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Today as I ran into an article on Huffington Post about hCG Diet.  When I was reading the first few sentences I thought to my self.  This looks crazy, who would ever want to try this?  This is what the article said:

” The program, which has dieters consume less than 500 calories per day, is supplemented by “daily shots of a hormone produced by pregnant women called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG).”

Wow, is it just me or this sounds like crazy pitch? 500 calories a day sounds like a slow suicide.   And the hormones produced by pregnant women?   I am wondering if you start feeling like a pregnant woman on crack while on this diet.

Some people say it actually works: ( this is one of the comments that I found on Huffington Post about this diet, it was written by Stryker00 )

I have been on the HCG diet since August 20th 2010 — I’ve lost 50 pounds. In the past I have been on the following diets: Atkins (made me sick – too much meat), Weight Watchers (very little results – even though I followed it faithfully­), Nutri System (pre-packa­ged food – bad idea; I lost 11 pounds and it cost me $1100), SouthBeach (good diet – lots of food prep time and expense), etc. The injections curve appetite but that is only part of it. This diet treats obesity like a disease – the HCG and the diet help reset the hypothalam­us and it targets trouble areas. I’ve lost over 20″ – mostly from my hips and thighs. I work out and I have been very healthy on this diet.  I have been in the medical field for 15 yrs – and I fully support this diet and I am proof it is not dangerous – you do have to have great discipline and self-contr­ol for it to truly work. I have also began eating completely organic.

Well, here is my take on it. As I say with every Diet.  No matter what the fancy way they are trying to pitch it, Diets Don’t Work!

What does work, is a proper knowledge of Nutrition Facts, as well as common sense and a good exercise regimen.   These have been the basics since we were born, no crazy diets can change that. If it worked for some people I am sure it was not for a long term.

The facts are, your body can’t survive on 500 calories a day, unless all you do is sleep.  And even then, it still can’t survive on 500 calories a day Your brain cannot survive on 500 calories a day. And if you are not pregnant then why on earth would you want to have your body full of pregnant women’s hormones.   I just hope people would realize that before they will be suffering side effects.

What did you think about my post?  Have you ever tried a crazy diet?
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  • Ally

    While you’re only consuming 500 calories a day in food, the HCG makes your body release thousands of calories worth of stored fat so you’re actually using more calories than necessary. I’ve done this diet and am about to start my 3rd round of it because, to date, it is the only thing that has kept the weight off and I exercise 6 days a week and watch what I eat anyway. I’ve lost weight before but it always comes back. This resets your body’s weight ‘set-point’ and your hypothalamus. It works. Don’t knock it till you try it.

    • Tatianna

      Hi Ally

      Check out this Article and here. Anyone eating 500 calories a day will loose weight, but the problem with diets is that they cause damage to the immune system. It might work for you now, but in the long run I am not so sure.

    • jt

      That person who had been in the “medical field”, doesn’t mean she can asses that’s a healthy thing. 500 calories is plain crazy, mixed with all the hormonal crazyness, well I can just imagine what that would do in the long run. It might work for fat loss, but healthy? Not at all. Especially if young women start a program like this, you could end up with a pituitary tumor, hyperprolactinemia, diabetis, fertility problems and whatnot for messing around with your endocrine system like that, compromising such important glands. 

      • Ohh yes, people often ask me if I recommend this diet, and I always tell them Run Run Away while you can!  It’s the craziest things they come up with these days and some people actually think of trying it, I think doctors who recommend this diet should have their license taken away.

  • sus

    That just sounds disgusting!