Dark Cherrie Protein Bars Reci...

Jan 2, 2012 by

I have another amazing recipe I came up with for healthy protein bars at home. I made these a few days ago and was going to post it, but then I decided to wait until the first day of the 2012, to start this year out with a good recipe.
I completely stopped buying protein bars from stores except of course Larabars, which seems the only bars I could find without any artificial ingredients or preservatives or processed sugar. But still, even with those bars, who knows how long they have been laying in the store, weeks probably, and I love my food fresh.

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Light & Healthy Gourmet S...

Dec 27, 2011 by

I have a really good and healthy recipe for you, it’s super easy ( as always ) to make and only has a few ingredients. This would be a perfect gourmet salad on the go. I didn’t add any meat on it but if you like you can add lean chicken breast. But even without it, it has plenty of protein as well as good fat.

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Protein Energy Cookies Recipe

Dec 23, 2011 by

It seems that no matter where I go ( unless it’s a health food store ), I can’t find great energy bars that have no preservatives and have a lot of protein. So far my favorite health bars are Larabars ( they are preservative free but they don’t as much protein as I like ), and I also love Clif Kid bars ( these give you great energy, but they are loaded with sugar and also don’t have much protein ). So I decided to make my own, this way I know all of the ingredients are good for me, they are preservative free, have no added sugar and are loaded with protein, not to mention taste great.

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Fat Burning Power Smoothie Rec...

Nov 21, 2011 by

I have been making this incredible smoothie with all the power ingredients I could find and let me tell you this one is a keeper. If one drinks this every day, not only will you be able to cleans out your body, but you will be a fat burning machine! This smoothie is a perfect treat for breakfast and it will leave you very full, you can also drink this for a power kick an hour before your workout routine.

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Russian Recipe – Salad E...

Oct 18, 2011 by

I wanted to start sharing some Russian recipes. The food in Russia is very rich, so I always have to change the recipe to make it healthier. Most of the salads we make in Russia are very different from the salads people make in US. Here in US when we think of salads we think of green leafy veggies and a dressing. In Russia we make some salads with green leafy veggies but we layer them instead of mixing it we other ingredients.

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Russian Recipe Pumpkin Dessert

Oct 2, 2011 by

The other day I was talking to my friend and she recommended I try her grandmother’s recipe. There is only a few ingredients and you won’t be slaving by the stove all day ( my kind of recipe ;), it is very simple to make and it’s wont spoil your healthy eating. The only hard time I was having is taking the skin off the pumpkin and then shredding it, which made a mess, but end result was totally worth it.

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