HIIT Bikini Ready Body Workout – Lower Body Routine

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Hi, Everyone

I am here to bring you another butt kicking lower body workout. This workout was divided into 4 parts. The part is focused on legs, the second part is focused only on booty, the third part is focused on legs and booty and the last and final part is card and calves. Of course I don’t have to remind you that we are also using our core in every single exercise so make sure you stay tuned after the workout to watch the recap where I go over the proper form as well as beginner variations.

First things firs – Warm-up. Before we begin to train we have to activate our muscles. Did you know that without a proper warm-up our muscle cannot work to their full potential? If you didn’t then you do now :). So make sure you warm-up those muscles, joints and placing a special attention to knees and back. If you hear the cracking noise in your knees, then you should keep warming up.

In this workout I was using my Gymboss Max timer, a pair of dumbbells ( 10 lbs each ), 40 lbs Versa Fit Bag from Power Systems and of course a proper form ;). ( I updated the Proper Form post, so make sure you give that a looksie ).



Workout Explanation

This workout was only 24 minutes long, so make sure you do your additional moderate cardio to get your full 30 min of training. Go for a walk if you like but keep moving.


Part 1 – Legs

Set your timer for 2 intervals. FIrst interval is your rest 15 sec and 2nd interval is 45 seconds your maximum effort, for the total of 6 rounds. There is only one exercise in this part which you will repeat for the total of 6 rounds.

  • Weighted Walking Squats


Part 2 – Booty

Your timer stays the same. This part has has 2 exercises and they are both for your butt. I chose the lighter weight for the first exercise because there is 2 exercises in row for the same muscle group, so the second exercise is bodyweight and it’s exactly what you will need to keep the burn going. You will go through both exercises for the total of 3 rounds.

  • Dumbbell Swing
  • Tippe Toe Bridge ( you will also get a tiny work out of your calves here )


Part 3 – Legs and Booty – Bam!

Your timer stays the same. There is only one exercise and you will switch side for each interval. There will also be 3 rounds per side.

  • Side Lunge & Knee Up


Part 4 – Cardio & Calves

Your timer stays the same. There is only 2 exercises and you will go through each exercise 3 times. Make sure you really pay attention on how I did the first exercise ( watch Workout Recap ).

  • Power Jump Rope Jacks ( not a regular jump rope jack )
  • Weighted Calf Raises


Have Fun!


PS – I will update later with my scores, cause I have to go count them on the video, I find this method a bit more practical then rushing to write them down :).



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  • Deyapretty

    It’s really interesting, thanks!
    How long does it take for someone to see the results?

    • Hi there, 

      With healthy way of eating and 4 times a week of working out, you will actually start seeing results the first week.  But when you workout, make sure you are using your full potential when it comes to intensity, give it your all! 

      • You re great dear Tati . I love  listening to your healthy deep breath sounds

        • I am working out, I try my best not to breathe around like crazy but sometimes I just can’t help it.

      • Deyapretty

        Yay! I will 😀
        I’d like to have Shakira’s butt (or something very similar to it). Do you think it’s possible in less than 1 month? 
        Here’s the picture of her in bikini:

        And do you have any tricks against cellulite? It’s really depressing :'(

        • Hi there, 

          Cellulite is mainly caused by diet, mainly sugar and not enough water, it can also be caused by too much estrogen in your body, overbalance of estrogen is cause by consuming soy products.  Besides for diet my favorite thing against cellulite is dry skin brushing, it increases the circulation and helps to break down fat deposits. 

          • Deyapretty

             Oh noooo! 🙁   I love soy milk. I thought it was healthy 🙁
            Can sport help removing cellulite? I don’t consume too much sugar, but… I don’t drink enough. Even when I’m a bit thirsty I don’t drink :/

          • Well soy milk is definitely not so good unless you are in your 40’s then it’s good.  Have you tried unsweetened almond milk?  I think it tastes better then soy.  It’s very hard to remove cellulite with exercise alone, because it is caused by diet, that’s why the right nutrition is so important.  You definitely have to drink lot’s of water, I sometimes drink 3 liters a day.

          • Deyapretty

             I think it’s going to be hard finding almond milk that contains no sugar :/  How about soy sauce? Is that bad as well?

            So the right nutrition is 1 portion of Carbohydrates + 1 portion of proteins + 2 portions of vegetables at each meal? Or how does it work?

            Defenitely I need to drink more!

          • Ok, you can definitely find unsweetened almond milk, I always buy that kind.  If you can’t find it you can always make it your self.  Do you have a blender?

            With nutrition it works like this:  1-2-3.  1 stand for Fat.  2 Stands for Protein.  3 stands for Carbohydrates.  This is what your plate should always look like.  Fat should be the least, protein should always be the size of your palm, and carbs of course is veggies and whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, amaranth, buck wheat etc.  ( no white rice ).  You can have soy souse once in a while the low sodium, but because it contains so much salt it can make you bloated.  

            For dinner the cars that are the best are raw veggies, because you don’t want to eat too heavy in the evening.

  • AlishisPhillips

    I did this workout and thought it was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed every movement, even the Power Jump Rope.  That was a killer, but it was a fun one.  I was making all sorts of crazy faces trying to get a good power movement out of me.  Here’s my scores:

    Walking Squat: 17    16    16    18    14    14Dumbbell Swing: 22    22    24Tip Toe Bridge:  16    15    17Side Lunge Knee up: 9    10    12    11    12 (for some reason, I get very uncoordinated during this movement.)Power Jump Rope:  50    44    52 (I Counted each jump as one rep, and this about did me in)Weighted Calf Raise: 14    17    14

    Then I took my dog for a jog, came home and had a nice stretch.  Ahhhh….

    • Ahhh a nice jog and a stretch sounds so relaxing :).  Side lunge knee up requires a bit of balance, but yo u will get it with time, make sure you are using your abs to hold the knee up.

      • AlishisPhillips

        Between balancing with the weight in my bag and then holding my knee up, I really did feel it in my abs. Pretty cool stuff. The stretching afterwards was magical. Totally relaxing 🙂

        • Have you tried the full body stretching routine I posted? It’s in real time.  I love to do one of those once and sometimes twice a week, it’s just wonderful and your body will really thank you for it.  I always light up candles and incense, then put on some super relaxing music and AHHHh I’m in heaven 🙂

          • AlishisPhillips

            That’s actually what I used to stretch, your routine that you posted. I have never stretched out my toes before 🙂

          • I love toe stretches, when I use to do aerial tissue I had to stretch the toes every single day for 10-15 minutes, sometimes I get sore in the front of my feet, it’s great to stretch every single part of the body 🙂

  • Kane

    I love your lower body workouts, Tatianna! They flow so well.

    I also love those ’80s hair metal pants. Motley Crue!!! 

    • Ha Ha Ha :), I love wearing crazy pants!  Did you see the pants I was wearing in Surfer Booty Lift Workout?  I thought they were so funny that if I put them on some people will get a crack out out of it – 
      http://www.lovingfit.com/exercises-workouts/surfer-booty-lift-workout/  One leg is stripes and the other were polkadots, I call them my clown pants 🙂

      • Kane

        Tatianna, you can wear pretty much anything and make it work. You must have an enormous closet in order to have enough outfits for all these videos. I own exactly 2 pairs of athletic shorts. No videos from me anytime soon!

        • Ha Ha Ha C’mon Kane I’d love to see a video of you :).  I need to get more shorts as well, I have a few from my circus days, but they are way too short and tight for me to wear in the videos.  

          I always shop on ebay and I find some crazy deals there, that helps me to add to my video closet.  I just got another pair of fun pants, have to figure out how I’m gonna pull them off :), but I always laugh at my self cause I’m sure people are laughing with me LOL – adds to our fitness ;).

  • taltul73

    good morning, so i wake up this morning 24 hours after i did this workout, i squatting down to my baby girl… and my legs…. WOW, i can still feel them. Thank you 😉
    part 1: 19-19-18-15-15-15
    part 2: swing 25-22-25    bridge 30-30-31
    part 3: 15-14-14   14-14-15
    part 4 32-27


    Thank you so much 


    • Good morning sweetie :),

      We will be filming a new one tomorrow 🙂

  • Tough cookie


    I had a pretty good workout. 

    Part 1 : 19-17-18-18-19-18

    Part 2 : 24-23-24-26-25-25

    Part 3 : 16-171/2-161/2-17-17-18

    Part 4 : 23-21-23 (calves only, did not count the cardio)

    thank you.  I look forward to the next one!

    • Hi Tough Cookie :), I keep forgetting to post my scores, every time I walk away from the computer I’s gone from my head.  We just shot new upper body routine, will be posted tonight 🙂

  • WorkItOutYourself

    I did this one today with some modifications and a little bonus at the end. I too love your crazy pants, I wish I knew what brand they were and where you found them :).
    Thank you for another great workout !

    • Hey Work It 🙂

      I’m not so sure about the brand of these pants, I always shop on Ebay, that’s where I find all these crazy pants.   I just type in women’s leggings and it gives me whole bunch of crazy pants first. 

  • Anastasia

    Hey Tatianna,
    Did this workout this morning- was dripping wet! Made some modification though- instead of Power jump rope jacks did 1 round of squat jumps and 2 rounds of high knees.
    I ordered also the hairproducts you were talking about in your “Secrets to healthy hair” post. Can’t wait to try them! I couldn’t find them here in Europe, so it was quite expensive to order them from USA.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • Hi Anastasia,

      I love your choice of modifications 🙂 – NICE!

      You are absolutely gonna love WEN products, I’ve been using them now 2.5 – 3 years, have’t been back to shampoo ever since.  Make sure you rinse your scalp very well with water before applying wen, then when you rinse it out, also make sure you rise it out very well.  After you’re done rinsing, squeeze out excess water and apply just a little bit of wen as a leave inn conditioner, it’s just amazing stuff 🙂

  • Vivi

    Crap. I did the side lunge exercise differently than instructed. Boohoo.:( I did a side lunge and knee up on the same leg. Not sure if that translates in written form to seem different, but it was.
    1) 10-10-10-9-9-8 Counted the two squats left as 1 rep and two squats right as 1 rep. 40lb sandbag.
    2) Swings with 25lb sandbag 26-27-27
        Bridges 28-30-24
    3) 13-13-13-13-13-14 40lb sandbag
    4) Power Jump Jacks 80-82-82 Counted 1 rep for each time feet hit the floor.
        Calf Raises 24-26-26 40lb sandbag.
    Those bridges really made my butt burn. Gonna be sore tomorrow! Thanks Tatianna!!!

    • sedindriuke

      Vivi , maybe you are the same VIVI from France? from Bodyrock? 🙂

      • Vivi

         ‘Tis not me! But I have seen her posts there and thought it might be mine. Hahaha. You know how your eye is drawn to the familiar??

    • Welcome sweetie 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Did this tonight! Great workout. Started with Week 3, Day 3 of EVIL ABS! And I can almost do the entire 10 in a row! Getting easier!

    For this, I used a 35lb sandbag and two 10lb dumbbells for the swing. I am using my vibram fivefingers to work out in, so for the power jump jacks I didn’t quite kick my butt with my feet like I usually do because I was afraid the impact would be too much, plus I wore them all day. But I have to say, they were easier in a way.

    part 1:
    weighted walking squats: 19-19-18-17-16-16
    part 2:
    db swing: 30-30-29
    tippy toe bridge: 33-36-32
    part 3:
    weighted side lunge knee up L: 10-12-14
    weighted side lunge knee up R: 12-14-14
    part 4:

    power jump jacks: 37-34-30
    calf raises: 21-22-22

    I didn’t do cardio afterward because I did the abs beforehand, plus I went for a nice hour-long walk today. It felt right to leave it at that!

    Happy Sunday night to everyone!

  • Warm up: 10mins; Good Posture Challenge; R&FB 100 reps bridges
    My score:
    Part 1:
    20–17-18-16-16-18 (30lb bag)
    Part 2:
    19-19-15 (8lb set of DB)
    Part 3:
    14-12-13 (30lb bag Right leg)
    15-14-12 (30lb bag Left leg)
    Part 4:
    17-15-14 (did jump tuck)

    Completed second part of R&FB Challenge, followed with 10 minutes of high knees inituitive challenge. I was only able to do a 5 minutes stretch today.

  • OMG the second and fourth part are brutal, I can feel my butt and calves sore already! You are a genious Tati!

  • Loved this workout!! Thank you Tati, I did a real bad job on taking note of my reps, I truly was so concentrated on doing the exercises to the best form. oh well, next time! I am on second week of Bum and thighs of Steel challenge, so I did that after it and also Abs & Slimmer legs tighter booty workout and the abs challenge! wow, very long workout to me today, I did also stretch because my legs are already killing me hahaha!