Dark Cherrie Protein Bars Recipe

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Healthy Protein Bars Recipe


I have another amazing recipe I came up with for healthy protein bars at home. I made these a few days ago and was going to post it, but then I decided to wait until the first day of the 2012, to start  this year out with a good recipe.

I completely stopped buying protein bars from stores except of course Larabars, which seems the only bars I could find without any artificial ingredients or preservatives or processed sugar. But still, even with those bars, who knows how long they have been laying in the store, weeks probably, and I love my food fresh.  This is why I love making my protein bars at home, and eat them within a few days.

In our modern world we seem to have lost the tradition of cooking everything at home from scratch, such as breads, pies, cookies, etc.,  because we got lazy and everything now comes in a ready package, but it is definitely costing us our health.  I noticed if I tell someone that I make my own bread at home, they look at me like I’m insane, like why on earth would I make something my self and not buy it pre-packaged?  Simple, because I love fresh food!  And once you start eating fresh food all the time, you completely loose the taste for packaged food.  Now here is a great recipe for delicious and good for you protein bars!

The dough for these protein bars is almost the same as the protein energy cookies recipe I made last week.


The Ingredients:

Old Fashioned Oats ( this is the only kind of oats you should purchase, don’t buy the quick 1 minutes oats because they are heavily processed ). – 1 cup

  • Raw Almonds – 1 cup
  • Flax seeds – a handfull
  • 2 Organic Eggs
  • 2 Large Organic Apples
  • Frozen Dark Cherries – I used half of package, but I think I should of used the whole thing.
  • Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate – 2 scoops
  • Cashew Nuts – 2 handfulls


On the picture I also have Almond Milk but I didn’t end up using any.


Healthy Protein Bars Recipe


To make the flower mix the oats, raw almonds and flax seeds in the blender.


Healthy Protein Bars Recipe


Shred the apples in a shredder and crush the cashews, I just use my hand to crush the cashews. Add all of the ingredients into the mixing bowl.


Healthy Protein Bars Recipe


Now, mix everything very well with your hands, until you made the dough.


Healthy Protein Bars Recipe


Take it out of the bowl and spread it on a baking pan, I also use a baking sheet.


Healthy Protein Bars Recipe


Pre-heat your stove for 350 degrees. Bake for 30-35 minutes, take it out and let it cool off. Cut it into the bar shapes and enjoy it with a glass of Unsweetened Almond Milk in the morning, or whenever you like :).


Healthy Protein Bars Recipe


Stay Healthy :),




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