Surfer Booty Lift Workout

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Firm Butt Workout


Today’s workout was a complete torture. When I was done, the back of my back side was in shock! I combined 4 exercises to target the same muscle groups. In this routine I mainly focused on booty and thighs, the legs also got a great burn. I found this new exercise that I’ve never done before and I really enjoyed it, so I am going to incorporate this exercise more often.

This workout was about 30 minutes long, interval training. I was really struggling here and on the last round I was loosing my form a bit ( and it’s very important to have a proper form in any workout ), but I still kept pushing. I will post my scores at the end of the post.

In this workout I used a set of 10 lbs dumbbells, and my My Pink Lebert , I just can’t call it a workout equipment because it’s so pink. But you don’t need to use the equipment I was using, you can substitute it with two chairs.

I explain all of the exercises in the video.


Workout Explanation



If you are having a hard time viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.


Workout Explanations


Set your timer ( I am using Gymboss Max ) for two intervals of 15 seconds ( rest interval ) and 1 minute ( maximum effort ) for the total of 24 rounds. There is 6 exercises in this sequence but 2 of them performed on each side, so you will go through the routine 3 times.

  • 1. Back lunge & Kick Up ( one leg per interval )
  • 2. Side To Side Low Lunge
  • 3. Surfer Burpee ( the new exercise I told you about, I found it on Men’s Health website )
  • 4. One Arm Row ( one side per interval )
  • 5. Dips
  • 6. Leg Lifts


Always remember that in order to have great results from your workout, you have to follow a good nutrition plan, because your diet is 80 % of your effort, and workouts are only  20%.  I have a post about My Complete Guide To Nutrition.  Depending on the results that you would like, it is also very important to know about your pre-workout and post-workout meal.  If you are trying to loose weight, then you should only have a Whey Isolate Protein shake an hour before your workout, and nothing after your workout for at least 2 hours.

If you are trying to gain muscle then you can have a Whey Isolate Protein Shake 30 – 45 minutes before and right after your workout.   If you would like to find out more about Whey Isolate Shake, I have a post about is as well ” The Key Benefits Of Whey Isolate Protein Shake “.


My scores for this workout

1) Right Leg – 16, 16, 13 Left Leg – 18, 16, 14

2) 29, 27, 24

3) 9, 9, 9

4) Right Side – 17, 16, 14 Left Side – 17, 18, 16

5) 15, 13, 13

6) 11, 12, 10


Share your scores!

Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener


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  • Thank you for sharing Ulia :).

  • WorkItOutYourself

    Tatiana, you have great workouts :). I like how you combine weights with bodyweight exercises. I also like the fact that you look so healthy !
    PS I like your crazy pants too 😛

    • Hey 🙂

      Thank you’re so sweet. I just try to keep things creative, cause if we always do the same thing it get’s pretty boring after a while, so I enjoy all kind of equipment and bodyweight as well :). I thought those pants were so funny, I knew it was gonna get some laughs, which are also good for our fitness!

      • WorkItOutYourself

        Yes, variety is good. Are these workouts all you do or do you do something else ?

        • That’s all I do! As you can see not all of them are very short, some routines will take 30 and sometimes more minutes ( depending on each persons level ) , but it’s good to give our body a good quality training a few times a week. I workout exactly 4 days a week, 2 days lower body focused and 2 days upper body focused, in the posts I usually write which workout I did that day. I stay active on my day’s off as much as I can, just regular walking and stretching if I am in front of the TV.

          I think 4 days a week is perfect, I noticed if let’s say I do 3 full body workouts a week instead I don’t get the same results and I start slacking, with 5 days a week I feel overtrained, so 4 day’s with split routines has been the best for me so far.

          • WorkItOutYourself

            Thank you for the reply, Tatiana ! Do you alternate workout days with rest days, or your work out the 4 days and rest for 3 days ? I guess finding what works best for your body takes a while, but once you found it, it makes it easier to put up a schedule.

          • I workout 2 days in a row, then take 1 day off, then I workout for 2 more days and take 2 days off, alternating lower body and upper body focused, but I also use full body exercises in every workout to make it work as a unit ( the techniques dancers and acrobats use when they train ). My husband is an professional acrobat and I used to be a figure skater, so I apply all of the techniques I used in my skating days combined with everything I’ve learned in aerial acrobatics.

          • WorkItOutYourself

            Very wise approach, I would say :). Thank you for the details, so nice of you to share.

          • You are always welcome anytime 🙂 !!!

  • Shift_717

    Hey there, I love this blog and your exercises and i’m about to start training for my roller derby season. I am curious about the actual timing you do.
    are you resting for 15 seconds, then 15 more then working out hard for 1 minute? I think maybe i’m just confused by the timing since i’m used to a more “do 20 reps” style of working out. 

    • Hi, I usually rest 10 -15 seconds depending on the workout then I do 1 full minute of work.  Reps and intensity always varies, I switch things up all the time so I don’t hit plateau. 

  • Katerina

    This workout was so much fun, I enjoyed every second 🙂 The third time I went through all the exercises was sooo tough, but it was totally worth it! Here are my scores:

    1) right leg: 16, 16, 16; left leg: 16, 16, 16 – 5 kg weights
    2) 24, 26, 27
    3) 10, 10, 11
    4) right arm: 13, 15, 15; left arm: 15, 17, 16 – 5 kg weights
    5) 13, 13, 13
    6) 9, 10, 11 – I can’t straighten my legs, so I did a lift and lifted kick with each leg – counting as 1.

    • Thank you for sharing Katerina, I remember this workout and it was super fun!

  • Esal1

     OK I am in! As usual an amazing well thought out WO!! Thanks Tati!! I went with 50 pounds on all the weight stuff so meant slow and controlled for me. Loved it!! Scores
    1. Rt 16 14 13 Lft 15 14 13
    2. 23 23 25
    3. 11 11 10 (did 3 pulses on surfer burpeeZ. Coool move!)
    4. Rt 12 14 15 Lft 13 12 14
    … 5. 23 25 21 (did weighted chairs on this one)
    6. 17 16 14

    Followed with 6 round 10/20

    One handed rows forward/reverse
    Floor Jx
    3 pulse & Jump

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    phewwww…that was a good one!!!!  I like the 15/60 intervals… makes me slow down and concentrate on form, pace myself so I can go the full 60 seconds.  I used my sand bag at  32.5 lbs for the back lunge kick ups, I like the pulse, once again, makes you slow down.  I used 18 lb dumbbell for the first 2 rounds of the one leg bent over row, switched it to 10 lbs for the last round, arms tired.  Did chair dips.  My reps…

    1/ left pulse back lunge/ front kick  23-21-21
    2/ right leg                                    22-21-21
    3/ side to side lunge  30-31-32
    4/ 3 pulse surfer squat burpee  11-11-10
    5/ left one arm/leg row 28-27-34  I really liked these, great for balance
    6/ right                       28-28-35
    7/ chair dips 38-38-45
    8/ straight leg raises 26-27-27

    I followod this up with Day 1 of Strong Like Susans Ab Challenge

    • OMG I just love Strong Like Susan, I’ve seen several of her videos and I love her creative moves!

  • steffi_dk

    Did this one today. I trained fasted, which I almost never do, because I don´t like it and feel weak, but today it went quite well. I read many times that you should train fasted when doing IF, what are your thoughts to this. Do you train fasted, Tati?

  • I completelt misunderstood the rounds setting when I wrote this routine down …so, I did 1 min max / 15 sec rest for 24 rounds in total. I liked ending my work out week with this routine.
    Warm up: 10 mins; Dynamic Stretch: 5 mins
    1. 16-12 (right leg) 15-13 (left leg) – used 8lbs db
    2. 29-27-25-24
    3. 9-8-7-8
    4. 20- 17 (right side) 18-18 (left side) – used 8lbs db
    5. 22-22-18-17 ( assisted on dip station)
    6. 18-15-15-17 ( knee lifts on dip station)
    Cardio: 15 minutes moderate jogging.
    Cool down / stretching for 10 minutes.

  • This time I did the routine without any modification using a set of 10lbs dumbbells for #1 & #4.

    Warm up: Basic warm up routine.

    HITT: 10 Sec Jump Tuck &10 Sec Mountain Climbers for 9 rounds.

    1. R-Leg 17-16-16, L-Leg 15-15-15
    2. 30-27-30
    3. 11-10-9
    4. R-Arm 23-22-19, L-Arm 21-21-20
    5. 22-20-21 (used window stile)
    6. 17-16-13

    Post Workout Challenge…completed in 16:21
    1. 60 Thruster on a balance ball
    2. 50 reps R-arm & 50 reps L-arm KB swing with 10lbs
    3. 4 rounds of 1:15 minutes handstands (1 minute break after each round)

    HITT: 10 Sec Jump Tuck &10 Sec Mountain Climber for 9 rounds.

    Cool down & Stretching 10 minutes.

    Tomorrow is active rest day, then I’m workout free for a week. I might sneak one or two days of 3 minutes HITT if time permitts.

  • This routine was the last full body routine I did before my week off. I think it’s a good routine to start my week with again. I used 10lbs dumbbells for #1 & #4.

    Warm up: Basic warm up routine.

    Booty Challenge: 4 rounds of 30 reps Thrust on a balance ball and 30 reps of 35lbs weighted bridges.

    1. R-Leg 1616-16, L-Leg 15-15-15
    2. 32-31-32
    3. 11-11-10
    4. R-Arm 19-20-20, L-Arm 20-19-20
    5. 23-20-20 (used window stile)
    6. 15-15-15

    Finisher: 5 minutes countdown (completed 3 rounds, 5DB&MP and 6 Half Burpees.)
    1. 5 Dive Bomber & mini push
    2. 10 Half Burpees
    3. 6 Crab

    Cool down & Stretching 10 minutes.