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Lower Body Workout Routine


Hello my darlings,

I am back with another lower body workout, after a much needed 4 days off. First things first, few days ago I did a chat with a Disavowed Rockers Group and I promised that in the next video I will do one leg squats on a medicine ball, and of course I kept my promise. You will see me do one legs squats on a medicine ball at the beginning of the video right before the workout :).

It’s been a while since I’ve done an interval training routine so I thought today was the perfect day for it. In the beginning I was planning to add a little bonus after my workout but I was so done after the 3rd part of the routine that I will leave that little bonus for you guys if you choose, I totally dare you to finish the bonus :).

I also want to share something with you guys, some words of inspiration you may call it. In Russia we have these mini stories and we call them Pritchi. The other day one of my friends on Facebook sent this one to me and I translated it into English for you guys.

It’s called ” Broken Glass ” : A teacher had asked three of his students: ” Why does the glass break when you throw a rock into the window ? ”
– Because the rock is heavy, – the first one said.
– Because the the glass is weak – the second one said.
– Because the hand that threw the rock was strong and aim was perfect – the third one said.
Then the teacher spoke: No one from the three of you had given me the right answer. The answer is because the window was closed! Learn to walk on your way with an open heart, and no enemy’s arrow will ever be able to break it, going through your soul.

I love reading these mini stories before I go to sleep, because if we go to sleep humbled and inspired, imagine how we’re gonna wake up every day :).

Now let’s get to the workout, make sure you warm-up before beginning to exercise and learn the proper form of each exercise preferably in front of the mirror.



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my timer, my 40 lbs Versa Fit bag, a pair of dumbbells 10 lbs each, and my pink toy Lebert. This workout is an interval training, and it’s broken down into 3 parts and at the end of each interval training part I did 20 reps of knee raises. If you are still alive after all 3 parts then you can add a little bonus which I explain in the video :).


Part one

Set your timer for 2 intervals, first interval is 15 seconds ( rest interval ), second interval is 40 sec ( max effort ), for the total of 8 rounds. There is 2 exercises and you will go through both of them 4 times.

  • Weighted Mini Jump Squats
  • Vertical Leap


After the interval training you will do 20 knee raises


Part 2

Your timer stays the same. There is one exercise but you will switch the weight and your foot position each interval.

  • Bag Swing ( wider feet )
  • Dumbbell Swing ( feet shoulder width apart )

( this is one of my favorite combos for the booty )


After the interval training you will do 20 knee raises


Part 3

Your timer stays the same. There is only one exercise and you will switch legs each interval.

  • One Leg Jump Up ( make sure you watch the workout recap part of the video where I explain how to properly do this exercise )
Another set of 20 knee raises


After this routine I did 3 sets of 25 weighted toe raises, and 10 minutes of skipping.


Now the bonus if you dare!

Set your timer for 2 intervals of 11 seconds and 11 seconds, for the total of 20 10 rounds. Or you can set it for one interval of 11 seconds and the total of 40 20 rounds, your pick. Each 11 seconds you will do a pulsing back lunge with your hands behind your head, when the timer beeps you will do a jump lunge to the other side and do a pulsing back lunge on the other leg. It comes out to 10 pulsing reps per leg, let me know how you did :).


My Scores

Part one

1) 20, 17, 16, 14

2) 16, 14, 13, 12

Part 2

1) 23, 18, 17, 17

2) 23, 20, 18, 17

Part 3

Right Leg – 14, 14, 13, 12

Left Leg – 13, 14, 12, 12



Have fun training!


PS – I want to share an article that my blogger friend Jonathan from wrote, it’s called ” Why Women Need To Build Muscle “, definitely check it out :).


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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