Sun Worshipper Workout

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Upper Body Workout Routine


Hello my Darlings,

I am back with another fierce upper body & core workout routine and a mini bonus as well :). This routine is strength training and cardio at the same time, so you will not need to do any additional cardio. And this time I completed the mini bonus. In the last routine the ” Chic Chick Workout ” I realized that I messed up the amount of round for the mini bonus and you guys probably thought that I fell of my rocker. But thankfully I corrected that mistake and I hope nobody tried to complete that crazy amount.

Originally I planned to do 5 rounds of this routine, but after the 4th round I realized It was enough ( and I still had to do the bonus which was a killer ). In the beginning, this bonus will look like it’s quite easy but trust me it’s really hard and a perfect finisher to this routine.

Now make sure you do a good warm-up before beginning to exercise, I know that some people don’t take a warm-up very seriously but If you want your body to work to it’s full potential while prevention injury then a warm-up is crucial. Same goes for the proper form of each exercise, practice your form in the mirror before doing the actual workout.  Proper form is always more important than speed!

Sun Worshipper Workout Video



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my Gymboss timer, 4 furniture sliders, one dumbbell ( 10 lbs ), but you have to adjust the weight of the dumbbell to your own fitness level, and my pink toy Lebert. ( If you don’t have Lebert then you can use 2 chairs for dips and it works exactly the same ). Please watch the workout recap part of the video where I demonstrate the proper form and variations for beginners ).

Set your timer as a stopwatch, complete 4-5 rounds of the following sequence ( I completed 4 rounds + the bonus )

  • 2 walking push-ups & 2 reptiles ( that equals one rep ) – 6 reps
  • Core Slide Push-ups – 6 reps ( semi slow )
  • Side Plank Lift With a Dumbbell – 6 reps per side
  • Dips ( slow down on the way up ) – 6 reps
  • Drop Down Combo ( 6 mountain climbers, drop down, push-off = 1 rep ) – 6 reps
  • Bootcamp Combo ( 6 crab jump kicks, side plank, 2 walk overs = 1 rep ) – 6 reps


Set your timer for 2 intervals of 11 sec and 11 sec, for the total of 10 rounds. Or you can set your timer for 1 interval of 11 seconds and the total of 20 rounds. There is only one exercise:

  • Slow 11 sec Dive Bomber

It will take you 11 seconds to go into the Dive bomber then 11 seconds to push-out. In the end you will complete 10 slow Dive Bombers.




My time

It took me 38 minutes ( yes that long ) to complete 4 rounds of this workout. When I was doing the bonus, the sweat was pouring so much from my face that at one point I breathed out and it sprayed from my face ( pretty gross LOL ).


The name of this workout was inspired by China Glaze Nail Polish – ” Sun Worshipper “, which I am wearing in the video :).


Have fun with your training my darlings! ( Oh I almost forgot to tell you, next workout is going to be Full Body by requests 😉 )


PS – A lot of you guys always ask me where I get my tights, I get them from ebay. Here is a link to an actual URL results by which I find my tights. ( I have an affiliation with ebay, but the only reason why I’m affiliated with them is because I shop 90% mainly on bay, and I think they have the best deals ever and the lowest prices. That’s why I recommend it to everyone ).


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • WorkItOutYourself

    Ooph….if I could get a workout only by watching you 🙂 . I did a full  body workout today and also included dive bombers. I just love these, they’re so hard and fun !

    • Yes they are I love them too, when you do them slow they are even harder.

  • Elena Kozlovsky

    Tatiana, thank you for bringing back the dice bombers. I find they are the most effective exercises when it comes to upper body. This one was very refreshing! Spasibo bol’shoe!

    • Ochen rada chto vam ponravilos 🙂

  • Hi there :), let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  • Hi Gaik, 

    I actually have a video with these exercises but it’s in Russian.  I’m gonna explain to you how you’re suppose to do these exercises, then give you the link to the video.  First one is march in place the way I am showing in the video with your arms by your side, and you will do this exercise for 5 minutes every day.  

    Second is bouncing just a little on a balance ball, the way I am showing in the video also 5 minutes.  Then, you will see an exercise where I lay down on the floor and do lifts you will do 10 of those lifts several times a day.  Then the exercise with an opposite hand and foot extensions, and you will do those 20 per side.  Here is the video, let me know if you have any questions :

    • Gaik

      Hi Tatiana.  Thanks so much for the quick reply.  Your explanation was very succinct and will definitely be doing it this evening.  Have a great day ahead! 

      • Thank you Gaik,

        Have a wonderful day as well!

  • Wow, thank you so much, this looks amazing. I wrote it down. I am actually planning on making all of the recipes you guys share with me and posting them :).  Thank you so much 🙂

  • Hi Rachel :), 

    I am so happy you are liking the workouts :).  My wrists also do hurt sometimes and I stretch them, cause we also have muscles there and these exercises that we do are pretty difficult.  I also stretch my toes, cause sometimes I even feel sore there.  

    I do the Russian explanations because I have a lot of Russian subscribers and they don’t understand English so I don’t want to leave the out.

  • taltul73

    im so excited to try this later…. look brutal and fan. will let you know
    much love 
    have a wonderful wonderful day

    • Hi Sweet Tali 🙂

      Let me know when you try it, 

      Have a wonderful day as well 🙂

  • I just finished this workout, it took me 34 minutes with 4 seconds to do 4 rounds.
    I used some kitchen towels to do the slide push ups, I found it very hard to come back in the plank position.
    The last exercise was the hardest for me, I really don´t know why. 

    Unfortunately I did not do the bonus, my arms were shaking and my abs on fire!


  • Christian Gieldanowski

    Just finished this! Only did 3 round and the bound.
    Use again plastic bag for the core slide PU. For some reason it was so hard to come back to plank position.
     3 rounds took me exactly 30 Min.
    The slow Dive Bomber was killer, i was soooo happy to hear the beep.

    Haha i did all  20 rounds of the bonus in the last workout. I did 2 sets of 10 rounds. 

    Thanks again and have a wonderful day all!

    • OMG wow you did all 20 rounds, my hat is off to you!!! I can’t believe you did that, wow

  • Esal1

    Hi Tati!!  Got this one on tap for the morning.  11 sec dive bombers youch!  Hope all is well with you!

    • Hi Ethan 🙂

      I’m thinking to do some of your hourlies today, it’s been busy few days so your hourlies are sound just what I need 🙂

      • Esal1

        So do you do muscle ups Tati???

        • Hi Ethan, 

          So I am on my 5th round in about 4 minutes, and I’m not even sure I could do the 6th one, but I am gonna try :).  I have no idea how you are able to do this everyday, I guess you’re use to it already, it’s tough. 

  • Nabi

    Hi Tatiana
    I a doing this tonight, but I just wanted to point out that somehow this has been labeled “lower body” and does not turn up on the “upper body” search page. 🙂 Cheers!

    • OMG Nabi, thank you so much for pointing that out!!!  You were correct it was labeled as a lower body :), I fixed it 🙂

      Thank you so much 🙂

      • Nabi

        No problem, Tatianna! Just happy to help make the site better.
        I did 4 rounds in 33 min and 41 secs – I so wanted to do the bonus so I went for 4 rounds instead of 5 to save some juice for those dive bombers..! And, boy, they were super hard. I don’t understand how you are supposed to extend them for 11 secs!! My arms gave in twice in the end – definitely gotta work on those…

        • Thank you thank you my dear 🙂

          It was hard for me too, but with time it will be easier and we can even extend the interval.  The slower the better because it gathers up all of the muscles and it’s a perfect finisher to a routine 🙂

  • jt

    Workout’s gonna have to wait… was planning to do it but then made some homemade bread (I have been procrastinating on that for about a week!), and didn’t feel like working out today… a bit tired but… I had also forgotten that I should REST today!!! Sooo relieved lol!! Anyway, this workout looks incredibly tough!!! Monday is the day… 🙂
    Have a nice weekend everyone!

    • Hi JT :), 

      I made some pancakes :), feel a bit tired as well…  Have a wonderful weekend !

  • Bibi

    Yaay, I am going to do this tomorrow morning! I actually wanted to do it this evening, but I have worked all day long selling icecream and can’t move anymore  …. (stupid student jobs!) … :D!  I am really looking forward to do the core slide push ups, they look awesome!
    And I have a potentially stupid question. Do you know any exercises to strengthen the feet? My feet often hurt and it seems as if they weren’t strong enough to endure long or intensive (physical) stress although I have done sports for more than 20 years….

    • Wow that’s a good question Bibi, I’m gonna need to look into it, but I am sure there is something we can do to strengthen feet 🙂

    • tee_w

      hi bibi,

      I have a couple of suggestions!  I find jumping on a mini trampoline in bare feet helpful when your feet hurt after a long day of standing on them.  or rolling a tennis ball under your foot.  for helping strengthen the muscles use a towel and your bare feet and kind of scrunch up the towel towards you using your toes.  walking on sand at the beach is good if you have one around!
      put insoles or arch supports in your shoes.  and I use skechers shape up shoes always now because they help keep my weight off my heels and help you roll through your foot when you walk, plus they kind of give you a bit of a schoochy feeling like your walking in sand.  my foot pain was so bad a few years back that by the end of a shift I could hardly walk.  skechers saved my life!  I can do anything now, even run!

      • Bibi

         Hello!! Thank you for your advice! I will try the towel thing. Unfortunately, I don’t habe a mini trampoline and don’t have space to store a new one (student dorm). But I will definitely get new, better shoes! Maybe not shape ups because when I once tested them I hardly could walk with them….

        • tee_w

          ha ha!  bibi, the first day I bought my first pair I stupidly wore them for an 8 hr shift at work,  and they made me nauseous! but I couldn’t take them off! lol I work as a janitor in a school and I have to vacuum carpeted classrooms so I have to bend down all day and pick up stuff that’s too big to vacuum.  OMG it was like I was drunk and had the spins!  but my feet didn’t hurt!  and after that I was totally fine!  and I used to wake up every morning with lower back pain, and that went away as well!

          buying new arch supports would be a good first start, and when your feet hurt, the tennis ball is great, and really cheap!

  • tee_w

    This one looks fun, except for the sliders! lol I’ll have to pencil this in somewhere!  I am curious though Tatianna, wouldn’t the negative for the dips be on the way down,  I always make sure I do my best to come down with no assist but assist on the way up?

    Oh, and no way I’m doing that bonus!  lol

    • Tee_weeeee do the bonus it’s quite amazing :).

      The negative movement is when the muscle shrinks :), when you are going down it’s stretches, so it actually only works when you are going back up from which ever movement you are doing.  If you are always focusing on the back up then you are making the muscle work harder.  

      • tee_w

        never heard this before?  I’ve been lifting weights since I was 18 and negatives are always the lowering of the weight movement or when the muscle is stretching.  we used to do reps to failure then have an assist to do negatives to increase our strength.  (also makes your muscles more sore! lol)  when you are practicing pullups you use an assist to get up and then try to come down on your own (the negative?) I was sure you demonstrated this in one of your workouts.  the eccentric motion is the lengthening of the muscle and in everything I’ve ever read, referred to as negative and associated with greater muscle strengthening?

        anyways, I think I’m going to go do a couple rounds of this workout, it’s very late (almost 1am) so I probably won’t do as many as you but I’m not sure I’ll have a chance to workout tomorrow  hee hee hee, let’s go!

        • Tee, you are totally right, I messed it up on the dips, I was looking over my books and in the way the dips are you are doing the negative on the way down.  I’m gonna have to correct it in the video.  Thank’s Tee 🙂

          Have fun with your workout!

          • tee_w

            that’s OK, you were doing the hardest part, the up! I had just wondered because you called them negatives! lol

            Isn’t it late where you are? It’s almost 2 am here!

          • Yep it was late, but I had so much work that I didn’t go to bed until 5.  I am so happy you corrected me because imagine if you didn’t, I would of kept making a fool out of my self, LOL.  

          • tee_w

            ah! you never look foolish!

  • tee_w

    OK I’m back – did two rounds! did dive bombers and side planks earlier so this was tough! my arms are burning!  It took me 14 min 06 sec for the two rounds.

    and no bonus!  ha ha!

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    I just got time to check in,and say hi to you all…I am fine, everything is great..I will try to check in in a few days…

    kisses to you all

    • Kate_CZ

      Hello Ivana!!! 🙂

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      hi Ivana, hope you are having FUN !!!!

    • Have Fun Ivana :), thank you for checkin inn. Kisses and Hugs 🙂

  • Kate_CZ

    Thank you for creating such great workouts, Tatiana!

    5 rounds with 2kg bottle with water as a dumbbell took me exactly 34 minutes. And then I died in the middle of the bonus 🙂 I did only 4 proper Dive Bombers, than colapsed in the middle of the fifth one and finished the rest 4 off of my knees. 11 seconds can be sooo long! 

    • You are very welcome Kate, I love creating them and I am so happy you guys are liking it!

  • Esal1

    Hi Tati!  Nice WO!  Really enjoyed it, am going to have to do more w/ the sliders.  I know there are all kinds of things you can do with them.  Really dug the Slo Mo Dive Bombers, I used to do a lot of slo mo stuff, not as much lately, I think because I have generally slowed my WOs down.  How do you feel today after your day of hourlies??????

    • OMG Ethan, 

      Everything hurts!  I ended up to do 7 hourlies, and I am so sore that we can’t eve shoot today, but the good news is that this is a great way to gain strength, so I am definitely going to do these at least once and maybe even get a little crazier and do it twice a week :).  Thank you Ethan for introducing me to your hourlies 🙂

      • yboog

        What is a hourlie?

        • Hourlies is when you do a mini workout every hour, pick 3-4 exercises and nice amount of reps but don’t go crazy because it shouldn’t take you more than 5 min all together.  Pick lets say an 7-8 hour day.  

          I tried it and I really like it 🙂

          • tee_w

            I’ve been doing little exercises over the last couple days, I used to do this but got out of it.  Ethan inspired me again!  But not 50 reps all at once!  lol  I’ve been doing 10 air squats everytime I go to the bathroom, then curling the garbage I take out, 5 – 10 reps depending on how heavy it is, doing 5 kickbacks with the lighter garbages,10 jump lunges here and there, and then sets of 10 pushups and 10 reverse pullups under a table!  I’ve been averaging about 40 curls and kickbacks, 40 jump lunges, 80 squats, and 50 pushups/reverse pullups per my shift at work! Fun, and only a few seconds to a minute each so I don’t get behind in my work!

          • Teeeee_weeeee :), 

            I’ve been inspired by Ethan as well :), I want to write a post about his little hourlies :), I’m so loving them too!  I want to make sure I test it out in different ways so nobody gets overtrained, it’s pretty amazing at building strength !

          • tee_w

            I’ve been doing a little bit extra each night at work when I can squeeze something in. like 10 reps of this and 10 reps of that. one night I was doing squats, curls, kickbacks, one night jump lunges, pushups, reverse pullups. another night I did narrow pushups and wide reverse pullups and lunges. another night I did burpees, diamond pushups and tricep dips. maybe this will give you some ideas!

            Hey, you don’t know any tricks for getting arm definition fast, do you? maybe if I wave them around a lot? lol I am going to my 30 yr grad reunion and would like to actually look like I workout. I’ve lost 27lb but still have probably at least 20 more to go, which obviously I can’t lose in two weeks, thought I was starting to look OK but saw pictures from my son’s grad 2 weeks ago. stupid arms just look fat! 🙁

          • Evaleen

            Maybe during the reunion, sneak away every 30 min or so to crank out a few push-ups, so you keep looking tight and buff all day. xD

          • tee_w

            thanks evaleen! my arms don’t have any definition yet though, so don’t look different after exercise. I was just hoping maybe there was some miracle tip for getting defined arms that I didn’t know! but I know there no such thing as spot reducing, but I thought it was worth a shot to ask Tatianna.

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            hahahaha Tee…miracle tip…duct tape over the mouth…arm definition is like abs….all in the diet and body fat percentage…you’ll get there…keep it up

          • tee_w

            I thought my idea of waving them around more was pretty good, no?
            my weight is down to 141lb! whoohoo I’m realistic, I’ll never have abs due to my babies but I’ve always wanted arm definition, I’m not sure it is possible as when I weighed 98lbs in high school – no muscles showed (well I really didn’t have any!) my arms were 9.5 inches then, I started lifting weights – bodybuilding, my arms grew to over 11 inches, I weighed 118, and still could not see the muscles!
            I’ve missed the banter! lol
            duct tape! really! lol

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            sounds like you are really making progress Tee…make sure you work the shoulders too, they help give your upper arm definition…duct tape, truly Canadian diet plan…lol

          • Hi Tee :), I was just reading your comment below – you can have abs!!! I know a lot of girls who had 3 children and have killer abs. The same with arm definition. If you want more definition in your arms then after your regular workouts you can do isolation exercises specifically for your arms.

          • tee_w

            thanks tatianna! I have massive stretch marks and stretched skin, that’s why no abs but I do want a flat belly! lol I have been trying extra exercises for my arms, didn’t know if it would do anything or not. I’ll keep trying, as I’d like to look like I work out, not like I just dieted like most people and my arms just seem to hold fat!

          • Esal1

            Hi Tee!! Great to see you have joined the hourlies club!! It should be said that the name Hourlies was coined by Shay Thompson, one of the original “Disavowed” and one of the nicest guys you will probably never meet. Gerri Lee started me on the PU Club with BR Bonnie (we miss you Bonnie!!), after I advanced a little there I started doing PUs everytime I went to the restroom. Soooooo some days I did a lot, some days not so much. Shay came along and started doing like a mini WO every hour called “Hourlies”. I simply thought it was a fantastic idea and jumped on board. I love the Hourlies, it would probably be hard to get me to stop now. I will enjoy seeing what Tati comes up with!!

          • tee_w

            hi ethan! I also used to do that when we were doing that pushup challenge as I couldn’t do the pushups all at once like gerri lee could. Z has also mentioned doing these little challenges during the day, years ago! I used to do them but had got lazy! my job is steady working so it is impossible to do hourlies but I can take time to do 5 or 10 curls or walking lunges while I’m working!

      • Esal1

        Hi Tati,

        Glad you like them!! How many PU at a time did you settle on?? I ffel terrible though about the shoot, people rely on you and your great WOs. You will be back and stronger, right?? And no Tati, THANK YOU

        • Ohh don’t feel terrible darling, we will be still shooting tomorrow :).  Of course I settled for 50 PU, how could I do less than :).  And I did 12 one leg squats, and 50 sit ups with a medicine ball.  I also think it’s good to always change the exercises day to day,  but I am definitely loving these hourlies, even my husband loves the idea.  
          It is definitely a great way to build strength, I am going to come up with a good plan for these hourlies of yours and incorporate them every other day or so, it does build strength and muscle but there needs to be a certain approach and rest time, I have to figure out how to do it and do some calculations on these.

          • Esal1

            Hey Tati!! Did you hear from Susan???? To me that would be awesome to see you two work together. Check the vid out I posted on our site of my “Monday morning Spaz out”

          • Hi sweetie :), yes she wrote to me, I hope we can collaborate on some videos :), she is awesome I can’t wait!  Let me go check out your video 🙂

      • Esal1

        Hey Tati! Are you still trying to figuer out a good hourlie WO??? Also, what is the news on a SLS collaberation

  • erlingtonjames

    Wow I think that was your hardest workout for me. I could only do three rounds, I really tried my best lol! And the bonus I did but only could do three rounds again lol. but I will go back to this workout again in a few days and try to hit the four rounds. The side plank with dumbbell, I only did without because I found I was wobbling a bit. My time 32.09 three rounds. Thank you.  

    • Yes this one was tricky, It looked much easier on paper but in the actual workout it was quite difficult.

  • ? ??? ??????? ??? ?????? ?? 25 ?????… ???? ???????? ? ? ?????? ???????????. ????? ?????? ???? ????? ??????, ????????? ??????????

    • Da s krabikom nado bit ostorogno.

  • yboog

    Good afternoon Tatiana!
    Amazing workout you have here!
    So I did Day 1 & 2 of SLS ab challenge! Took me 50 min.
    By the time I got to this one I could only complete ONE round! hahahaha! 6:30. At least now I know what I’m getting into! 
    LOVE,LOVE the core slide PUs!!! Oh, and I did the Dive Bomber bonus!

    Gonna go for the whole shabang tomorrow morning! Thanks again!

    • Yay, I am glad you did the dive bomber bonus, I think I am going to add a mini bonus at the end of every workout, it’s like a good kick in arsie 🙂

      • yboog

        Those dive bombers are 10x tougher in slow motion! 
        Short tough bonuses are indeed a killer kick!

      • yboog

        I could hear u in my head saying “Don’t be lazy!” lol! So even though I could only do 1 round I pushed for that beautiful bonus ; )

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      greedy greedy Yboog…lol…gotta do them all in one day…Esal called the core slides a Scooby Doo move….like that description myself

      • yboog

        I know right! hahahahaha!!! Saturdays are the days that I have 2 hours to myself and I put a whole bunch of W/o on my notebook then say GO until u cant any more! lol!!!!!!!!!

        I usually don’t stop a w/o if I start it,…but the “Scooby Doos” and brought the hammer down and put my hyper ass in my place!!!! SHEESH! lol!

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          LOL !!!!!!

        • Ha Ha that’s funny!

  • Evaleen

    I had to try at least one of your upper body routines before I started the PU program, and this simply looked too fun… but omg, tough as coconuts!!! Those core sliders were amazingly hard– had a difficult time moving all four limbs in coordination, but still did them best I could. Also had to do the dips with hands placed on a chair behind me (I did all but 3 with legs straight), and used a 5lb dumbbell for the side lifts. My wrists were taking everything pretty hard, so took plenty of min-breaks… got the 4 rounds done in 36:30, but no bonus. 🙁 I really wanted to at least try it, but during my last round of push-offs, I think my hand caught a shard buried in my carpet– cause something tore a dime-sized blister on my palm. :-0 Quickly grabbed a loose-fitting glove for that hand to finish the workout, stinging and all lol.

    Anyway, thanks for a great great challenge Tatianna!!! And for the awesome new way to use those furniture sliders, I love these new play-things! xD

  • yboog

    Happy Sunday!
    Sundays are the days I go to the gym with my mommy, so the floor sucked in there for sliding. 
    I started with 4 minutes 10/20×8 HKS, ended with 4 minutes 10/20×8 basic crunches and 15 minute Flow stretch.

    I substituted the Core Slide PUs for 10 modified core slides, no PU. 
    Dips with arms on one bench and feet up on another, and 8lb dumbbell for the sd plank lift.

    5 rounds: 32: 45 WOOOOSH!!!

    Thanks Tatiana for the killer workout!!!

    • Thank you for sharing yboog 🙂

      Happy Sunday!

  • Hi,
    Yesterday I did this workout and today I feel pain in my neck (sorry for my english). Do you have any idea why?

    • Yes I think I know why, you must of positioned your head wrong on the push-offs.  Try to stretch it like this:  Lay down on your back, relax your body completely, place both hands behind your head and lock them.  Now while keeping your body relaxed pull your head forward gently, this will stretch it our nicely and relieve the pain 🙂

      •  Thank you Tanjusha) It’s more better now

        • Ne za chto :), I am glad you are feeling better 🙂

  • ltwin

    Oi dorogaya 😉 ya tolko 4to iz dusha… posle etogo workout i streching..
    IT WAS A TOUGH ONE! my upper body is very weak so I have to work more on that.. But I managed to do 4 rounds, they took me 29 minutes… I had to do assisted dips, they seem sooo hard for me.. AND I did the bonus ;)) yeah, I did the dive bombers – intervals slightly 😉 different 10 x (5/5) and still were KILLER!
    Thank you dorogaya Tatianna for another great workout!
    so, now it’s time for bed…
    good night (europe) and have a great sunday (usa)

    • Umnisa moya!  Spokojnoj nochi i sladkih snov 🙂

  • sedindriuke

    33:26 min. 5 rounds . I feel heat in my arms now while Im sitting after shower and having post workout cup of natural yoghurt with some whey protein powder, flax seed, coconut and wheat bran, before it i ate handful of spinach :))

    Sliding push core push ups were…. not synchronized: first spliting legs, then arms, because it was difficult to do it together, but I did it in my way as I managed. It was really tough but sooooo ggoood as all your workouts 🙂 Thanks Girl!
    p.s. which products did you choose to buy from Akoma Skincare (from the link I posted on FB)? :))

    • Hey 🙂

      I got the raw cocoa butter :), can’t wait till it gets’ here I am obsessed with things like that.  I tried looking for an american site, but they only have it in UK.  Thank you so much for this site, I love it!

      • sedindriuke

        I am waiting raw cacao butter as well. I had Shea butter and Avocado oil from them, Shea butter is really good stuff for all skin problems.

        For tomorrow I have chosen Flip Flop Fantasy Workout and now time to go to sleep as 11 pm here 🙂 I feel warm in my muscles still … but crazy .. in my legs as well 😀

        P.S. Will you post something about hourlies? 🙂 Sometimes at work I do some exercises to fight with boredom and to make the time go faster… But I think it is not good to do it every day and too often as I am working out… the body will adapt huge amount of exercising and there is a change to get a plateu… am i wrong at all?

        • Yep you are right, that’s why I am trying to test out in different way’s and then share it once I got it down.  Cause I don’t want anyone to get overtrained so I am trying to figure out how we can incorporate it. 

  • Helena

    Hi, Tati
    I would like to develop my shoulders.
     I make all kinds of exercises for shoulders, but only got a bit of front deltoides.
    What do you suggest to me?
    Thankou for all amazing workouts videos and your carism

    • Hi Helena, 

      What kind of exercises do you do for your shoulders now, and how often?

      • Helena

        1x week -shoulder press,up right row, arnold press after the workouts and I don’t feel my shoulder muscles burn, i use 4kg 
        I’ve done p90xI, 3 years ago and Global fitness  1year.

        • In order to build shoulders you have to work all sides of the shoulder.  So you would have to do a combination of shoulder presses of the chair, side dumbbell raises, bent over side dumbbell raises, monkey push-ups and dive bombers.  

          • Helena

            thank you, I’ll start the shoulder workouts  like said.
            it was great to have found your blog you ‘r very frendly.thanks again

          • No problem 🙂

  • Vivi

    I did it today, in 4 rounds. I really enjoyed it ! My time is 14.42min.
    Just I modified the 2nd exercise because nothing to slide so I did dynamo PU.  I worked more my arms than my abs with this one 😉

    have  a nice day 😉

    • Thank you for sharing Vivi :), yes dynamo push-ups do work more arms than abs)

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    Awesome workout! My time was 37:21. I did 4 rounds and the bonus as well, but I managed to be slow only half way through. I guess I’m still not strong enough, but I will get there 😉 I used 3 kg for the side plank lift and I had to use my legs for the triceps dips – I just couldn’t lift them while I was down. I used 4 towels for the sliding push-up and I couldn’t slide as smoothly, but I guess that just made it harder on my abs, or at least it felt that way 🙂

    It was tough but fun! I especially liked the walking push-ups and reptiles and the last exercise.

    Thank you Tatiana, I love being fit with you 🙂

    • Katerina :), thank you so much for sharing and I love that you are loving to be fit with me 🙂

  • AlishisPhillips

    Wow, this was a great upper body workout.  My time was just over 35 min.  I did all the push-ups from my knees, and I didn’t do the slide push-up, I just did regular push-ups.  I also completed the bonus.  It was pretty killer, and my arms are like dead weight, even holding my arms to type is strenuous 🙂
    I had to take lots of breaks for the boot-camp combo because my wrists were hurting.  Now, time to figure out something delicious for dinner. 🙂  thanks for a mighty fine workout!
    P.S. REALLY looking forward to the full body workout.  Those are my favorite!

    • Hi Alishis, 

      We are filming it tomorrow, we were suppose to film it Sat but I was so sore from previous days and wanted to give my self a break.  But trust me it will be worth the wait, and it’s gonna be a fun one!!!

      Make sure you stretch your wrists, I also have my wrists sore sometimes but I stretch them on a regular basis and usually the pain goes away almost right away after a stretch :).

      Have a nice dinner, I’m gonna go have a late lunch right now 🙂

  • Awesome upper body workout!!! I loved the new exercises/combos!! Finished all 5 rounds in 35:15 + the dive bomber bonus….which I ended up having to drop to my knees for the last 4 of them.  Looks like I’ll be sore tomorrow lol thank you!!

    • You are very welcome Alyssa 🙂

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    so I have a minute or two and I just wanted to say hi,and that I started a push up mini program yesterday…

    kisses to you all

    p.s. oh yes, I find a brick like Tatiannas one hour ago here in camp….:)

    • Esal1

      Must have missed something here,…. you are coming back???? Not gonna be the same.

      • tee_w

        she’s at her summer camp for 3 months, she’ll be back!

  • OMG girl you workout a lot, I have to catch up!!!

  • Kalin

    Hi Tatianna!

    This one was my first workout in almost three weeks. I really aggravated a knee tendonitis issue I’ve been dealing with recently by dancing my ass off at a parade 3 weeks ago! Jumping on concrete for hours = no good for tendonitis! Argh. I needed to start back slow with focus on core & upper body since I still can’t jump for now (I even had to modify crab jump kicks in this one) – and this one was perfect! The core sliding push ups are INGENIOUS!! Wow, who ever thought of using furniture sliders? Brilliant – and killer!!! What’s really interesting is that since I’ve left that other site and found you, I’ve developed a fresh appreciation for form vs. speed. Your form is absolutely flawless, and I’m noticing that your emphasis on form over speed is really starting to change my approach to fitness. I’m typically a fast mover, and enjoy that – but sometimes that tendency does me more harm than good! As an aside, what do you think of Power of 10? I just heard about it the other day and was wondering what your take is.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying everything about your work, and how much impact it is having on me. Thank you so much for being here for us!!

    • Hi Kalin, 

      Welcome to Loving Fit :).  I am happy that you are focusing on form vs speed now, cause it’s more important not only for results but health over all.  I’ve never heard of the power of 10, what is it exactly?

      • Kalin

        Here it is:

        It’s a book that emphasizes the importance and potency of slow motion training. I haven’t read it myself but will be soon. I’m not sold on the once-a-week aspect of it, but other than that, it sounds interesting.

        And just so you know – I’m the same Kalin who posted in Perfect Abs Afterglow – I think it was – a few weeks ago. I decided that this email address was better to use instead 🙂 Sorry for the confusion!

        • Ohh yes yes I did hear about this program :), I love the approach, I think slow training brings great results, I do exercises this way at the end of my workouts as bonuses 🙂

  • Yep, that’s how I felt this morning 🙂

  • Just finished this one–oy–it’s one of those that really builds up.  Lots of holding yourself in plank-like positions so by the end you can’t do 6 mountain climbers.  And those dive bombers were pure torture.  It reminded me of when I would sometimes do that weightlifting that’s really slow (one guy called it the 12 second workout because each rep is 12 seconds long).  I called it the “where’s my baby” workout because at the end of it you have gone through such torture and slow breathing to deal with it that it feels like you should have given birth by the end of it.  These dive bombers were like that!  I was tasting my sweat in my mouth the whole time!  After the third one I dropped to my knees, then would sometimes go up on my feet for the first part.  It makes me realize I should probably do your isometric workout next.  You’re always saying to switch up the type of workout we do to keep our muscles guessing.  I love that you think about that and always vary it up–thank you!
    10lb dumbbell: 30:35 in four rounds for the first part.  I had yesterday off so I did a 10 min cardio workout after too.  Thanks Tatianna!  

  • Mariasole Verdi

    just finished in 38.59 mins. had to switch to beginners variations cause it was hard on my wrists. very tough 🙂 have a nice day everybodyyy.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Just finished…talk about a shoulder killer!!!!  the scooby doo sliders are fun!!!  I did all 5 rounds and it took me 23:54.  I then did Day 7 SLS abs.  Still had a bit of time so started in on the bonus slow mo dive bombers …I only got 5 rounds in, was getting a charlie horse in my left trap muscle, so thought I should stop.  Need to be able to lift things at work that weigh about 60 lbs off the floor.  I did my dips on a dip station without assistance, and used a 10 lb weight for the hip drops.

    • Annebel Wind

       Hi Gerri,

      You did 5 rounds?! Wow.. One extra and in such a fast time.. i did just the 4 in 40 min… Respect..

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi Tatianna, thanks for this nice one.. It is a shoulder killer. Like Gerri Lee Schafer is saying.. I did the 4 rounds.. No bonus..I will do those later.. I really feel my rists at the moment, so give them some rest.. I will do the bonus later tonight.. 

    • You’re very welcome Annbell 🙂

  • Omg i just ate my post workout snack after this brutal workout, + a leg bonus i created. I modified it a bit, just 1 exercise though, the last one, and did the side plank without weight but doubled the reps 😉

    4 rounds
    1. 2 walking push ups + 2 reptiles – 6 reps
    2. Core slide push up – 6 reps
    3. Side plank lift – 12 reps each side (bodyweight only)
    4. Dips – 6 reps (full dips between two chairs, no assistance)
    5. 6 m.climbers, drop down , push off – 6 reps
    *6. Crab position, come to full squat position, squat up, squat down to crab and do 6 crab jump kicks, turn over into a plank “monkey position”, come to a full squat position and jump up, return down and turn over to the other side into crab position. – thats 1 rep. (so in each combo you do 6 crab jump kicks, 1 squat, 1 jump squat) – 6 reps total

    total time: 36:24 reps

    then my killer thighs bonus:
    1. 1 leg wall sit pulses with 3kg on the leg thats not lifted- 1 min each leg (2 min total)
    2. Regular wall sit with 6 kg (3kg on each leg) – 2 min
    3. Calve raise wall sit (normal wall sit but with calves lifted) with 6 kg(3kg each leg) – 2 min

    i wanted to do 8 min in total but my thighs died lol .

    My back/upper body is gonna be so sore tomorrow………. 😀 and im gonna go bouldering tomorrow if it doesnt rain, i feel sorry for my back..


  • Mindy Woolard

    I’m in love with your website! Thank you so much for all your inspiration and everything you do ! 🙂

  • So far, this is the toughest routine for me on this site. I did 2 minutes of pistols and 50 sec of 4 rounds of planks before this routine; I was to wiped at the end to do anymore.
    Completed 4 rounds in 41:48 (I used 8lb DB on Side Plank Lifts & dips on Dip station.) I could not think of doing a fifth round. Bonus round was completed. Doing dive bomber 11/11sec for 10 rounds was like rubbing pepper to an opened injury. I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day for me. I’ll be doing a second round of full body stretch.

  • Petra

    Just finished this workout. It was brutal! I was soaked in sweat! I was initially planning to finish it off with Susan’s Ab Challenge, but had no strength in my arms for her plank moves. 🙁 I did however include 2 one min planks. I’m going to try to follow your workout regimen. How soon can I expect to see results? Its going to be a challenge to take so many days off and break the habit of exercising 6 times a week.

    • Always make sure your form is spot on, you should start seeing results within 1-2 weeks, it’s different for everyone. But trust me when you take that break every 6 weeks for 5 days, you will actually notice strength and muscle gains in that week, even though you won’t be exercising. If you exercise 6 days a week your body can’t develop, because our body only develops at rest not when we exercise, it needs time to build the muscle after it has been stimulated.

  • Petra

    I forgot to mention that it took me 30:22 min to finish 4 rounds. I had to modify dips since I have no equipment. I also ended dropping the dumbbell 3rd and 4th round.

  • Thank you sweetie :), welcome to Loving Fit

    By the way, did you know that Zuzka has a new YouTube channel? She uploads 1 video a week, her channel name is ZuzkaLight

  • daybelis garcia

    Omg I did this workout again yesterday and my time for four rounds was 34 minutes…. I also did a bonus round for 8 minutes and the dive bombers bonus. Wowww I was sweating so much and I definitely noticed my improvement from last time especially in my form. Today I feel sore and it feels good;) thank u as always

  • Zivenaberry

    Great workout! I did 4 rounds in 39:10. I was so proud of myself that I did the core slides without any mods. They were super hard, but very fun, you should def add those in another routine! I did do the bonus, had to take a couple of breaks, that was brutal! Also did 20 rounds of 10/30 moderate skipping and then 3 rounds of 20x back lifts for the posture challenge.

  • I did this workout for the second time. the first time I did in June and I could do only 2 rounds for the 27 minutes and then i was died. this time I did all exercises in 42 MINUTEES!!!! I did it!!!

  • Did this again! It was calling me. I like how it works so much at once. For the core slides (Gerri Lee calls them Scooby Doo push ups, lol) I didn’t have proper sliders–too much friction, or not even friction on all four limbs. So instead I did these tiger push ups that GL posted on the Disavowed page:

    They reminded me of your push back push ups. This workout was great–perfect for me tonight. I’m too tired to do a finisher, so I skipped out on abs. I figure they’ll be okay. 🙂 Oh–took me 32:29 this time.

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    I was so intimidated and scare of this workout even before I tried it. Well, I am so glad that I finished 4 rounds in advance form in 35:17 and then I completed the 5th round at 42:32 and also completed the Bonus, yeah! I am proud of myself for giving it a try and believe in my own strength. I started with a 10 minute warm up, then the routine + the Bonus, then I did The Alignment of Abs and I am doing an IITC too. wow! I felt so good at the end! Thank you Tati!

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    Oh Tati Tati Tati!! I love you and I hate you for this one!! hahahaha
    My arms are like shaking like jello right now 🙂

    This is one of my favorite workouts and I am very amazed that since working with you my form has improved so much, my goal is to do every rep as perfect as you do! 🙂

    Ok, so today, I started with 10 minute warm up before this little minion.
    No modifications and all in advanced form.
    4 full rounds in 34:15 then I pushed myself to do another one.
    5 full rounds = 41:25!

    I also did the 11/11 Dive Bomber Bonus, wow that was painful!

    Then I did a few handstands but I still do them facing the wall and walking legs and arms until reaching almost vertical position. I need a spotter to do it the other way since I’ve never done it before.

    I also completed 50 burpees with push ups as a short cardio.

    I love you Tati!!

  • Kane

    This is an amazing core workout. For extra burn, try doing 2 rounds of 12 reps per exercise instead of 4 rounds of 6 reps per exercise – OOF.

  • Michelle_G

    This is an amazing work out! Love love love! My time for 4 rounds was 36:26!!! For the bonus I did reverse pushup instead of dive bombers- OMG! that was hard!!

    Thanks tati! !