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Greetings my Darlings and Happy Monday!

I also want to wish you a blissful week :).  The other day I asked on my LovingFit Facebook Page  if you guys had any questions for me and I wanted to write a post on the blog to answer your questions in details.  I’ve done this previously and I thought  it was time for another Question-Answer post.  Here are the questions you asked, I wrote them exactly you wrote them on my Facebook.

  • Eric Lowdownderty Shame ~ What hobbies do you like to do when away from exercising and Facebook?

I really love creative writing, I love writing poems, songs and proses. I have a mini recording studio in my house and I really enjoy making music. I do this for release and because it makes me feel good. I love anything that has to do with creativity, if you lock me up in the house for weeks without internet, I will be just fine cause I will find something to create and keep my self busy.


  • Rose Marie Salyers ~ Which exercise would you recommend Tati to improve a bad posture of the back? I’d love to keep my back and shoulders straight? Maybe yoga? Swimming? Thank you Tati Xxx

I actually have a Good Posture Challenge you can try that I posted a little while ago. This challenge takes only 3 minutes a day, and you can do daily. It will really help you improve your posture, but you have to be consistent. You will notice a difference in about a week after trying it.

Yoga also helps with posture as well as other back problems, it also helps to lengthen your spine, I suggest checking out this amazing YouTube Channel Do Yoga With Me, they also have a website. They provide free real time full length yoga classes videos for all levels.


  • Ninon Lamberti Wilson ~ What things do you do to help anxiety?

This is a great question, I am planning to do a video on how I was able to overcome anxiety completely. I used to have daily panic episodes, they varied from mild to extreme, and my anxiety was very out of control. When I make a video about it, I will share more of my personal story.

But, for now I will share a small exercise that really helps me when I start getting anxious, this process works for me every time:

When I start feeling an anxiety wave coming it, the first thing I do is I stop my self from panicking by telling my self that I am completely in control.  I take 11 very deep breaths, so deep that I can feel it in my back. Why 11 you’d ask, because 11 has a very strong connection to our consciousness, like a gateway to our inner all knowing self. Number 11 in it self has a very high frequency, so when it’s applied to something or someone with lower frequency, the lowest frequency must come up to match the higher vibration ( a person with anxiety has very low frequency, I’m speaking in Quantum Physics words here because it’s the only way I can explain ).

Taking deep breaths actually goes further, when we breathe deeply we have an actual physical exchange with our Soul ( in other words spirit self ), that connection is like a tranquilizer, it assures us that everything is going to be OK.

Now, let go a bit further, for those really freak out situations, when our mind is running a mock and wants nothing to do with peace, I begin to apply something that anyone can connect to on a physical level.  I begin to structure things for my brain. If our brain has a structure placed in front of it, it can organize and sort out the situation, which in turn will stop your anxiety. This is what that process looks like:

I tell my self that this can only go two ways.

1) I can continue panicking, lose control, then the freak out will follow and I will feel like again like a victim and prove to my self a reality that I want nothing to do with, that reality would be: I’m not in control of my life.

2) I can analyze the situation by paying attention to my emotions and ask my self a question: Which thought/thoughts are causing me to feel this way ( it is very important that you structure a question so it connects a  feeling ). Then, I will prove to my self what I already know: I am in control of my life and my thoughts, I am always in control of my reality.  Everything I think of will come true.

When I ask a question and connect it to a feeling, I almost immediately get that inner voice with an answer, trust that voice, it’s not your imagination, it’s your compass.  Then I ask my self, do I want this statement to be true?  Obviously not, because it’s causing me to feel negative. Then I reverse the thought into something that will serve me in a good way.  This is just so you can climb the ladder a bit higher. From that point you will feel your anxiety stepping back. Don’t give up here, the next thing to do is keep finding more thoughts that will make you feel more positive.  Remember, you are not avoiding the negative, you are consciously choosing to focus elsewhere, such as on things that make you feel good or better.

I really hope this helps :).


  • Pauline ~ Hi Tati. I have no question for you for now. Isn’t it funny, sometimes when you have so much things to say and suddenly you went blank :))). Anyways I am currently digging through all your Real Time Cardio Workouts #1-#10. Downloading them and gonna do them maybe 2-3 times a week. I love you! I wish to see you forever in this online fitness world. Will you ever retire? ( there a question is finally popped! )

Thank you so much for your love and support Pauline, I am so happy that I can be helpful and my routines are part of your weekly regimen.

Being part of online fitness community has changed my life in so many ways and on so many levels that If I start naming it, I will start crying the tears of joy.  Meeting all of you guys ( even though it’s virtual only, but I feel like I know you most of you more personally ), working out with you, sharing my creativity, thoughts and pieces of my private self with you has been a true blessing. Doing what I’m doing goes beyond LOVE, and my promise to you is: If I’m alive and breathing, I will be making creative workout videos, sharing my thoughts about life and spreading positivity and light throughout the world.


I think this might sound a bit corny, but my greatest accomplishment is the transformation of my mind. Living with love in my heart, compassion and understanding towards the contrast of life. I think I realized a lot of things at a very young age, sometimes it  could take a full life time to realize, and here I am, only 30 years old, but with the mind and wisdom of a 100 year old.  I transformed my physical life, but most importantly I  transformed my inner world, I transformed and changed my old belief patters that I realized didn’t serve me, I reprogrammed my mind from hopeless, injured and dark into  bliss and light.  I found true peace and happiness by awakening to it.


  • Slawomira Mysiak ~ What set of exercises and how often to train would you advice to a person with overweight, to start shaping body?

It all depends on how much overweight you are and what your current level of fitness is. Because for someone who is extremely overweight I would advice something different than to someone who is just a little overweight.

If you are a little overweight, I suggest you check out my recent post Lose 10 lbs in a month, you can actually follow this program longer than a month, if you want to lose more weight.

If you are extremely overweight and a complete beginner in fitness, I suggest to start out with something small, something that won’t overwork you physically. Same thing with Nutrition, don’t start any crazy diet where you drastically change your way of eating, baby steps.

Here are my suggestions on what small steps will look like:




Begin not by cutting out the foods you are currently eating, because this will only make your body and your mind go into shock, instead you will be adding healthy foods into your current regimen.  Add healthy foods for the first 2 weeks without changing anything else in your diet. This will help your body to begin changing it’s structure.  You are what you eat, is that literal. You will actually begin craving healthy foods.

Healthy foods to add daily for the first 2 weeks:

  • 2 Organic Eggs ( eggs always have to be organic, this is a must )
  • 1 Cup Of Old Fashioned Oats
  • 3 Cups of Raw Veggies
  • 2 Servings Of Fruits
  • Water with Fresh Squeezed Lemon ( 2-3 large cups a day )
  • Green Teal ( 2 cups a day, for breakfast and lunch )

After you do this for 2 weeks, you can begin eating only healthy meals, 5 days a week. On the weekend you can have 2 meals ( 1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday ) that are not so healthy, pretty much the foods you love and miss during the week. ) This way, you will be able to keep sane and keep up with good nutrition and your goals.


Workouts to Begin With


When you first start out, it is also best that you don’t overload your self. So, for the first two weeks I suggest you start with cardio training only and stretching. You can go for interval walking/jogging, 5 days a week. Use intervals of 1 minute, such as 1 minutes of brisk walking, 1 minute of light jogging, 20 minutes total. Don’t forget to warm-up with 5 minutes of walking. After do some stretching for 10-15 minutes.

After 2 weeks, I suggest you start incorporating my Full Body Workouts with modifications of course, 3 days a week. Do what you can, don’t try to push your self if you feel pain.  Make sure you always warm-up for at least 10 minutes prior to working out, and make sure you always stretch for at least 10 minutes after. You can follow this schedule for 1-2 months.  After you can begin using split routines, I suggest checking out this post – Creating Your Workout Routine, it will help you to help you figure out how to put together my workouts.


  • Deniz Aktolga ~ Do you have some kind of morning routine you do before breakfast? I do 60 Bridges, Cobra Pose and some exercises to stretch the back and the sun exercise.

I am actually in the process of coming up with a great morning routine before breakfast. I’m studying yoga poses and their meanings, how to sequence these poses and I will mix them with my own moves.

Right now the only thing I do in the morning is my Chakra Meditation, I will share that in the upcoming posts soon. This meditation is very intense, it helps with physical and spiritual alignment, it also gives me this incredible energy, it’s like drinking 3 expresso shots, but this energy is very clear and pure.



One more question from Clair  ( she doesn’t have a facebook so she left her question in the comment section of Disqus )

~  Hi Tatianna. Sorry, I’m not on Facebook so I’m leaving a question here for your Q&A session. Could you tell us a little bit about Miguel? What sort of person is he? What’s his training and nutrition regimen? Does he edit all the videos himself or do the two of you sit down together to do that? Thanks to both of you for your hard work and for such a great site!

I can definitely tell you a bit more about Miguel.   He is a 5th generation circus performer.  His main act is Flying Trapeze, but he can also do a bit of everything, I guess growing up in the Circus all of them do a bit of everything.  He used to work for Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus for about 9 years, then he worked at some small traveling circuses.  Now, here in Orlando he’s been with Cirque Du Soleil show ” La Nouba “, where he also does flying trapeze as well as a back up character called ” The Little Walker “.  Miguel is an extremely talented person, but what’s most important and what I really love about him is that he is very humble about it.   He gets very shy when people compliment him, he doesn’t like talking about him self.  Miguel is also a natural psychologist, he has this incredible way of communicating with people and understanding them, everyone always comes to him for advice because he is a great listener and he always helps everyone.  In all the years that I’ve known him, I’ve never heard him say anything bad or negative about anyone, I’ve never heard him judge anyone, he always tries to understand people and see whey they do what they do.  He is extremely patient, thats why I call him My Little Buddha, he is also very shy and private person.  But he did promise me when he feels it’s the right time, he will appear on the video with me :). 

He comes up with his own kinds of workouts, he does mostly bodyweight stuff, pull-ups, variations of push-ups, jump-rope routines and I’ve seen his treadmill workout which is very cool, he runs with all kinds of twists and crazy jumps.  He doesn’t train legs, because for trapeze they need to have lighter legs, so for his legs he only runs.  They also have special workouts they do at Cirque specifically for acrobats.

He eats pretty much like me, very healthy, except he loves soda and other sugary drinks like lemonade.   He’s been better cause I’m always on his ass about it, but it’s his guilty pleasure.

He only films the videos, I edit them all.  With filming I let him do his thing, I try not to butt in, cause he knows filming better than me.  He asked me if I need help editing, but I love to do it by my self.  I think it’s very sweet of him to help me with filming, sometimes he feels very tired and needs to go to work, but he get’s up early, never complains about it and helps me all the time.  We are very happy that to do this for you guys.

I am always happy to answer all of your questions, if sometimes I don’t reply in the comments and you really need the answer, just message me on my LovingFit Facebook Page and I will always reply.




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