, then you will have a much easier time.



  • Tense your whole body throughout the movement
  • Do Not Bounce at the bottom
  • Use your hamstrings and your quadriceps and keep them tense, this will prevent your knee from moving around and it will prevent you from injury


The Video



Progression for Beginners


As I show you in the video, use the tall point of the chair and hold on to it. Make sure you do the movement slow and controlled. Use your timer to count down 1 minute and try to do as many mini one leg squats ( how I show you in the video ), use different interval for each leg. Even if you can only do 5 it’s ok, as long as you do something. Do this test on a different day before you start your progression. Whatever number you came up with is your base at the moment but that will change in just a few short days.

Note – for that week you are not going to do any lower body workouts at all.

Day 1

Whenever you have a minute through out the day you are going to grab a high point of a chair and do HALF OF YOUR BASE per leg. This can be as many times as you like or have time to do. You will feel sore the next day but its’ normal, so don’ be complaining.

Day 2

You are going to do exactly the same thing you did the day one ( half of your base ), except you will add 2-3 extra reps.

Day 3

This is a day when you might be very sore, but you have to push through it, you will really need some mental strength here. Today you will do 3-4 sets of your base with rest of 1-2 minutes in between rounds.

Day 4

Complete rest


Day 5

Take the test again and you will see your progress.


Now you are ready to go to the next stage and use the low point of the chair. Progression for stage 2 is going to be exactly as it was in stage one except you are going just a bit further and using the low part of the chair.


If you are already able to do one leg squat but would like to increase the amount of reps and make your legs stronger, then you can try the Advanced Level Progression.


Progression For Advanced Level


Set your timer for 1 minute to count down, within this minute you will do as many one leg squats as you can. Use different interval per leg. Do this on a different day before starting your progression. Then numbers you will come up with will be your base.

For this week you can do 1 lower body workout.

Day 1

Today you will do 5 sets of one leg squats. The first set is going to be to failure ( per leg ). Take 2 minute break between each set. Then you will do 4 sets of your base ( the number you came up with when you took your test ).

Day 2

Today you will do 6 sets of your base throughout the day. It can be any time of the day just as long as you will complete all 6 sets ( make sure to Warm Up your knees before doing it and always do it in a controlled movement ).


Day 3

Today you will do 2 sets to failure with 2 minute break in between. Then you will do 2 more sets of your base.


Day 4

Today you you do the same thing you did on day 2 ( 6 sets of your base throughout the day ) but this time you will add 2-3 extra reps to each set.


Day 5

Today you will do 4 sets to failure with 2 minutes break in between.


Day 6

Complete day off


Day 7

Take your test again – and congratulations on doing tons of one leg squats!




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