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One of the main mistakes that people make about loosing weight, is that they expect for it to happen over night.  The problem is when you loose weight fast, you are just loosing water weight.  What you want is to loose actual body fat not water weight. There are a lot of diets out there that promise you incredible results, such as loose one pound per day aka hCG ( wink wink, LOL ), or many other crazy sounding things.   Loosing one pound of fat per day,  is like saying you have a magic wand and fairy dust in your pocket.
I can tell you for a fact what really works in loosing body fat – using your common sense and have the will power to not give up.  It is very simple actually, you only need to know a few basic things that just make plain sense,  and you can loose body fat for good.

Here are proven natural ways for loosing weight and body fat and keeping it off.

1. Eat based on your activities

All your meals should be planned around the activities that you will be doing that day. You shouldn’t be eating like you are planning to play football if you are going to spend your day reading a book. If you are indeed going to do something very active, eat more carbs. 2:1 ratio to be exact, 2 is carbs 1 is protein. Make sure the carbs you are consuming are multi-grains, sweet potatoes, bananas etc. Don’t restrict your carbs if you are going to workout, but eat sensible. Our body is very smart, if you deprive it of things it needs, it is going to hold on to fat.

2. Drink a Gallon of Iced – Water a day

Water flushes out toxins.   Iced water speeds up your metabolism. When you drink Iced Water, your body will use more energy to warm up using extra calories. It is also very important that you drink clean water and not from the tap. Regular Filtered water is actually not that much cleaner than tap water. I have a TDS device, I measured it. So your next best choice is to buy gallons of water. It is less than a dollar. But that is how much people spend on soda, or gum, so you might as well spend it on water. A gallon of water a day is absolutely important if you want to loose fat and keep your self healthy.
Another really great tip, and I am sure you already heard of it is adding lemon to your water.

3. Eat a serving of fruit and veggies with every meal

A lot of people don’t like veggies and they are trying to find excuses not to eat them all the time. But the truth is, sometimes things that we avoid the most are the best for us. Veggies are one of those things. Eat them. Fruits of course we all love so it shouldn’t be that hard to eat them.

4. Avoid Processed Sugar

This one I can’t stress enough. Sugar it is everywhere.   Even in things that you might not think has sugar. Look at your labels, that is why they are there. So you know what you are going to put inside your temple ( you body ). If what ever you are buying has over 5 grams of sugar per serving, drop it and step away. Processed sugar is poison to your body and it feeds into your fat sells, and eats away your collagen. That also includes sugar free stuff, because when it says it’s sugar free they only mean table sugar free, but it still has sugar alcohols which is even worst.

5. Eat good fat

Coconut Oil, olive oil, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, brazil nuts, almond butter ( organic and raw ), avocado, omega 3 eggs are all good fat. You can eat them in moderation. 15 % of your daily intake should be good fat. It helps your brain to functions properly and it helps your body to release trapped body fat from your system.

6. Eat the right amount of protein

Protein is also very important.  It is part of a balanced diet. And balanced diet, is the key to loosing body fat. You should be consuming 1g of protein per 1 lb of body weight a day. Also keep it lean, stick with fish, chicken, eggs, and try to only consume lean red meat no more than once a week.

7. Exercise

That’s right! You diet is 80% of your effort, but the other 20% is exercise. If you are a beginner, begin by doing moderate cardio and strength training. At least an hour a day, 5 days a week. Once you have been exercising for at least 6 month’s at a moderate pace, you can progress to High Intensity Interval Training. And that will kick your fat to the curb in no time. HIIT had become a proven fact in loosing body fat and gaining strength. It will really give you the body you always wanted, but only if you do it properly and put in the effort. HIIT are very short in duration but they are suppose to be very intense, you have to push for the maximum effort to get results. You can do at least 3 HIIT workouts per week. But no more than that otherwise you will over train and may get injured.

8. Get your sleep

This is actually should of been the first thing I should of put on the list. Sleep deprivation will make you accumulate body fat. You should be getting 8 hours a night solid. Your body can recover and repair in 8 hours, anything less will make your hormones go out of whack and your body begins to confuse exhaustion with hunger. When you don’t sleep your feel hungry all the time and also develop craving for sugar. Not to mention your immune system doesn’t function properly. Sleep!

9. Don’t ever give up. Ever!

We all have our moments of feeling sorry for our selves, and we want to wine, and mop around complaining that we are too tired to keep going. I have that all the time. Sometimes I have those terrible days and I don’t want to do anything at all. I try to push through it, but it doesn’t always work. I would be lying if I told you that I always eat perfect and workout all the time. But if you do end up giving your self a little diet cheat, don’t beat your self up for it. Just pick it up where you left off when you are ready. It is all about ups and downs, dwelling on it will only drag you down. And the most important thing, is – believe in your self!

If you would like to ask me any questions or would like to add something to my post, leave me a comment.

Tatianna  ( PS – I know look funny  in the first picture, just though it fit the theme of my post 😛 )

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