The Gun Show Workout – Are You Ready?

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Upper Body And Core Workout Routine


Hi Everyone,

Today I have another great workout for you. This routine is focused on the upper body and core and it’s a follow up to ” 399 Reps Workout “, the name literally says it all! This workout started out nice and sweet and then it turned into a monster, the last 3 rounds I was really struggling.

For this routine I was using 20 lbs dumbbells ( 10 lbs each ), my GymbossMax timer, a Pull-Up bar ( you can get a pull-up bar for about 20 dollars on ebay ), and half of my pink toy Lebert ( if you don’t have Lebert you can use a chair for dips ).

Always warm-up before exercising.

For workout recap and beginners variations fast forward the video.


Workout Explanation


This is a time challenge, so set your timeras a stopwatch. There are 6 exercises, but one of them you have to do on each side so it turns out 7 total. Each exercise is to be done for 6 reps, and there is 10 rounds total.

Remember if you are loosing your form, stop and take a rest. This workout is timed for speed, but not to sacrifice the proper exercise form.

So, let’s repeat – complete the following for the total of 10 rounds :).

  • Half Way Dive Bomber Push -up – 6 reps
  • Wind Mill Side Plank Exercise – 6 reps on each side
  • Wide Grip Pull-ups ( assisted on the way up, and regular on the way down ) – 6 reps
  • Mountain Climber Push-off Combo – ( 3 mountain climbers, kick back, drop down all the way, push-off – all count as one rep ) – 6 reps
  • Dips – 6 reps
  • Shoulder Raises – 6 reps



My time for this workout was… Drum Roll… – 37 minutes and 44 seconds.


PS – I wanted to thank Angela, one of my readers who came up with the name for this and the following routine as well :).


Upper Body And Core Workout



Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • WorkItOutYourself

    wow Tatianna ! Nice back !

    • Thanks sweetie, we wanted a pic to match the name of the workout, but then I liked the other picture as well so I left both.

  • Oh man, this looks like a killer!  My guns might be a little scared hahaha!  

    • Ha Ha Ha, c’mon Angela you can do it!!!

      • I told my “guns” to stop being wimps and do it already!  lol! 

        • Took me 40 mins and 33 secs. My arms want to fall off my body now haha

          • Yep, that’s how I felt as well, today I am feeling it even more.

        • LOL, see and now you’re done! Yay!

  • Tough cookie

    Tatianna,  I LOVED that workout.  My time was 38:40.

    I really appreciate this type of workout with many different exercises, including dips, pullups, lateral raises, etc.  I like when I have a feeling of working “all around” : front, back and sides of my body.

    Keep doing this!


    • Ohh you are one Tough Cookie!!! This workout made me sore for a 5 day’s afterwards.  I was drenched in sweat and when I finished I was like wow!  I enjoyed it a lot too!  I will be coming up with more routines like this one, cause right now I want to work on building a bit more muscle.  Glad you liked it!

  • sedindriuke

    34:42 mins. I did 10 reverse push ups under my kitchen table (instead of Pull ups) and front shoulder raises with weight (bottle filled with stones and water :D) instead of side raises 😀 but i was sweating and feeling my all cells in my body

    • I just love your creativity with the workouts 🙂

  • Esal1

    Hi Tati! Sorry I missed your Monday Mingle, I read the comments looked like fun!
    OK just did the Gun Show! Good times! Timer on 45 min and off I went, 10 rounds done in 35:11, was a little dissapointed with that as I was trying to intensify my way to 37:44 like yourself. So need to buckle down again, maybe I was a little faster on the pullups……… hmmmmmm.
    Anyway because I am now on a Tati 4 WO per week schedule, I have upped the intensity of those 4 days. My hourlies today will be 100 PUs.

    • Ethan, do you do 100 PU’s every hour?

      • Esal1

        Yup but only on the 2 days designated to upper body work

  • AlishisPhillips

    Your time is amazing. I completed….drum roll….8 rounds in 41:56. By the 7th round, I cut out the dive bombers and the pushoff part of the mountain climbers because my knees were hurting (I have to do the pushups off my knees still, but I increased my mountain climbers to 20 reps instead.) I even took a 3 min break after the 5th round, but all I had in me was those 8 rounds. Eventually I had to also cut out the pushup part of the workout because my wrists were hurting. I wish I could have pushed for all 10 but I’m spent. I did finish with 2 min of elbow planks, and now I’m gonna take my dog for a walk. I gotta work on my upper body strength…How do you keep your wrists from hurting when so much of these movements put pressure on your wrists?

    • I stretch them daily :), my wrists hurt as well but after my wrist stretches it goes away instantly, I do wrist stretches almost daily. What I do is take one hand, and with the other one I press the hand down pretty firmly, you will feel the stretch on top of your hand, you should feel it half way before your elbow. If you place your hand on a surface in that same stretch you will feel the stretch even better pretty much to your elbow but on the top of your hand. Hold it for 20 sec, then switch. Do it 3 times. I also stretch the other way pushing the palm outward and pressing down.

      A lot of times you will feel sore ( especially with my workouts ) in very strange places, I always find ways that are very unconventional for stretching my body and getting those hard to reach muscles, sometimes it requires to be in a weird position but these stretches are quite amazing.

  • Heyyyy!!! I just found this one by chance because…guess what? It’s not listed under upper body workouts! So you might want to fix that. It makes sense, becuase I thought I had actually done ALLL of your upper body workouts, even though I haven’t gone through all the lower body ones.

    I’ll do this one soon–still need to do the new one, but I thought I’d let you know! 🙂 Hugs!

    • Thanks girlie :), I’m gonna fix that right now 🙂

      edit – done 🙂

      • 🙂 Thanks Tatianna! By the way, I think you did a GREAT job with the website. I was thinking about this today…it also has a very welcoming feel to it, very friendly. And that’s hard to do! I also hardly every notice that there are even ads on the page, which is great for me…maybe not so great for your advertisers, but I like that the advertising isn’t in your face.

        • Kendra, I’ve the same thoughts . Knowing that Tati build this whole site without any professional help and a newbie to web design speaks volume about her dedication. Tati, you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished here. Lovingfit is a very welcoming website.

  • amber*loving2BfitwithTati*

    I did this workout today in 35:17 and loved it! Today is the end of my third week doing strictly your workouts and following the advanced four day split routine option. I’m loving it! Thank you so much!

    • I tip my hat to you.

    • I tip my hat as well… amazing time

  • Kate_CZ

    OMG! Lulu is so adorable! I laughed through the whole explanation part. I had thought that the dive bomber part was the best but then the mountain climber combo came and I was dead from laughing. “You´re gonna drop down, move the dog to the side, place your hands back down…” 😀 HILARIOUS. Since then, I am sorry, but I absolutely couldn´t perceive what you are saying. I was just staring at the dog and laughing hard. Thank you for this great ab workout 😉

    Regarding the Gun Show – I completed the neverending 10 rounds in 37:48 with 2x10lbs dumbbells for the shoulder raises and my legs wide apart for dive bombers and even with this easier modification I was 4 seconds slower than you, so it means I am not special, booooo 🙁


  • I did it today. I only completed 7 rounds in 40 minutes. This is a very challenging workout that can make sweat like crazy.My warm-up was 10 minutes jogging on the treadmill. The loving thing about Tatiana’s workouts is the lack or minimum jumping exercises to have a great workout.
    Loving you and your workouts!

  • Naomi

    I love Lulu’s look of anticipation as she watches you! Cutest workout video I have seen in a while. 🙂 This went really fast for a nearly 40 min workout. I took a little breather after 5 rounds (timed at 18:46) and then another one after round 7 (this is were I started to feel a tight feeling in my shoulders and upper back) – did the last 3 rounds in one stretch and finished at 38:14. I did unassisted pull-ups for the first three rounds and used 4+4 kg dumbbells for the raises. I finished with 10 min of cardio (I walked/jogged at the treadmill at a 6% incline with my 18 kg sandbag over my shoulder). So hard!

  • TatiFan Kathy

    WHEW just finished this and part 1 fifth element abs. I couldn’t imagine doing part 2!

    My time was 43:20. I took a break to get water after round 7. Other than that it was straight through!

    Great workout, Tatianna!!!!

    • Nice job on the time. Water after round 7??? Girl, I was drinking water throughout the whole routine.

      • kate_cz

        The same by me 😉
        (I mean drinking throughout the whole long workout)

        • Ahhhh so you were refilling at round 7… well that makes me feel better 🙂

  • This should be called 420 Reps of groaning, moaning and cussing. My longest workout from Lovingfit, my time was terrible. Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day for me, I’ll be looking for a short and easy full body for Thursday.

    Warm up: 10 mins, Dynamic stretch: 5 mins; 1 min x4 plank variations.

    My time was 52:58:(. For the wide grip pull -ups I was alternating between door and dip station (5 using by door and 5 with the dip station.) I find the dip station to high for dips, so I used a chair. Dumbbells were 8lb.

    After a 5 minutes break, I completed 10 minutes of intuitive jacks. Cool down and stretching 10 minutes.

    ***I feel the dogs were used to soften us for the blow of the routine.<3

    • Nicely done Lvette, the fact that you did 10 minutes of jacks after that insanity tells me that you might be a little machine 🙂
      I absolutely agree with the dog decoy 🙂 She definitely tried to soften the blow with this one 🙂

  • Oh for the love of murphy, insanity!!!!! Took me 46:47 mins to finish this baby. I am proud to say I did all my pull ups 90% unassisted. I have a band that I attached to my bar and link onto one foot so it takes a little weight off which is a great help. Also proud of no other modifications. Used 10 lb dumbbells. I think the killer for me was the climber push offs. But got ‘er done and happy.
    Now tomorrow is going to be taking it easy with some abs and the bum challenge.

    • You killed it. I’m so jelly, I’m peanut butter and jelly of your time.:)) I’m glad to have done this because it showed me I can push myself.

      • Lol, funny comment… PB&J lol might have to use that one some day.
        So how are your shoulders this morning? I am feeling the front of mine big time. Did part one of the Purrfect Abs workout today and my shoulders were on fire.

        • To my surprise, I experience just a little upper body soreness today, but my obliques are very sore (not sure how to explain that.) Today is a complete RD for me, I did Tati’s full body stretch routine. My plan is to do a full body routine “Loving it & sexy” tomorrow. I want something easy and this looks not bad…finger crossed.

          • “I want something easy and this looks not bad…finger crossed.”… now that’s funny 🙂

            I don’t think Tati knows what easy means 🙂 If you want something easy, you’re on the wrong site honey 🙂 I do look forward to seeing how it went, I know you will tear it up
            I think my shoulders are going to take a beating today…. major snowfall here and it doesn’t seem to want to let up, sooooo I will be shovelling, such joy 🙁

  • Christian

    Did this today! It was that day of the month, my back and feet start to hurt so i only did 5 rounds.
    Took me exactly 20 Min.
    Next time gone do the whole round!
    Thanks for a cool & enjoyable WO. I’m alway amazed by your WO!

  • sedindriuke

    my favourite for upper body as next day i CAN FEEL it 😀

    Im gonna warm up with 150 squats and some jumping and dive into this routine :)) afterwars cardio (you posted lately) 😉 thank you Tati!

  • Jos

    I did this today after my 5 days off from working out (every 6 weeks) and boy took me twice longer than you did! @_@ I had to break it down into 2 part of 5 rounds. First 5 took me 31:14 then took 2-3 minute rest then 2nd 5 took me 29:58. Pheww!!

  • hahahha extend your arm, move dog away, …. amazing workout explanations! 🙂 I think I will need a couple of days of but when I start my workouts again I will do this one! So looking forward to this WO!! 🙂

  • omg loooveed this WO! Had to do the DB from my knees as of the fourth round. I always replace pull ups with rows. And I had to do the shoulder lifts per arm. I started with a 12 KG Kettlebell shoulder press. as of the fifth round I replaced it with 2x2kg shoulder lift. And oowww noooo I am going through the description again…now I see I forgot to write down the push offs! Ok I am of to to some mountain climbers and push offs 🙂 Awesome WO!

  • Fun!!! 38:32! Didn’t quite beat you…but I was close to your time, which makes me happy. Actually, whenever I beat you I feel I must have done something wrong, LOL.

    I did 7 rounds of pullups UNassisted (yay!). The first round I managed 5 from hanging, to pullup, to hanging, etc. The rounds after that I put my feet back on the ground, but I didn’t assist, although it’s still easier than going from hanging. I did the dips on my walker with one foot in front. Two 10lb dumbbells for the shoulder raises.

    Finished with 8 min cardio. Yay!

  • WOW you are so fast, i only did 5 rounds, without the shoulder raises, of this

    1. half way dive bomber: 6 reps

    2. wind mill side plank: 6 each side

    3. wide grip pull up: 6 reps with support

    4. S&M push off push up: 6 reps

    5. Dips on chair with legs extended: 6 reps

    time: 24:53 min.

    Then i did the simply cut abs workout with a few modifications

    3 rounds of

    1. Laying knee inn-ups-20 reps (I didnt lift me neck though, it hurted if i did)

    2. V hold (just hold) – 35 sec. omg i wanted to die on this…
    3. Stretching elbow reptile plank- 20 reps

    time: 11:19 min.

    Im pretty slow but i like to take my time on the exercises, really focusing on form.

  • Cassidy

    I was really feeling it by the ninth round, but I managed to push all the way through! 😀 I alternated between pull-ups and chin-ups between rounds, though. I’m better at chin-ups and just started pull-ups a few days ago, so I couldn’t fathom doing just straight pull-ups. :3
    47:25 was my time this go around~

  • Cassidy

    52:32?! D:
    How did my time increase so much?! Ugh. I’m trying not to be bummed…those pull-ups were hard on me today.

  • Cassidy

    49:46. That’s a better time, but I couldn’t do a proper pull-up after the seventh round. I did most of them unassisted.
    The last two rounds I skipped the pulling and just did everything else in good form. It’s hard not to feel disappointed in myself, but I’m looking on the bright side: I gave it my all.
    I’m running a 5k tonight, so I guess I saved a little extra oomph for that. 🙂