Upper Body & Core – Let It Go Workout

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Upper Body HIIT Workout


Hi Everyone,

I switched it up again! We have to have fun working out don’t we? Today’s workout was focused on the upper body and core and it was a follow up routine to yesterday’s “ Bubble Butt Workout “. I hope you’re guy’s butt was as sore and bubbly as mine!

Right now I am focusing a bit more on building muscle so the intervals that I picked were a bit longer than usual, but because all the exercises are combos the time flies pretty fast.

Make sure you watch the workout recap part of the video, where I go over the proper form for every exercise and give you variations for beginners if you don’t have the equipment I am using.

In this workout I used my Gymboss Max timer, a chair, Pull-Up bar ( I just ordered a new one cause my old one is all beat up ), a balance disc ( you can use a medicine ball instead ), and my 40 lbs VersaFit Bag from Power Systems and My Pink Lebert .

This workout is about 22 minutes long but you will remember it for the next 3 days ;).

Workout explanation


Make sure you do a good warm-up before starting this routine and always remember, proper form is more important then the amount of reps.

Set your timer for 2 intervals. The first interval is 15 seconds ( rest interval ) and the second interval is 2 minutes ( max effort interval ), for the total of 10 rounds. You will go through the following 5 combos twice. ( If you feel brave enough then you can do this routine 3 times instead of 2, but since it’s my first upper body workout since my break 2 rounds was enough for me.)


  • The Posh Combo ( I thought that was a cute name ) ( watch workout explanation )
  • Pick-Up and Press Up Combo
  • Diagonal Touch & Pike-Up Combo
  • 2 Wide Grip Pull-Ups & 2 Push-ups on a balance disc ( or a medicine ball )
  • 3 Back Lifts, Push-Off & 3 Jump Forward
( each combo counts as 1 rep )
My scores
1) 12, 11
2) 22, 20
3) 13, 12
4) 8, 6
5) 7, 6


PS – Since it’s the weekend, don’t forget to do your Total Body Stretching Routine.


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener


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  • Hi there, 

    Welcome to Loving Fit 🙂

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    • Da Inus etot metod ochen effectiven, no tak kak mi vse rabotaem i delaem drugie dela takoj grafik trudnovato sozdat.  Ya treniruus v raznoe vremya, tak kak kogda mi zapisivaem trenirovku eto obichno 1 dnya, inogda 2.  No moya polnosennaya energiya vsegda pikuet v 7.  Ya dumau chto nado zanimatsya po intuisii svoego ogranizma, prosto vichesli kogda ti chuvstvuesh bolee activnej, i togda trenerujsya.

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  • AlishisPhillips

    Hello Miss Tatianna,
    I am going to do this routine this afternoon (we are in the same time zone)  I have all the equipment in this video, except for the pull up bar…any suggestions on a variation that I could do? Would reverse pull-ups on my dip station work the same muscle group?  Thanks a million!

    • Hi Alishis 🙂

      Of course you can do reverse pull-ups on your dip bar instead of a pull-up bar.  If for example you don’t have some of the equipment like in other videos such as dumbbells, you can use big water liter bottles. Instead of for example a balance ball exercises, you can use a chair to do bridges etc.  Just let me know of the piece of equipment you don’t have and I will help you substitute it for something else.

  • Dobrij Den Ulenka, Spasibo vam bolshoe 🙂

    Ya segodnya otdihau u menya toge vse telo ochen sore ( zabila eto slovo po Russki ).

  • annebelwind

    Wow, again slow.. But as you allways say: form is what matters.. The workout felt pretty good, did the exercises slow and precise… Thanks Tatianna.. 😀

    • Form is more important so don’t worry about not being fast.

  • Did this yesterday! I actually finished 2 rounds and realized I both had time and energy to do another round, so I did! I used my 35lb sandbag, and for the pick ups I did 5 like a clean and press, holding the handles, and then the next 5 picking it up like a sack, and holding the sides. I then just alternated back and forth. Walker for the shoulder presses/dips; basketball instead of a balance disc. First 2 rounds of pull ups either unassisted or with a little jump up to help; last round assisted.

    posh combo: 6.5-5.5-5
    pick up and press: 22-22-22
    diagonal tough and pike up: 13-13-13
    2 pull ups and 2 push ups on ball: 5-5-4(assisted with chair)
    3 back lifts, push off and 3 plank jumps: 7-7-7

    Followed with about 7 min of cardio. Today was off, and tomorrow I think I’ll do that evil lower body one you posted!

  • Christian

    Just finished this cool WO. I really enjoyed it!
    Now off to do Abs &skipping.
    Thanks for really nice WO, have a wonderful day!

  • I enjoyed this routine…it was nice and steady, the 2 mins max effort went fast. I did 3 rounds instead of 2 rounds because tomorrow is a day off for me.
    Warm up: Tati’s Basic Warm up routine, plus 5 mins of dynamic stretching.
    1. 10-10-7 (dip station)
    2. 16-16-14 (35lbs sandbag)
    3. 11-10-10
    4. 4-4-4 (assisted door pull ups with push ups on med ball)
    5. 6-5-6
    Cool down and stretched for 15 mins
    I did feel like doing any cardio after my workout, I might go for a walk later tin the evening.

  • oberlee

    I did this again last night. Because last time I did this, which was almost a year ago, I felt that some muscles didn’t get tired in the 2 min window, and since I’m much stronger now, I switched this up and I really, really liked it: I didn’t do it as a long-interval HIIT, but as 5 6-minute countdowns. So I didn’t go back through any combo. I just did 6 min of the posh combo, then 6 min of the pick up and press up, etc. I’ve been enjoying that kind of intense focus lately anyway. The only other thing I changed was that I did 2 press ups for each one pick up.

    Scores are at home. I will amend later. 🙂 Finished with a 10 min light jog.