Twisted Pistol Kick Exercise

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Abs and Butt Exercises


This exercise will probably scare someone who is a beginner, but it doesn’t mean you should’t give it a try. You have to remember that every exercise can be modified.
Twisted Pistol Kick Exercise focuses on your glutes, quadriceps, but most importantly your abs. Make sure you are always paying attention to your form.

The Movement:

Start by bending forward and placing your hands in front of your feet on the ground, kick your left leg back in a steady movement, tighten your glutes, like this:


Abs and Butt exercises


From this position you will pull your leg through the inside into a pistol using your abs like this:


Abs and Butt exercise


Both of your hands should stay on the ground, it is a challenge to keep it there, the leg should be flexed. From this position you will drive your leg back to the starting position.


Abs and Butt Exercises


This is one rep. I do 10 – 15 reps on each side. You have to only do as many reps as your body allows you to do in a proper form. If you are loosing the form, reduce the reps.

Make sure you always warm up your full body and your joints before doing any exercise.


For Beginners:

In order to do this exercise you can bend your leg on the starting position, in the second part of the exercise take the opposite hand off the ground, this will make the movement easier to perform.

Before you can try this exercise, you should be able to do a full one leg squat. If you are unable to do a full one leg squat, you can practice with a chair by squatting only half way down.


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