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Upper Body Workout


Hello My Lovies,

Today I have an amazing Upper Body Workout for you. This workout is really gonna test your strength physically and mentally as well, but the good news is that it’s only 1 round. I’ve been really loving these 1 round challenging routines lately.

These past few weeks our filming schedule had been off a bit, because Miguel has some extra rehearsals at work and we aren’t able to film on our regular schedule. Another thing that I wanted to tell you guys is that I’ve been having a really hard time keeping up with all the comments, I try my best to answer all the questions but I’ve noticed that I’ve been missing more and more comments lately, I really hope you guys won’t get mad at me. Also, if you have something super important to ask me you can message me on Facebook and I will happily answer your question.

Now on to the workout!



Workout Explanation


Make sure you always warm-up your body before beginning to exercise, never skip your warm-up or your stretching. Practice good exercise form because it is the most important part of our training. Focus on getting stronger during each workout and not just finishing as fast as you can.

In this routine I was timing each exercise individually instead of my overall time, I found it helping me figure out my weaknesses, that way I can work on them. If you like you can time your overall workout, it’s all up to you. In this workout I was using my Gymboss timer and a Pull-Up bar.

There is only 1 round, but I split 2 of exercises into 2 rounds, to let your body recover just a bit so you are able to push through.

Please make sure you watch the explanation part of the video, I go over the proper form of each exercise as well as variation for beginners.


Complete 1 round of the following:


  • Inward Palm One Leg Diagonal Push-Up – 50 reps
  • 8 Crab Kicks & 8 Crab Grab Combo & Walk Over – 10 times
  • Pike-Ups & Split Star – 25 reps
  • Double Bear Push-Ups – 50 reps
  • Pike-Ups & Split Star – 25 reps
  • Two Way Pull-Ups – 20 reps
  • Two Way Bicycle – 50 reps total ( 25 forward 25 reversed )
  • Two Way Pull-Ups – 20 reps


Complete Beginners

Make sure to watch the variations explanation part of the video

  • Inward Palm Push-Ups – 25 reps
  • 8 Crab Kicks & 8 Crab Grabs Combo – 8 times ( 10 if you can )
  • One Leg Pike-Ups – 26 reps
  • Bear Push-Ups off your knees – 25 reps
  • One Leg Pike-Ups – 26 reps
  • Two Way Pull-Ups using a chair – 12 reps
  • Two Way Bicycle ( laying down ) – 15 reps forward 15 reversed ( 30 total )
  • Two Way Pull-Ups using a chair – 12 reps


My Time ( I timed every exercise )

1) – 6:21

2) – 4:03

3) – 1:45

4) – 6:57

5) – 1:44

6) – 3:51

7) – 0:45

8) – 4: 21


I finished this routine with 2 rounds of the Good Posture Challenge.


Have Fun Training My Darlings!



PS – I got my tights on ebay, which is my favorite place to shop.


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • Chrissy

    I always time each section individually! It is much more motivating to me to have smaller chunks to work with. When I try to time a whole long workout like this, I lose motivation and don’t work as hard. I did one of your upper-body workouts (sorry, can’t remember which one right now) and had timed each section. This was about two months ago. When I did it again last week I shaved more than a minute off each section! I was so excited because that was 60 seconds or more than I had to rest before, that now I don’t have to rest πŸ™‚

    • Yes I totally agree! I find it very motivational to time each part instead of the whole thing.

  • Evaleen

    Ah nuts, I was so close to getting a ‘First’ in lol.

    Anywho, can’t wait to see the workout (currently dl’ing it with my snail connection). Can’t try it this week though, cause I’m back on the Push-Up program to improve my upper body strength all over again– it’s gone down the drain lately. πŸ™

    • Don’t worry sweetie, just stay positive about it. Our mind often plays tricks on us, we are always much much stronger than we think we are. I am thinking about doing the push-up challenge my self πŸ™‚ or maybe a pull-up program.

      • Evaleen

        Thanks for the pep-talk Tati. πŸ˜€ And would love to hear your results if you try it too, but you might badly miss getting to do other great UB moves and workouts (I know I always do lol).

        And hope you don’t feel too badly about the missed comments, I think you’re more than generous with the effort you put into answering everyone. Plus, you’ve posted tons of great material on this blog where a lot of potential questions have already been covered– so help is never far away. πŸ™‚

  • Anastasia

    ??????! ???? ? ???? ??? ????, ?? ?????????? ???????!!!! ????? ?????????!
    ???????! ????? ????? ???? ??????? ??? ????!

    • Privetik :),

      U nas uge vecher πŸ™‚

  • MaiCarInMtl

    Tatianna, I’m actually really happy about what you talked about in the beginning of the video. I think this is perhaps why I have started and stopped so many times when going to the gym and eating right. I believe I get impatient about physical results or I just get bored and I don’t always just enjoy the workouts, concentrate 100% on what I am doing. What usually keeps me motivated is when I can do something new or increase the weights in my workout. That usually takes a bit of time. Not to mention that I get really demotivated in the first few weeks as I seem to puff-out from water-retention.
    I’m actually going back to the gym tonight for the first time in 2 months (I have done small workouts here and there at home in the meantime, nothing serious though) but this will be my first time where I exercise WITHOUT my music. I’ll be concentrating on proper form of the basics to get started up again.
    I’m going on vacation shortly so I’m actually hoping that I will be 100% ready to get back into workouts when I return – I feel completely overwhelmed at the moment with so many things and perhaps I just need a quick getaway in order to start fresh. I will be bringing some of your workouts with me to try out on the beach though – what better place.
    But thank you so much for carrying through the message that fitness isn’t just about “how you look”, it’s so much more – something many of us often lose sight of.
    Take care!

    • Thank you for your words girlie :),

      Yes many people lose sight of what fitness is all about, I think it’s because in society we get very easily influenced by the media and magazines, because most of the magazines focus so much on looks and placing models in bikinis, so we naturally lose track. I try to stay away from all that stuff as much as possible, that really helps me to keep reaching for motivation within my self.

  • Thank you so much Tiffany :), I am sending you love as well <3

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    nice talk at the beginning….working out is so much more than the physical for me too….don’t worry about the comments either…a lot of us just post so others can read our thoughts, times and weights used in a wo….I’m sure you do your best to answer any actual questions asked of you…..don’t burn yourself out there my special lady……you are only human…we think πŸ˜‰

    • You are so sweet to me :))) Hugs

    • I’m in agreement. I post here to keep me in track and to read how others are doing (I enjoy the fellowship amongst this site users).

      • Thank you so much for your support Lvette πŸ™‚

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    and DAMN you are flexible and strong….love the picture

  • Wise words in your talk. I hope more people put it in practise. I’ll get to this routine sometime this week.

    • Thanx girl,

      Yes I hope that more and more people understand fitness form this point of view, I wish I had my own fitness magazine and in my magazine Fitness is going to be always skin deep.

  • I really love timing it individually, It makes me push harder too.

  • Esal1

    Loved your talk Tati! The WO looks fantastic and will do for my next upper day. Just wanted to echo Gerri Lee’s comment, don’t worry about the comments. We know you care! Help those that need it, and jump in when you can. But please don’t ever say “Like this page if you are LovingFit” LOL

    • Gerri Lee Schafer


    • You are so awesome Ethan,

      Thank you so much for your kind message, it makes me feel so loved – I’m so lucky! Thank you for that πŸ™‚

    • Yup, I will disappear if she ever say that. lol

  • Evaleen

    Great vlog today, that “stop and start” habit is one I’ve always struggled with as well. But I handle it much better now if I just relax… indulge some cravings, take a few days off, then jump right back into it. Of course, that last step is ALWAYS hard– it’s a brick wall of self-doubt that I have to mentally bust through every time. But once I’ve done it, I can just move on. Still though, I couldn’t without that “big picture” ultimate goal, the reason I’m happy to keep trying… for me, that will always be physical strength (even if looking good was a lost cause), it’s something I believe has real dignity.

    Also, I think one of the biggest factors behind the stopping and starting, is setting ourselves up for failure: wrong diet, wrong training, unrealistic goals or expectations… if we feel tired, frustrated, and just plain unhappy then of course we’re going to quit. (Not to mention, the other emotional issues that may go unaddressed and continue to sabotage us unexpectedly) But, learning to be patient, staying open to different ideas, and above all, being “In Tune” with our inner selves will make the solution that much easier to find.

    And lastly, I couldn’t agree more about how fitness is marketed… all carnality and no spirituality, there’s nothing wholesome or beautiful in it. It’s an obsession, a trap for mental sickness. I’ve come to a point where I find it very hard to tolerate, especially from those who used to know better.

    • Evaleen,

      You are so wise, I love reading your comments you always have such deep words. I believe that Fitness and how people perceive it will change, we will change that! I know that this sounds crazy, but I am on a mission to change how people will perceive fitness, we will spread our word one person at a time, and it might take a while, but it’s gonna happen I know it.

    • Once you’re in fitness for a long time, you become savvy to the constant false marketing

  • Wow, a couple of days ago I was thinking to myself “How does this woman do it? How does she come up with these great workouts, find all sorts of great information, put up inspirational vlogs and still have time to comment to as people as she does?” Girl, you are amazing and a true inspiration to many people. I don’t think you need to apologize about missing comments. Just reading what everyone has to say about you tells me they all have such great appreciation for everything you do. I am truly honored when I receive a response from you but completely understand if I do not. I think it is great that everyone on here seems so inspirational and full of positive words so I, for one, welcome any comments or words of wisdom from anyone here.
    BTW Tatianna, completely loved what you had to say in your vlog, makes total sense. Keep up the great work, you must be so proud πŸ™‚ cheers sunshine πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much girl,

      You guys are always so kind to me, I am truly blessed to have all of you guys!

    • *like*

  • wolfblood

    This looks great and challenging! Looking forward to try it!
    And don’t worry, I guess everyone knows how much time it takes to respond to everything every day. Personally I would always prefer to spend my time outside or with music than answering mails, so please always feel free to not reply πŸ˜‰ I won’t be mad at all, I am always stunned again whenever I get an answer. You already give us all these great workouts and articles! Thank you so much for taking all this time!

    • You are so adorable πŸ™‚

      I love reading the comments, and what you guys are up too, lately I’ve been getting so many questions on Youtube comments and emails, that it’s been hard to keep up everywhere, but I do love to answer to as many people as I can.

  • taltul73

    wow.. wow… wow..and wow!!!!!!! thank you for your talk.. you are so right… when i workout i do not listening to music and also tell my girls to be in their room so i can have peace while im working out .
    i loved the new time counting.. i think that for this routine i would not finish it if it was all the exercises together for time… every exercise i did i felt i can mark it as DONE. and move to the next one…
    tank you for all the amazing information you give us each time.. i love it and learning so much from it..
    i wish you a blessed day

    • Thank you my dear Tali for your support,

      I am happy that bring more awareness,

      Have a blessed day as well πŸ™‚

  • Hi Tati, great workout. And especially great talk at the beginning of the video. I think the common misconception that fitness is only about looks, mere exteriority, looking sexy, looking hot (which unfortunately often results in “looking cheap”) is promoted by lots of bikini competitors and other very sexy girls with little real knowledge of fithess who found it “financially convenient” to start a career as fitness coaches. These people use their body as the evidence of their fitness knowledge and of the great workouts they offer: a very deceptive, yet so common strategy (it’s actually an advertising technique). There are so many eloquent examples in the fitness arena.
    I am very happy that you promote a more realistic and more important idea of fitness, where looks are certainly important but are not the only and ultimate goal. Brava!!!

    • Thank you for your kindness and perspective Vanessa,

      I always love to hear what you have to say, things as if today are definitely very physical especially in Fitness industry, but I also feel that many people are beginning to realize and wake-up to a higher level of understanding of how things truly work. The physical only aspect will begin to fade in the Fitness industry pretty soon, because now there are more and more people who do promote health, awareness and everything else that comes as a package.

  • Can’t wait to try this one. Though today it’s lower body workout-day πŸ™‚
    Please wish me all luck for the cross-conutry race on Friday!!! I’m gonna die. πŸ˜€

  • Isa

    Hi Tati, this is just what I needed to hear – you have an amazing knack of coming up with an article just at the right time for whats going on in my little life! Your wisdom grows every time you post and I think we are all very lucky to have come across you and your site. I like the fact everything you do and say has meaning and good reasoning behind it. We know we are going to get something real and honest rather that some fluffy words to gain a few likes…many happy blessings to you xo

    • Thank you so much Isa,

      I always feel like I get inspired to talk at certain times, it’s almost as if I pick up on the energy of others, we are all connected and when I get these inspirations they always make perfect sense to me.

  • JB

    Just wanted to say that what you said in your talk was awesome!! I completely agree with you – I always get myself focused on my workout about 5 minutes before I start, I try and get into “athlete” mode so that I will push myself and not wimp out on tough moves (using proper form, of course) πŸ™‚ I even have an alter-ego that I joke around with my hubby about: she is called “The Destroyer” lol – I know that sounds goofy but hey, it helps me to say “The Destroyer is going to go workout now and kick some ass”.
    I do listen to music when I work out but honestly it just kinda fades into the background for me. I don’t wear headphones b/c I work out in a home gym. The only time I don’t listen to music is when I am on the treadmill doing sprints, I prefer it to be quiet then. When I do your workouts or lift on my own, I get so focused on “OMG, I am breathing so heavy, am I gonna make it?”…hahaha. Maybe one day this week I will try your routine without music and see how it goes for me.
    Anyway, sorry for the long post, just wanted to say thanks – you are awesome and also, don’t worry about the comments. Just keep doing what you do girl πŸ™‚
    Everyone have a great day!!!!!

    • Hey Jennifer,

      I love your alter ego ” The Destroyer “, it made me want to come up with one of my own, definitely gonna work on coming up with something cool πŸ™‚

      • JB

        Yes do it! You definitely deserve an alter ego name, you are like a superwoman with your strength, flexibility and agility. You are very inspiring and I am so happy that I found your site!!! Started the booty challenge this week and ouch! But then I watched your video again and realized that I haven’t been doing three rounds of the last two exercises – duh!! So now I will start over next week doing it correctly – so that’s gonna be a double ouch, since I was burning so bad with only one set lol πŸ™‚

        • OMG what should my alter ego be :P, got to think on it :)))

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  • Vivi

    Bravo Tati! Great motivational speech! Spot on as usual. πŸ™‚

  • Kate_CZ

    Hello guys!

    Because my plans are one big mess, I always do the new TatiannaΒ΄s workout as soon as it is published and I come home. Maybe one day my life stops being so chaotic and starts being logic. …or morelikely not πŸ™‚ But anyway, I did this today and enjoyed it.

    My time for the whole workout with all breaks in between the exercises was 26:50.

    For the particular exercises it went like this:

    1) 04:19 for push ups (I did 20 reps at once -> then 10 -> and then four sets of 5)
    2) 03:51 for crab grab walkovers
    3) 02:05 for pike up + stars
    4) 05:20 for double bears – ouch for my tights!!! had to stop because of legs burn several times
    5) 02:02 for the same as 3)
    6) 02:03 for pull ups (5 normal, the rest jumping up)
    7) 01:12 for bikes (I counted L+R as one rep)
    8) 02:14 for the rest pull ups, all jumping up

    I donΒ΄t have a pull up bar. I use some finger holds instead. So I canΒ΄t place my hand into a chin up position, so I at least changed the holds for each hand (one higher, one lower). It was interesting and I will definitely continue on doing it like this from time to time.

    btw, I also prefer workouts with only one round. That never let me think about finishing sooner, but when there is more rounds, my mind is fully concentrated on persuading me to quit πŸ™‚ But itΒ΄s good to challenge myself, so actually I like any (all) kind of your workouts :))

    Thanks for this one, Tati! I always appreciate pull ups in workout and I also liked the pike up + star split combo for abs.

    • Thank you for sharing sweetie :),

      I think once we get to the point of being advanced, one round super strength workouts make perfect sense. Cause usually if I split up the routine into 3 rounds, then It doesn’t feel like as much of a challenge.

    • Hey Kate, I totally agree about the one round workouts, my mind plays the same game with me trying to persuade me to quite too. Glad to hear you legs were burning during the double bear push-ups, l wasn’t sure if I was doing them properly because I too had to stop to give my legs a good shake.

  • Kate_CZ

    I forgot to metion that the intro pose is imho the best so far. Respect for such flexibility!!!

    • yeah…same thought here;) @ Tati how often you have to train for maintaining the full split?

      • Before this picture I haven’t stretched for a split in a few months, maybe 4-5. But once you have the split you always somewhat have it. I’m gonna start stretching for it again, last time it took me 3 weeks to do the middle split, but it was very very hard to stretch and I did it 5 times a week about 20 minutes per day. I will share my split video soon :), you guys will know exactly what I do for it.

    • Thank you girl,

      I am actually not as flexible as I used to be, I will share a video with you guys soon of how to stretch for a split. I had the original idea to bring a professional gymnast from my husbands work, but then she got shy and didn’t want to do the video. Now we are trying to find another girl, but if we can’t then I will do the split tutorial my self.

      • Kate_CZ

        Oh yes for the split tutorial, pleeeaaasssse! I would love to be more flexible but IΒ΄m doing so little for it :/ Do you think it is possible to reach the split goal in any age or should one started as a kid?

  • You are what you do! So do what you wanna be to become what you are!!!

  • Your Hair cut! Eye brow!! looks really great in the video, Tati πŸ™‚ -Beautiful!!…by the way (even it doesnΒ΄t matter at all) am I the only one who have recognized TatiΒ΄s little fat loss??..hehe. nice abs, sweety.

    • Vivi

      So agree with you. So beautifull with this hair cut <3 !

      • Thank you girls,

        I trimmed my hair about a week ago, trying to grow it out long how it used to be years ago.

    • Hey sweetie,

      You know what’s so funny, some people on youtube told me that I look fatter, than there are others who said that I lost weight and muscle, but I might of lost just a bit of weight, the lighting also has a huge role in how I look cause sometimes we set it up differently.

  • Courtney

    Is that a kitten in a tiara on your shirt!? LOVE IT!!!

    • Ahh yes, my friend sent me this shirt as a gift from Ukraine not so long ago, and I thought it was so cute πŸ™‚

  • Vivi

    I LOVE your speech. For me ( by those I know) you’re the only one who talks so frankly ! Any lies, only advice & motivation. You need to be more recognize….perhaps not….it’s so great that you are so available !!!!!!

    • Thank you sweetie, I will always be available to all of you guys, this is what I love. When I created this community, my goals were and still are very clear, I do not want it to become too commercial where the passion is lost, my goal is to always keep passion and creativity and listen to the people, this connection to you guys is important to me.

  • Thank you so much for your kindness πŸ™‚ Hugs

  • wolfblood

    Exactly what I need tomorrow morning to finish my week with the 4th workout πŸ™‚ It looks amazing, although my lower body is just a few hours away I can’t wait for this one! Thanks you for always coming up with something new, fun and exciting Tati! Btw love the cute cat top ^^ You look beautiful in this video! Reminds me I need to go to the hairdresser too πŸ˜‰
    To me the workouts or sport overall have become a religion. I definitely started (like probably every woman?) to maintain a good figure. Became addicted really fast and overdid it before finding what really works for me and how much rest I need. Sometimes more sometimes less. So far I often need to have some music in the background (it’s just so quiet without) yet I focus strongly on the exercises, most of the time could not even tell you afterwards what I have listened to. A few times I realized that I just listened to the same song for 30 or 40 minutes and I didn’t even notice that during the workout.
    So to me after all these years sport has become something to keep me balanced. Take it away for let’s say a week and you will give it back to me voluntarily πŸ˜‰

  • Alenka

    You are very right Tati, our fitness should improve our both. inside and out. Yet it is easy to get lost in vision of the physical goals, because that is the first thing everybody can see. It takes time to get to know person to find out about their inner fitness :-). Love you being so straight forward, so yourself = that is just priceless.

    I did this workout yesterday, and it was awesome. I used to think I was advanced, but here I am not LOL. So on some of those 50 rep exercises, I had to take a few sec up to a minute breaks here and there, which are not included in my times most of the time. Hope thats ok :-).
    1.) 5:28
    2.) 5:56

    • Thank you for your kindness darling πŸ™‚

  • Alenka

    Hi everybody πŸ˜‰ I also have a question, if anybody has an experience with getting of birth control and all kinds of pains and aches. Besides the fact that I don’t need it for years now, and that it is in fact unhealthy. I was put on it many years ago, and tried since to stop it several times. Usually the hormonal changes stirred up my bipolar to the point that it was dangerous for me, so I went back to it. This time and 2 times before within last 2 years, I am ok hormonally/ emotionally when I tried to stop, but I am experiencing some very discouraging joint pains, my muscles feel like they take forever to recover between workouts, and over all physically I feel like 60 year old. It is quite irritating and I tend to give up and go back to pill, just for these symptoms, which do about go away if I do so. I know it’s a weird question, but maybe someone here had similar experience. Are those aches actually due to me getting of the pill? But most importantly, will they go away, LOL? Thanks and hope its ok to ask about such thing here.
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Hey Alenka,

      Yes birth control is something that I never recommend, the doctors tried putting me on it years ago but it made me very very sick. So I only took it for 2 days. It can cause all kind of abnormal reactions in our body. I really suggest you visiting a natural doctor, they will be able to look very close at all of your symptoms, they use traditional old methods and they can recognize pretty quickly how to help you. Usually they will mix some herbs or just recommend you something natural that will relieve discomforts the natural way, that will help your body heal.

      • Alenka

        Thank you. And this is called “natural doctor”? I know it is bad, but back then I didn’t know (nor care about my health so much). I will check into that.

        • They are called Homeopathic Doctors πŸ™‚

          • Alenka

            Oh, duh! Thank you πŸ˜€

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    all done
    1/ 3:35
    2/ 3:58
    3/ 1:49
    4/ 5:04 for some reason I felt this one most in my hip flexors
    5/ 1:52
    6/ 2:14 shoulder didn’t like :(( did 10 then switched to hanging off smith machine bar for last 10
    7/ 1:41 hip flexors again :((
    8/ 1:17 and just did reverse pull ups on dip station

    finished with 10 x 10/20 jumping jacks for speed 30-31-31-31-31-32-32-32-32-32

    • WOW, you’re so strong!

      • Gerri Lee Schafer


        • Gerri Lee, I was just working out and testing the new workout and I was thinking about you :))). Now in my posts I will be writing next to the reps: Gerri Lee does double the Reps!

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            lol……you just wait until my shoulder is better !!!! Used to be able to give Ethan a run for his money….now, not so much for upper body

  • Christian

    Love love your speech, since i found your site working out has become so much more than looking good, for that i have you to thank for!
    Enjoyed this cool WO.
    Here is my scores.
    1) 8.00
    2) 5.40
    3) 2.09
    4) 5.12 (forgot about the double PU only did one PU.
    5) 2.17
    6) 4.00 (using chair to go up)
    7) 0.50
    8) 5.00

    Have a nice day/afternoon dear!

    • Hey Christian,

      I am so glad you enjoy working out now πŸ™‚

  • eliza

    I totally agree with making sure we are totally 100% present for each workout….make each rep and movement count toward our health! but i really disagree with your view on music…music is a HUGE part of my pleasure in workouts…nothing better for me than pushing really hard to great music or relaxing with yoga and losing myself in the beat. I prefer to workout to music anyday and not the timer….for example i will do squats for one song…run for another…pushups for another, so much fun! I agree that excercise has to count but I am not a professional athlete so why not have all the joy we can when we are moving? love your site, keep up the hard work

    • Well, we all have our own approach, I think it’s always best to consider things but in the end do what works best for you.

  • Vivi

    I did it today, but pull ups were harder than I thought !! I did it in less 20min. Great one but perhaps it would be great to do more reps for abs ? So I did another abs workout after this one.
    Great sweat <3 As always !!

    • Hey Vivi,

      I didn’t want to do more reps for abs cause I was just using the abs exercises for recovery, I always suggest to do the abs in a separate workout.

  • My Darlings,

    Discus Commenting System seems to be having some technical problems and some comments seem to be gone, it’s not my fault, you know that I will never delete any of your comments. They might still reappear, it happens quite often.

  • kate

    your awesome πŸ™‚

  • Lindsey Shepard

    I tried that 20 minute ab workout from motley fitness that you recommended (at least I think it was you) after this workout and I couldn’t complete it! I do want to try it again another day after a less intensive workout. By the way, I was thinking during the first 50 pushups of this workout that it was SOOOOO hard and had to push to finish. Then, after the whole thing was complete I looked back and thought, wow, I’ve improved so much! There’s no way a few months ago that I would have been able to do 50 pushups in a row let alone the remainder of the workout. Thank you so much Tati, you are amazing!

    • Ohh honey I am so happy, when we see our improvements and especially when they are in strength, the feeling is quite incredible πŸ™‚

  • Kane

    I liked timing every segment. I found out which were my weak spots: every one! πŸ˜€ Thank you for yet again pushing us to our limits.

    • Kane, I am so happy you liked this method, I love it too πŸ™‚

  • Okay guys! I survived the cross-country race at my school and placed 10th from the girls πŸ˜€ I’ve never been better before. Today I am finally going to do THIS workout! Have a wonderful day erveryone!!! πŸ˜€

  • dre

    This was an awesome post. Thank you. And now I’m going to go do the workout—without music. πŸ˜€

  • Those Push Ups were so hard … I enjoyd them .
    Great workout , infinite thanks !

  • This style of arm workouts are my absolute favorite, similar to that of Force of Muscle Workout. I don’t have a pull up bar yet, so I had to substitute Shoulder Pull-ups on my dip station which are much easier. The only thing I noticed is that when I was doing the Double Bear Push-ups my quads were burning and I had to stop to shake my legs a few times, my arms were fine though? Is that normal? I double checked my form in your explanations just to make sure I was doing it properly. Here are my times.
    1. 6:55
    2. 5:28
    3. 2:18
    4. 7:16
    5. 2:17
    6. 1:29
    7. 47 seconds
    8. forgot to press start on the timer, duh!


  • jt

    Hi Tati and everybody!!!!!
    It’s been a long time, but it’s nice to say hi again and see lots of new names, GOOD STUFF and GOOD VIBES! :)))

    This was my first proper workout of the “season”, of course I did it in superbeginner mode. I had to cut the crab combo to 4 rounds because my wrists were about to tear probably. I also replaced the pull ups for dips on walker lol, the pull up bar I ordered in Amazon is out of stock and it’s taking forever to arrive πŸ™
    I did the workout it 2 days ago and I still feel some sore muscles as they should πŸ™‚ Good soreness anyways, Tati’s workouts are “respectful” to one’s body if one listens too πŸ™‚ It felt great!!

    On a last note, Tati don’t you stress out :), as you can see we all understand and care! πŸ™‚ So be happy!! πŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

  • Annebel Wind

    Finally did this one.. Been busy.. Everything got in the way of my workout.. ;D I did the same thing as you did with the time..

    1: 7.56
    2: 4.31
    3: 2.10 (i have a hard time with this ab move… I feel my back after about 10 reps, than I just do the more beginners version, hands under my butt)
    4: 6.39
    5: 2.31
    6: 4.06
    7: 0.56
    8: I didn’t do another set of pull ups, because i haven’t done this many in a long time, and allready feel the muscle pain comming up.. so did backlifts instead: 00.48

    Than also did: 1 min plank, 50 mason twists, and another 1 min plank..
    Thanks Tati..

  • Annebel Wind

    I didn’t say anything about your talk at the beginning.. I totally agree.. And still I catch myself focussing on my look a little to much sometimes.. I know I feel much happier and relaxed when I workout. I can handle stress much better too.
    I love the talk, you are something else.. You think things true. We like that!

    • Thank you for your support girlie :), it is OK to work toward goals physically as well, we just have to see the whole picture, when we do sports and working out becomes something we can’t live without πŸ™‚

  • Courtney

    I love this new approach to time all of the exercises separately. It was eye-opening, and to be honest, I’m not too pleased with my times. I’ve really been slacking on my upper body and I feel like I’ve lost some strength. But you’re right, it does show me exactly where I need to improve.

    1. 7:30
    2. 6:23
    3. 3:07
    4. 7:38
    5. 3:36
    6. 2:49 (two-way grip pull-ups on single Lebert bar)
    7. 1:15
    8. 2:50

    Your vlog was so motivational and I love everything you said about treating our training like a sport. I definitely applied that mindset to my training today and I think it helped me fight through some of the tougher parts. I still enjoy listening to music while I’m training, though. I especially need it to get me in the mood to workout. I workout when I get home from work because I have a long commute and can’t do it in the morning, so I have to fight the urge to be a couch potato some nights. Music helps. And sometimes I need that fresh wind when I’m feeling particularly exhausted during my training and some badass song comes on and makes me feel like She-Hulk. It just helps me push a little harder.

    Girl, don’t even feel bad about not having time to respond to all of the comments. We know that you’re busy. Besides, this has become a community, and we love to push and encourage each other.

    Have a great weekend, Tati!

  • I’m glad I did this on a weekend. I’ve done routines before were each exercise or combo is timed seperately I find I’ve a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes it feels like torture (if I dislike the particular exercise) and other time is a breeze. I’ve the same feelings toward single round routines. For example, when a routine call for 50 reps, I get a bit intimidated and starts the workout with a negative mindset. Now, give me the same routine, but broken into multiple rounds and the intimidation factor is gone for me (shows how ones mind play a big part in all of this.)
    As always, I started with a 10 minutes warm up followed with 10 minutes of dynamic stretcning. I timed this routine both ways, seperately and as a whole (I left my second gymboss on ) What I realized is my break between exercises was a bit too long, I think I averaged about 1:55.
    It took 48:59 total time.
    1. 6:32
    2. 8:36 (I find the walk over hard on my elbows…my coordination was off)
    3. 3:38
    4. 8:29
    5. 3:41
    6. 2:18 chair assisted (since I was using my door, I did close grip, wide grip)
    7. 2:09
    8. 2:40 chair assisted (since I was using my door, I did close grip, wide grip)
    I rested for 3mins then did 10 mins of high knees inituitive challenge. I broke my 1 min goal and I think I should be able to do 2mins without stopping next week. I’m loving the progress I see with my stamina.Whoot!
    Unfortunately, I only managed to stretch for 5 minutes πŸ™

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      nice job there girl :))))

  • tee_w

    Loved your talk at the beginning. I have always trained with this attitude, unfortunately I had not found a proper way of training that gave me the results I wanted. Luckily in the last couple of years I have, and now the training in addition to giving me the strength and health etc, I am now starting to look sexier in my bathing suit. I do have the TV on as I train as I find silence distracting! Usually I have no idea what was on when I’m finished.

    I usually when doing a time challenge, write down the times I finish each exercise as I go along, or the time of each round, but I don’t stop the timer until the end. I usually don’t need a particular time to tell me which was the hardest! Lol. I knew before going in to this one that the one leg push-up was going to be my nemesis and the v-sit! Yup!
    I managed to finish this whole workout! Yay! I did alter it though, In doing the push-ups, it took all I had to get through 10 reps, so I quickly came to the conclusion to split the routine into 5 rounds and then to see how many rounds I could get through. I divided all exercises by 5 and went to town! The bears were easy for me, other than my legs burning, and the bicycle also easy, I don’t feel anything when I do those(?). 4 pull-ups at a time was just perfect for me as I could do most without assistance or very little assistance
    Oh, I didn’t do the star part with the v-sit but weirdly I got better at those as the rounds went along!
    Thanks for the workout!

  • Skippie22

    Hi Tati and other lovely Strength Beasts πŸ˜‰
    So this is my second full week of doing “split” routines: just 4 days of the “workouts” (and Ab Challenge), two days yoga+jumprope and one day rest….my body is so HAPPY! It just feels better all day, every day, to work out this way. Oh, thank you thank you Tati for figuring this out and sharing it :-D!
    Even though after each workout I feel *at first* as though I need medical assistance (!!), I have felt GOOD the rest of the day, and perhaps because of the split, I feel like a horse in the stall before a race, just *bucking* to get going and go hard for each day’s new workout.
    I did this one yesterday, and I promise I had good form…I was just feeling SO GOOD to push so hard, y’know?
    I finished with 3 minutes of planks (my arms were shot, I was a wobbling shaky house of cards…so 3 rounds will just have to do!).
    The two-way pull-ups were so encouraging!! My standard pull-ups just aren’t becoming any more fun, so I struggle to maintain motivation to keep working on them….but THIS WAY was fun!! Hurray!

  • KirryKaatje

    Done! But I’ve changed it a bit tho. *blush*
    I didn’t do the pike ups and split stars, because it puts a lot of strain on my lower-back, so instead I did a 60 sec plank between every exercise. I’ve also cut the pull ups to 20, because my arms were hitting fatigue and I couldn’t get myself up again without putting strain on my diaphragm (?) so I stopped at 20, but instead added 20 reverse push ups to the mix. I’ve completed the whole in 29:54

  • Naomi

    Beastly!!! I think we can definetely say that my core is my weak point after this… I clocked in pretty well on all of the upper body exercises, but my abs would just cramp up during the ab+core. I did the advanced version, no modifications.

    1) 04:43
    2) Forgot to time this..
    3) 03:07
    4) 06:44
    5) 02:32
    6) 02:34
    7) 01:04
    8) 02:51

    Really love the direction your creativity is taking you, Tati! Can’t wait to see what is next! I do enjoy the older workouts as well, but they are just getting better and better.

  • I did this one today, with A LOT of modifications, so that I could actually finish it. My arms feel like noodles now :D.

  • This one made me feel like a beast for sure! I timed each portion, but kept the timer running. One of my weaknesses is that I sometimes tend to rest too much, so I need to time the whole thing.

    Total time: 32:06

    (times below include the rest before each exercise because I looked at the timer right as I finished each exercise):

    50 inward palm one leg diagonal push-up: 4:53
    10 8 crab kicks & 8 crab grab combo & walk over: 5:11
    25 pike-ups & split star: 2:53
    50 double bear push ups: 7:37
    25 pike ups and snow angel: 2:47
    20 two way pull-ups: 3:31
    50 two way bicycle: 1:09
    20 two way pull-ups: 4:04

    Finished with 10 min cardio. Great workout! I LOOOVE 1 round workouts!

  • Evaleen

    Finally did the workout. πŸ™‚ I did aim to time each part, but I forgot several times to start my watch. :/ Overall it took me about 35:10, though I modified the first PU’s from one-leg elevated to cross-ankle (same move otherwise) and used full chair assistance for the pull-ups.

    Also lol, I love the pike-up/star move and the iso side-bends (from a previous workout). The perfectly controlled “stiffness” when you do them looks so cute, it’s like you’re a toy. :p

    • tee_w

      You’re right! Lol she reminds me of how barbie would bend or actually not bend! I dream of a day when I can do such perfect form rather than looking like a turtle stuck on my back!

  • Mary Lou

    Intense! I did the beginner counts because I have stuff to do later and didn’t want to be crawling through it, it still took me 20:55. I did the pike ups the first time around but they were sloppy so I did the 1 leg version the second time. Who knew the Dbl bears would kill my quads that much? Or am I definitely doing something wrong? 2 way pull ups assisted with negatives. I hope to someday overcome rotator cuff issues and be able to do these for real.

  • sus

    I did this one with mostly beginner modifications since I’m still getting back on track. I don’t want to overdo it.
    1) 5.12, rest .47…26 reps no modification
    2) 4.49, rest .44…10x no walking
    3) 1.23, rest .40…26 reps beginner modification
    4) 3.01, rest .34…26 reps from knees
    5) 1.43, rest .35…26 reps beginner modification
    6) 1.19, rest .42…12 on dip station (pull bar not installed yet)
    7) .40, rest .13…30 reps
    8) 1.22…12 on dip station

    Time for some protein and stretching!

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaay I’ll do the beginner one! Btw I love your wavy hair πŸ™‚

  • Yummy. Did this workout tonight. I DO feel like a strength beast. πŸ™‚ I did this only 2 months ago and I totally shaved 4 min off my time! I timed each exercise, but I kept the timer running, including all the rests and gaps between exercises. Took 28:07 altogether, but I SWEAR, Tatianna the All-Seeing, I kept good form and did NOT RUSH. πŸ™‚ I did this one because I wanted a fun one and I wanted pull ups. I still did all the pull ups unassisted, though from standing, not hanging. No finishers–started late and my stepdaughter is here in town, and she’s AWWEEESOOOME!!! We were watching LOTR and I wanted to finish it but then I realized it was 3 hours long (duh, I forgot), so I had to do it as the movie finished. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  • I just did it at the gym. My warm up was 7 minutes of incline treadmill walking. I finished with 10 minutes of light running on the treadmill.
    Happy Holidays for everybody!

  • Cassidy Croskey

    I love upper body~! πŸ˜€

    Inward Palm One Leg Diagonal Push-Up – 4:34
    8 Crab Kicks & 8 Crab Grab Combo & Walk Over – 4:22
    Pike-Ups & Split Star – 2:30 (Ugh, I struggle so much on my form! It’s hard to keep my legs straight on the pike-up. :/)
    Double Bear Push-Ups – 5:01
    Pike-Ups & Split Star – 2:52
    Two Way Pull-Ups – 4:02
    Two Way Bicycle – 1:13
    Two Way Pull-Up – 4:45 (Owww. My arms were throbbing at this point. XD)

    I had another timer going non-stop to record an accurate overall time, which was 37:39! πŸ™‚ Boy, do I love those pull-ups. <3

  • Natali Ikonnikova

    ???????, ???????, ???? ??? ???? ???????, ????? ??????????? ????? ???????? ????????????? ??? ????????

  • Cassidy

    This made me remember how much I love pull-ups. It also reminded me that I’ve still got a looooong way to go where those are concerned.

    My time was 36:52, which isn’t beating my old time by more than about ten seconds, but hey, improvement is improvement! πŸ˜›

  • First time doing this! it took me 41:42 min!! I took mini rests in ALL the exercises lol. and I switched the bear push ups with -5 side planks + 1get up elbow plank- x 5 each side (25 side planks on each side) cuz when i started doing the bear push ups i only felt them in my legs πŸ™
    good workout!! the crabs were much harder than i expected!

  • I’m glad I did this routine again…the opening talk is just perfect.

    Warm up: 50 HK – 25JJ; 50 SSS – 25JJ; 50 RS – 25 JJ; 15 wall push; 10 punches; 15 knee push ups; 50 Jabs plus Good Posture Challenge.

    Total time for all 8 with breaks 52:19.
    1) 7:15 – 60 reps.
    2) 8:52 – 15 times.
    3) 3:06 – 30 reps.
    4) 8:51 – 60 reps.
    5) 3:15 – 30 reps.
    6) 4:56 – 26 reps.
    7) 2:55 – 40 forward/40 reverse.
    8) 5:51 – 26 reps.

    Abs: Abs-attack-workout.

    10 minutes of cool down and stretching.

  • Olga Vlasova

    Tanya, what muscles are those crab kicks and grabs supposed to work? I don’t feel any particular muscle when I do them, maybe just quads because I make sure to squeeze them when my leg is up. I don’t do them fast but with perfect form (as far as I can tell anyway). They kind of make me tired in general but they don’t seem to have much impact on any certain muscle group. Is that wrong?