Let’s Focus On Booty Workout

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Booty Workout


Happy Friday my Lovies,

I am finally bringing you a new lower body workout! As you can already tell by the title of this post, this routine is seriously going to be focused on booty. Lower body routines are actually my weakness, its always for some reason much harder for me to do than upper body, but I believe whatever seems harder, that’s what we should focus on.


For all the newbies to Loving Fit

If you are new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using a bit more equipment than usual. I was using a pair of dumbbells ( 12.5 lbs each ), a sandbag 25 lbs, a balance ball and my Gymboss Timer. This routine comes in 3 parts, part 1 and part 3 are done for time, so they will be as long as it takes you without sacrificing your form, and part 2 was 5 minutes long.

Prior to starting my workout I did 100 sandbag weighted bridges ( 25 lbs ), I also finished this routine with 100 sandbag weighted bridges ( that was fun 🙂 ). I’ve been doing that with all of my lower body workouts lately, but I’ve been changing the reps or weight from time to time so my body doesn’t get used to it.


Part 1

Set your Gymboss Timer as a stopwatch. There are 2 exercises, 3 rounds total, in this sequence:

  • Weighted Knee Touch Back Lunge & Knee Up – 16 reps ( Right Leg )
  • One Leg Bridge on a Balance Ball – 15 reps ( Right Leg )
  • Weighted Knee Touch Back Lunge & Knee Up – 16 reps ( Left Leg )
  • One Leg Bridge on a Balance Ball – 15 reps ( Left Leg )


Part 2

This part is Interval Training but there is no break, you will switch between an isometric thrust hold to regular thrust hold ( I also call it a bridge on a balance ball )

Set your Gymboss Timer for two intervals of 30 second, for the total of 5 rounds. Or you can also set your timer for 1 interval of 30 seconds and 10 rounds.

  • Isometric Thrust Hold
  • Hip Thrust


Part 3

This part is also for time, so set your Gymboss Timeras a stopwatch. DO NOT ROUND YOUR BACK TRYING TO HURRY UP, THIS IS NOT A MARATHON!

  • Side Jump Lunge & Bag Clean Back Lunge Combo – 60 reps ( each 3 side jump lunges and bag clean lunge, counts as 1 rep ). Yep, I went there 🙂


My time:

Part 1 – 13:55 ( I’m sure you guys can beat me, I was really struggling this workout )

Part 3 – 14:34


After this routine I completed 100 reps of weighted bridges. 


Have a wonderful weekend Lovies and have fun with this routine!



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  • Part 2 with no breaks looks tough…booty is going to feel the pain. 🙂

    • Mine is in lot’s of pain right now :), it is much much harder than it looks.

  • oberlee

    Wow, this looks good ‘n tough!!! Ill do it Sunday. 🙂

    • Let me know how you did 🙂

  • niceeeeee ive been missing having new upper and lower body workouts! they are my fave! i think ill do this one on sunday! 😀 .. last part will probably be the most challenging for me, i have a hard time with cleans! :O

    • Next week is new upper body :), then I want to do a booty challenge for 10 days.

      • yessss booty challenge!!! 😀 i need to work on that

  • TerpsichoreMoon

    Just the workout I need after viewing my buns in my new swimsuit bottoms (as I silently scream with horror). Curse my aged post-babies boo-hoo-hoo-tay :'(

    Love ya Tati! Thank you so much for your amazing workouts!

    • Thank you for your support sweetie 🙂

      Don’t be so hard on your self, it’s easier to achieve your goals when we allow our self to not be perfect.

      • TerpsichoreMoon

        Oh no worries. I may not like all my imperfections, but I do accept them or continuously work to accept them, which is where wonderful online trainers like you come in! I forget that the written word doesn’t always read the way it was intended. I was actually partly poking fun at myself and partly dismayed, but as I review the previous post I see that it doesn’t read that way at all. Nevertheless, your words are a warm hug. xoxo

  • My lower body in on Monday!!! Can’t wait to try this one… Sunday is upper 🙂

    • After this routine I’m taking 2 days off, really hard one.

      • OMG definitely can’t wait! Yesterday I start eating shrimps and fish 😀 and I’m feeling great! Don’t know if you remember, I was vegetarian and I was feeling that I need sometihing else… You advices helped me sooo much, no more cheese and milk and I just feel different and great! No bloated and I start seeing that belly fat disappear 😀

        Love lovingfit! Thank you Tati!!!

  • I did it yesterday and i loveeeeed it!! I was full of energy and enjoyed every minute of it! Plus the fact that it didnt have alot of jumping made it alot more enjoyable (that doesnt mean it was easier)

    i warmed up with 100 bodyweight bridges (2:41 min)

    part 1: i used 40 lbs sandbag and it took me 13 min
    part 2: i did an average of 13 hip thrusts .. this part really burned my quaaaads, i didnt expect that! btw since i dont have a balance ball i did it on a chair.
    part 3: i divided it into sets of 10 to make it easier mentally, in the first round i used 30 lbs and then i realized it was too heavy for me to do the cleans in a perfect form so i lowered it to 20 lbs. it too me 15:39 min

    i cooled down with 100 bodyweight bridges and 100 calves raises (50 shoulder width, 50 hip width) with 20 lbs.

    today my quads and butt are pretty sore, my arms feel a little bit sore too. Thanks!!!

    *its been 24 hrs since i did it and my whole body is sore, especially my biceps!! i was gonna do an upper body workout today but i decided to take a rest day 🙂

  • Shanna

    Did it Friday and man does my butt and sides and thighs love me:) but it is hard to pee…anyways my time for part 1 is 11:02 with 2 10lb dumbbells and part 3 was 11:47 I didn’t time my bridges though… thank you darlin, you are awesome!

  • oberlee

    I’m about to do this…I’m soooo scared! 😀

  • oberlee

    THIS WAS GREAT!!! I loved this workout, Tatianna! And it wasn’t too bad, but maybe that’s because I *love* lower body routines, unlike you, LOL. I really loved the first exercise, though on the last few reps of the last round, I felt some lower knee/upper femur pain. I’m sure it was just a result of some bad form on my part, so LISTEN TO TATI AND PRACTICE GOOD FORM, people!!! 🙂

    I used two 20lb weights for part 1, and my 35lb sandbag for part 3. The weight was more than you used, but definitely do-able. I used my 35lb sandbag for the first 100 bridges, but for the last 100 I dropped down to a 20lb dumbbell. 🙂

    part 1: 16:32
    part 3: 16:59

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  • DONE! Sooo good! I’m going to feel my butt all day long! And tomorrow for sure. With 5 kios dumbells x2 13:26 and 15/14 kilos sand bag for part 3 14:37 and the bridges weighted too… Thne my freaking 20 min of HIIT today was long… Tomow I’m going to take it easy, just for fan, some HIIT for cardio and abs…

    Thank you Tati!!

  • perla

    So excited…. doing this one today!!!!! 🙂 thanks Beautiful Tati!!!

  • denisehendrickx

    Did this one yesterday ! Thank you for the nice burn I feel today in my glutes/thighs. I did part 1 and 3 and that was long enough for me !

  • Dorcas Toledo

    This was an awesome workout, loved it, even though i struggled. My husband decided to join me and ha! couldn’t even finish it. Love you Tatiana for all your effort and dedication, my inspiration is your perfect body…

  • Mary Lou

    This was a fun start after rest week! My 8 year old wrote down my numbers from me on part 2 because 92 degrees at 8am makes for lots of sweat! Used 2 – 10 lbrs on part one and started with a 20 lb-not-so-manageable-bag on part 3 and switched to a 10 lb db after 30 reps. 16:01 and 15:51.

  • KirryKaatje

    Great workout! My time on part 1 was 18:14. Did part two as well, but swapped part 3 with 3x 5 deadlifts. Sumo and regular. Added 5 min of jumping rope and done! Have a great day!

    ps; part two was hell btw, haha!

  • KirryKaatje

    Oh my god, Tati. I’m so sore today. My butt is killing me..in a nice way. 😀

  • Gosh, what a routine to come back to…my booty is jellie.
    Warm up:Basic warm up rotuine, 4 round of 1 minute elevated plank on a med ball, then 50 reps 25lbs weighted bridge with a 2 sec hold at the top.
    Part 1: 18:13 (10lbs dumbbell)
    Part 3: 15:42 (25lbs sandbag)
    Finisher: Isometric bridge hold 10 rounds of 10 sec / 30 sec.
    Cool down & stretching : 10 minutes.

  • ltwin

    Privetik dorogaya moya!
    Ya sdelala etot Workout w4era.. OMG.. ne mogu sidety ;))
    Spasibo za wsyo wsyp 4to ti dlya nas delaesh!
    Thank you very very much my dear Tatianna, send you positive energy back!

  • I did this workout a little over a week ago and never posted my scores. So here they are. I only used 2 8lb dumbbells for the weighted exercises.
    Part1: 13 min 26 sec
    Part2: averaged 18-20
    Part3: 9 min 2 sec (no weight used…my knee was in the way so I couldn’t properly pick up my weights and ditched them after 10 reps)

    Oh and my bum hurt so much the next 2 days. haha

  • Warm up: 10 minutes

    Pre-workout challenge: 20 sec /20 sec no break interval of 20lbs sand bag isometric back lunges (back leg is straight…weight is on front leg.)

    Part 1: 3 round …13:05 used 10lbs set of DB.
    Part 3: 35lbs sand bag…15:56.

    Post-workout challenge: 10 minutes count down. I completed 4 rounds, 20 reps BWT and 4 reps bag swing.
    1. Body weight thrust on a balance ball 20 reps.
    2. Bag swing 20 reps (25lbs KB.)

    Stretching: 10 minutes.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    nice wo:)) used 2 x 20 lb for part one, 12:52 and 32 lb for part three, 10:14

  • Lucia

    Part 1: 2 x 10 lb weights – 19:55. Part 3: 1x 10 lbs weight – 16:06

  • Michelle_G

    wow, I loved this workout!!! Think it was my favorite lower body workout of yours.

    I used 15lb dumbbells for part 1 and a 25lb sandbag

    First 100 weighted bridges took 5:27

    Part 1: 16:45
    Part 3: 13:33

    last set of weighted bridges took 6:08

    Cant wait to redo this one.

    • Michelle_G

      Redid this one, my times were longer for everything, but hopefully my form has improved, 🙂

      First weighted bridges – 5:48
      Part 1: 16:51 with 15lb dumbbells
      part 3: 14:48 with a 30 Lb sandbag (just realized I only used 25lbs last time, so yay me)

      last set of bridges – 6:05

  • Olga Tihencaia

    part1 16:30
    part2 16:51


  • oberlee

    I did this again last night! I only have kettlebells, so I used 2x20lb kettlebells for parts 1 and 3. I skipped part 2 because I was limited on time. Great workout!!! I got about 12 min on part 1 and 15 on part 2. 🙂 <3