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Frequency Of Love


Hello My Lovies,

I’m finally back with another Upper Body Workout and a little chat :). I’ve only done a couple of talking vlogs, usually I do talking vlogs for my Russian viewers on YouTube because they request it all the time. I wanted to do one for you guys as well because I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you guys.

If you follow my blog, you know that I promote not only training your body, but I’m also a very spiritual person and I believe that training your mind and your thoughts is even more important. Not only because you will reach your training goals at the speed of light, but if you chose your thoughts carefully, it will help you to improve your life overall in any situation.

Our body cannot exist without our mind, so you can see how it wouldn’t make sense to just train your body without your thoughts matching up to what you’re doing physically.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because I get a lot of letters, with people telling me how they do everything right ( on a physical level that is ), yet all they do is repeat over and over how difficult it is for them to reach their goals, how hard it is for them to lose weight, how it’s always been this hard and how unfair it is.

In this world, we live by several Universal Laws, one of those laws is the Law Of Attraction, but the way it works is this: The Law Of Attraction will attract everything into your life that you think about and focus on the most, so if mostly what you think about is how difficult things are, guess what :), that’s exactly what you will attract.

But the good news is, any of us can change our reality if we only choose what we think about and focus. I am personally a living proof of this, I’ve changed so many things in my life, and some of them seemed impossible and unrealistic to change, most people around me told me that I was crazy and all this law of attraction thing is just a wishful thinking, well, I’ve proved everyone wrong and my life right now is exactly the life that I consciously created. Β And my recent experience that I’ve shared with you in the video was part of that creation.

Now, I live a completely different life than I lived before, now I live in full awareness of my reality, I’m in awareness of my thoughts, my situations and everything that surrounds me, it took some work and I’m still working on my self daily, but my life is completely different because now I know that I am the Creator of my own reality.

And now I would like to present you with the newest workout:

If you are new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch



Workout Explanation


All I was using in this routine took me about 25 minutes to complete. All I was using in this workout was my Pull-Up bar, 2 furniture sliders ( you can find them in a regular store or ebay or amazing for just a few dollars ), I was also using my new deep blue Gymboss Timer.

This workout is in 3 parts, first part is done for Proper Form and Time ( not to be in a rush ), second part is only 2 minutes long, and third part is only 10 minutes with a tail.

Part 1

Set your Β TimerΒ  as a stopwatch. There will be 20 rounds of the following Combo. At the end of all your reps, you will complete a Bonus of 60 Crabs.

  • 3 One Leg Shoulder Press – ( all this counts as 1 round ) – complete 20

After you’ve completed all 20, you can either stop your timer or not ( I didn’t ) – Complete 60 Crabs


Part 2

Set your Β Timer for 1 interval of 2 minutes. There is only 1 exercise and you have to do as many as you can in Proper Form without rushing. You’re really gonna love this one πŸ™‚

  • Sliding Stretching Spiderman Push-Ups


Part 3

Set your Timer to count down 1 interval of 10 minutes. There is another combo, after you’ve completed as many rounds of this combo as you can, there is one more bonus of 60 Crabs.

  • 1 Unassisted Pull-Up & 3 Push-Back Push-ups

After you’ve completed it, and your timer beeped, complete 60 Crabs.

( the goal of the last part is for you to keep going without taking a break or getting to tired to do Unassisted pull-ups, this type of training will also help you to gain strength. If you feel like you can do 2, 3, 4 unassisted pull-ups and keep going each round without stopping or taking breaks, then do so. )


My Time:

I’ve completed the first part of this routine in 10 minutes and 8 seconds.

Second part I ended up doing 19 Sliding Stretching Spiderman Push-ups

Third part I finished with 22 rounds of The Pull-up and Push Back Push-ups Combo

Have Fun My Lovies, I can’t wait for your feedback πŸ™‚



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  • You look so pretty!

  • yesterday I just saw that push-back push-up in another video and thought it will be a nice new move to try and comes you WO with it. I am so happy to try this movement with your new upper body routine. And you look gorgeous. I think it’s the snow that gave you that glow lol

    • Thank you Martine :), yes the snow made me feel so happy!

  • Tati, you are sooooooo inspirational. Your positivity radiates when you spill you thoughts to us. I like to think of myself as a spiritual being, but still learning to put it all into place. Similar to your personal problems years ago I suffer from depression and anxiety. In my desire to get pregnant I wanted to try to remove myself from all medication ( I was in a really good place so I thought with the support of my doctor anything is possible). Unfortunately as my dosage decreased obsessive, paranoid thoughts would creep into my head making the simplest things in our everyday life a great challenge. I also started to lose weight which in turn caused some gall bladder issues although nothing which was serious (thank goodness). With great resistance I went back onto my full dosage of medication and I am feeling a lot better although I am still experiencing some depression. I went to my doctor asking him why I wasn’t ovulating since I was trying to conceive. He asked me what was going on in my life right now, my mood etc. He simply stated you are experiencing some depression and will not ovulate until this goes away. It’s amazing how our bodies are so in tune with our mind and I guess it’s a survival thing. If I were to get pregnant while mentally unstable, how could we be sure it wouldn’t get worse and I wouldn’t eat enough or not experience post pardom blues after giving birth. I am really trying to put in place your way of thinking because in essence as you mentioned today this is truly the only way I will have the life I want and get pregnant.
    If you ever write a book Tati, I will be first in line to buy it:) Thanks for being so much more than a fitness trainer but a life trainer too!!!!

    • Hi Kristen,

      I think in the future I would love to write a “Life Book”, where I would mix everything life related, mind, body and spirit.

      Each of us have a journey that we’ve already chosen for our selves before we were born, of course there are many different outcomes for our future, but we are in control of which one it’s gonna be.

      Don’t try to force your self to change things in your life, let them happen naturally. When I stopped taking medication, I was ready for it. I tried several times before without success, it’s because I was forcing my self to stop. When I stopped resisting, I let the natural flow of life enter me, and when I did finally quit my medication I was in a complete non resisting phase, it just happened naturally and I didn’t suffer to much, it just felt right. Your time will come as well, just let it happen naturally when it’s supposed to. You will feel it when this time will come. Just having the intention is already a big step.

      Remember that you are in control, there is nothing outside of your self that can stop you from reaching your dream state of being and life.

    • Guest

      Kristen, I just want to add one thing about medication from my experience. Personally, I struggled with taking medication at first because I was ashamed of being on it, for needing it…it was like wow you’re so crazy. It took almost 2 years of suffering and refusing to come to terms with the illness, now that was the real craziness.
      Once I started seeing taking the meds as not a weakness but as me reclaiming my power to get better…I knew victory was around the corner. The meds gave me the head space to start the real work on myself. Though in the beginning the goal was not to stop the medications, I’ve been off them for 11 years.
      So, give yourself a break and be gentle with youself as you work on yourself at this time. Take care!

    • denisehendrickx

      Hi Kristen If you don’t feel comfortable taking chemical med’s there’s always herbs that work magnifent for depression. it works well on my patients!

  • Thanks for the words Tati, they really hit me.

    I’ve known for some time about the law of attraction but hadn’t really taken it seriously.

    I can give an example that just happened recently to me. On sunday there was a family lunch at my house and my little cousin came and she was sick, she had vomit and continued the days after. Anyway, i have a HUGE fear of throwing up (even though once a year my stomach gets sick and vomit, i still fear it).. so the first thought that came to my mind was “oh no, shes going to infect me”, and i thought about it many times during that day, even though i didnt really think so… but well guess what, 2 days after i started feeling terrible during the morning and threw up hours after lunch….. Now its been 3 days and my stomach still feels a little weird. sooooo, i cant really tell for sure if the law of attraction was the cause but i think it definitely influenced. (that day of the family lunch i also ate like a pig lots of unhealthy food, lasagna, ice cream, cake and 1 small jar of nutella, this almost never happens to me, but i didnt felt bad the day after, i even worked out) .. Im slowing starting to realize my mind has a huge power, which i need to control better.

    Thanks again tati, oh and im definitely trying this workout after i get better! i need to resttttttttttt

    • Hey Isidora :),

      Yes, that which we think about the most is what we attract. The law of attraction works in one way, it attracts everything we place our focus on for a period of time. If we monitor our thoughts, and we can do that by listening to our emotions, we can change and shift any aspect of our lives.

  • oberlee

    I love this post, Tati. Love this VLOG, and I agree 1000%. Been trying very consciously with LOA the last week especially. One thing I’ve found is that if you’re in a very low emotional state, sometimes switching it to something positive feels too uncomfortable, or phony, even. But what helps is to just STOP the negative thoughts, and eventually, you get sucked back in your natural way of being, which is joyous. It takes a little work because we get into habits of thinking that reality is…well, reality, but the only reality we should put our focus on is vibrational reality, which we can access with our thoughts and emotions.

    I’m so happy you made a VLOG for us! I’m always so jealous when I see the vlogs in Russian! But it’s good incentive for me to learn your native language!! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you sweetie :), you are always so supportive :))

      You know one thing with feelings and emotions in general is that they tell us how in tune or out of tune we are with our goals, our real goals. If one feels negative it’s usually caused by a thought, we have to catch our selves and figure out which thought caused it, then correct the thought. It becomes easier with time. If we feel positive and joyful, that means we are in tune and going into the direction of the life flow, which is a natural direction for all beings. I want to do move of these vlogs before my workouts. There is so much that I know I have to share, things that I keep discovering within the layers and beyond of my mind are definitely meant to be shared.

  • TessuCroft

    You look so beautiful in this video! And, I love vlogs, keep them coming. =D You know, I drink my coffee and see the snow and the forrest every single morning. It is so funny and refreshing how different the world is. Although, we are going towards spring, so in some point, the snow will begin to melt. =D I love this time of the year, it can still be cold, but the day is so much longer, and the sun is so bright and it actually warms up a bit; I look like Pacman with my big smile. =D

    The workout looks fun; I wish I had a pull-up bar. Maybe IΒ΄ll modify somehow. =D

    Have a nice weekend, Tati!

    • Yes I will make more of these vlogs πŸ™‚

      You’re so lucky to have the forest and the snow πŸ™‚

  • Thank you Tati, this almost brought tears to my eyes. I am not a spiritual person at all, but I DO believe that there is something greater than us. And it is not necessarily God or anything like that, it may be the power of thought, a power of will, a power of mind. Last year I was under a lot of emotional pressure, chronic stress, a lot happened in my life over the past two years (good and bad, but mostly the good) and just yesterday we were in the bathtub and I was thinking aloud, saying: “Did you ever realized how tiny things in life lead us to a huge things? Imagine that I would leave my husband a year earlier than I did. We would never meet! We were both on the right place in the right time, I ended a 7 year marriage, you left your hometown after 26 years of your life and we both moved from different ends of our country only to meet here and connect with each other, so we can be together now for the rest of our lives!” To me he is the person I’ve been dreaming of all my life and I never thought I was gonna meet someone like that, but then a TINY LITTLE THING happened and we got together. The same with him, he never thought he will meet a woman of his dreams, but he was brave enough to leave the house, leave everything he knew and move hundreds of kilometers away to a city he didn’t know just to meet me there, me with the same journey. Not running from anything, but running TOWARDS something better. And I truly believe it was something greater than we are, what got us together.
    I love reading Paulo Coelho books (you know his work?), even though that his books are very much connected with god, spirits, angels, magic and stuff and I do not believe in that kinda stuff, I ALWAYS take a lot from his words. A lot of his quotes are here: http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/566.Paulo_Coelho?auto_login_attempted=true and I love going through them when I need an inspiration. Whenever I feel I lack something in my life and am not able to say what it is, I am sure that reading one of these gets me back to my almost always positive mindset :)))

    To the snow thing – in my old hometown we always had a lot of snow every year for almost half a year πŸ˜€ so when I see snow, I cry too, but from different reasons than you do πŸ˜€ I cry because I hate it and I always remember how I was trying to get to the train station at 4am when roads were not cleaned yet so I was walking in the snow that was high up to my waist and I always got to the train stop all wet and cold, then the train was cold too so I was ill a lot because I got cold from it πŸ˜€ LOL, those were rough times πŸ˜€

    I think fitness should not only be about the physical changes. It is very mental. It takes a lot of will power, lot of confidence, lot of inner strength to get up and go for a workout, when you can just sit and watch TV all day. And when you get yourself to the state where you feel like you are addicted to it, that is mental as well πŸ˜€ But it is a healthy addiction though πŸ™‚

    My main focus for a while now is to be HAPPY and HEALTHY. Not to have a sixpack or wear skinny jeans or being able to show my body in bikini this summer. When I feel great inside, I don’t need to look like a cover of a fitness magazine. Inner fitness is as important as outer fitness. And one does not work without the other :)))

    • Wow thank you so much for sharing this, such beautiful and inspirational words. I’ve never heard of Paulo Coelho, but I will definitely check it out. There is definitely a divine energy that moves us all into the right direction, sometimes we go through life and not pay attention to the smallest details, but later we realize how those tiny details shaped our life. I’ve learned that is’ all about going with the flow and listening to your inner self, our inner or higher self knows where to take us, if we don’t resist it, we will always end up going to the right place. If something feels right, yet it can be considered wrong by our mind or beliefs, it’s always best to follow what feels right, our emotions are our indications to how far or how close we are to be in tune with our higher self.

      I can tell you are in a great place as far as working our and healthy mind, happiness and following your joy is what life all about, what we see in magazines today is just brainwash system that builds it self on physical appearance, those who are able to look past it, will find them selves and therefore a true joy and happiness with them selves. Good for you girl!

  • ? FitLover ? Beth ?

    I really like those words of wisdom & trully, deeply believe them to be true- & so it is !
    I would be even happier to hear about all of those “Laws” you metioned πŸ™‚

    Great day my <3 !!! πŸ™‚

  • Gedzitka

    Thank you Tati so so much for this post that you made for us. I would like to see like this more later or sooner. I totaly agree with you. What I have to do, is working on my thoughts. I think that I’m making small steps to be more positive about my life and that’s because I am changing my mind to think different. See what I want to be.., where I want to be.., what I want to do..,creating my life in my mind. It’s hard. I think that you have to believe, think about it, working for it and one thay you will got it. I am always jelous to Russian people because I can’t understand you. So I will be really happy to hear some more of your vlog in english also. Hope I will see snow ones again too (but I know that I will.. πŸ˜‰ ) I miss my crosscountry ski so much. Anyway.. have a wonderful new week!

    • Hey sweetie,

      I will make more of these vlogs for you guys, I already made a list of things that I want to talk to you guys about. I also want to come up with small mind exercises we can do to help us work out our thoughts.

      Just remember, what ever you focus on the most you will attract.

  • oberlee

    Hey Tatianna!!! I did this tonight–it was a great and really fun workout. I enjoyed it very much. I was in a really good mood because today was a beautiful day–the first day of spring, really, and I went for a walk to this beautiful hillside in my city. I love to go there and meditate because it’s all nature around there, just grass and trees on this hill, but with a beautiful view of the Bay Area. I went there and chilled and meditated and came home feeling so refreshed. It is SO important to get out in nature often; it’s like a soul detox. πŸ™‚

    In part 3, I got cocky and did 2 pull ups, and while I made it through just fine, I can’t say I didn’t take breaks. They weren’t long–about 10 seconds, maybe 20 seconds once or twice, but I couldn’t quite flow towards the end there like you had asked. πŸ™‚ But I did make it!

    part 1: 10:23

    part 2: 27

    part 3: 19 (but I did the 20th after the buzzer!)

    Finished with your Light Cardio #1, which was just perfect.

    You are quite the Russian beauty in this workout’s picture–your skin just glows! I am so skin-centered these days because I’m starting to notice little signs of aging and it bums me out. I’m only 33, so it’s not much, but I miss the glowiness of my 20s skin. But of course, I need to stop fretting over it because then it will make it worse. If you’re ever looking for a topic for a blog post, aging gracefully would be wonderful! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Kendra, it sounds like you had a wonderful day. I’m going to use soul detox…I like it a lot. As for the skin issue, I find exfoliating helps with the glow. I also use tumeric as a mask once a week…it may just be a mind thing, but after the mask I feel like I’m glowing.

      • oberlee

        hey that’s great! I’ll try that!!! Thanks for the tip. πŸ™‚

  • I’ve to wait until I’m back in Canada to hear you speak. I’m here with my notebook that refuse to produce sound on all videos. What I’ve read from you summary is very much up my alley; I’m also proof that our thoughts can imprisoned us or allow us to experience the wonders of life. I look forward to listening to this vlog. Thank you for doing the good work. <3

    • Thank you so much for your love and support girlie πŸ™‚

  • denisehendrickx

    Wow nice workout! I like the flow of it especially part 1 ! Today ( I did this one yesterday) I feel it the most at the insertion of my quads ( crabs) . I managed to finish 20 pull ups but had to do some of them asissted.

    I appreciate the vlog and your insights , they’re motivational too. Thanks

    I don’t know why this discus system connects me as BR denise . this was my name years ago ( the br comes from BR tv) yekk I’d prefer not to be related to this group anymore in any way. How do i get rid of this ? I posted before thru FB when the system proposed me but it doesn’t anymore!


  • ? FitLover ? Beth ?

    Tatianna, I Just Love you so much that I can’t find the words to express my feelings of Identification I have with you & your prespective on the world !!! :)))
    I would really like to learn some of those things you talked about, those “Laws” of world (Like the Law of Attraction) & develop spiritually for the future.. what in your opinion could help me get there???

    Great day ! & Keep spreading your Inner Truth to the world !!!

    <3 Beth

    • Hey Beth,

      Follow your heart and your intuition, spirituality will come naturally when it’s the time. You will feel it, don’t try to look too much, things fall into place as you go about life. I will do more talks like this one about spirituality and life in general. I’ve learned so much from my own experiences, sometimes I feel like I’ve been living for a thousand years. Usually, when you set out an intention, you will discover things on your own naturally. You will meet the right people, fall into the right situations, none of those things are by accident, we attract what we think about the most.

  • [email protected]

    I just did this great workout at the gym today.
    Part1 took me 14 minutes with good form and Part2 I did regular spiderman and diamond push ups 15 reps each and for Part3 I did 22 rounds but assisted pull ups. I thank you for this great upper body workout. I ended up with 15 minutes treadmill sprints.

  • My favorite saying is “Thoughts become things…choose the good ones!” by Mike Dooley..so true!

  • tee_w

    Love the talk!

  • I did this routine yesterday and you were right, the key is not to stop during Part 1 and 3, I could really feel the burn during those crabs! The first part took me 13 minutes and 54 seconds, I did 20 sliding stretching spiderman pus ups – but I can’t go very low on these πŸ™ I had to do assisted push ups in the first part but it was still pretty tough and effective.
    As always, great routine – challenging but so much fun πŸ™‚

  • Just a little quote: “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming.”

    Looking forward to doing this routine. Cheers.

    • Beautiful quote :), thank you for sharing Violet.

  • HIIIII!! I did this workout in the morning and i loved it!!! especially the first part, i just love shoulder presses.

    1# 7 minutes

    60 crabs = 1:18 min

    2# 22 reps (i did a more reptile kinda push up, didnt stretch my leg completely)

    3# 18 reps.. i had a hard time with those bear push ups, i couldnt get the flow of it.

    60 crabs= 1:17 min

  • Hi Tat; I did part 3 a little while ago. I was able to complete 28 and a half reps, but for the pull-ups I did a variation, and because I don’t have a pull-up bar: I used the bar from my kitchen table, with my feet up on a chair (one foot on top of the other). Then I completed my 60 crabs right away, in 1 min. and 36 sec. To finish it all I even did a Tabata, alternating in between two body-weight / strength exercises back and forth. The other day I did parts 1 and 2 together (I can’t remember if I shared already): I completed the 20 reps (plus the 60 crabs) in 10 min. and 05 sec., and was able to do 26 of the Sliding Stretching Spiderman Push-Ups inside of the 2 min. but that one was really REALLY tough! πŸ˜‰

  • This was my routine from this morning. My pull up was assisted pull up on a door; and I used ripped up magazine cover as my slider for part 2.
    Basic warm up routine, plus 5 minutes of dynamic stretching.
    Part 1: total time with 60 crabs – 15:32
    Part 2. 15 reps in 2 mins
    Part 3: 18 reps in 10 mins
    60 crabs – 1:56
    Cool down & stretches 10 mins

  • Roxana Desmedt

    Maybe you could write a post on how to change negative mental attitude ? I discovered some
    time ago the book of Katie Byron “What is” you should look into it, I’m sure you will Love it ! I also am a great believer of the law of attraction, I totally agree and even believe it’s our evolutionary destiny as a human kind to reach a greater level of consciousness.

    Last but not least a BIG THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and making me more aware of my own fitness level that has definitely improved sins I follow your workouts, advise and explanations. I’m loving it !! Keep it up !!

  • oberlee

    Did this again! It’s a great and fun workout for not too much time. Very intense. πŸ™‚ I also did 2 pull ups in part 3 again.

    part 1: 7:37

    …then with the crabs: 9:15

    part 2: 30 even

    part 3: 19 even

    crabs: 1:37

    I am low on energy, so I’m skipping on extras, maybe for a couple of weeks. πŸ™‚

  • I’m getting stronger…I knew that in my body but my mind just got it today. I’m so pumped!!!! I can do unassisted pull up…whoot!!!…I’m so happy….why is this making so happy? I didn’t realize that my fitness ego was so tied to my ability to do a pull up. Glad it is over…never will I judge myself on things like this again.

    Warm up: 10 minutes plus 5 minutes of dynamic stretching.
    Part 1: total time with 60 crabs – 13.20
    Part 2. 21 reps in 2 mins
    Part 3: 11 reps in 10 mins (this was almost out of body…at the 6 reps I screamed for my husband to take pics because I was shocked…I didn’t do the 3 push-back push ups on my last rep.)
    60 crabs – 2:10

    I took a 5 minutes break then did Perfect Abs Afterglow …15:03 to complete.

    Finisher: 5 rounds of 20 crap jump kick and 10 reps of spiderman push-ups…11:26. I followed this with Good Posture challenge and 10 minutes of stretching. I was going to start Tati’s newest 7 days abs challenge this morning…I might do it tonight before doing a full body stretch…2 hours after my workout and I’m sore.

  • Michelle_G

    Second time through this routine! Loved it! My scores are not as good as first time through but there close. Part 1: 8:36
    part 2: 22
    part 3: 21 full and an extra pull up

    thanks again tati, shower time! πŸ™‚

  • Carmen Parara

    Great workout! Body weight exercises and furniture sliders have become my new favourites. I added 60 crabs to part 2 and took 2 minutes breaks in between parts.
    Part 1 11:08:60
    Part 2 20 sliding push-ups combo
    Part 3 17 unassisted pull-ups combo
    Crabs will take me around 1:44:05 to complete.
    What I also liked about this workout is that my mind got to think about what move to do next or which direction to follow especially when doing the 3 one leg shoulder press; to me it was an extra bonus.

  • Olga Tihencaia

    moe vremea
    1. 11:41
    2. 12 raz otjimaniea i nogu v storonu bez slaidera i 8 raz s kolen
    3. 13 raz, ea delala bez stula no s prijkom))