Strong Confidence Workout

Dec 7, 2012 by

Lower Body Workout


Hello My Sweeties,

Ready for a new killer lower body routine? I was so done after I finished this that I couldn’t even do my cardio. I called this workout Strength Confidence because after you finish it, you will feel strong and confident! It took me about 30 minutes to complete, and this routine has 2 parts, circuit and interval training.

For everyone who is new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch



Workout Explanation


All I was using in this workout was my cute blue sandbag ( I reduced it to 35 lbs ), and my Gymboss timer. This workout was divided into 2 parts, part one is a circuit for proper form and time, part 2 is interval training.


Part One

Set your timer as a stopwatch. There are 4 rounds of the following:

  • Iso-Warrior Back Lunge & Overhead Press – 14 reps ( Right Leg )
  • Split Jump Lunge – 14 reps ( Right Leg )
  • Iso-Warrior Back Lunge & Overhead Press – 14 reps ( Left Leg )
  • Split Jump Lunge – 14 reps ( Left Leg )
  • Weighted Side Lunge Step – 30 reps ( each side lunge counts as one rep )


Part 2

Set your timer for 2 intervals of 25 and 25 seconds, total of 5 rounds. There will be no breaks in between two exercises and you will go through both for the total of 5 rounds.

  • Iso Squat Hold
  • Weighted Squat


How Not To Squat With A Sandbag ( VERY IMPORTANT )



My time for the part one was 27 minutes and 38 seconds.


Have Fun my darlings!!!



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  • Oh my!!! FIRST again?! I think it’s just because I happen to be up! Haha! Can’t wait to do this…I’ll do it Sunday, then I’m taking off a few days.

    • Yep you are first! GL and Tee are sleeping 🙂

      • tee_w

        I have ta work for a livin’ 🙂

  • Good stuff, Tatianna. I’ve been looking to start adding in more sandbag work into my routines. I do have to say, though, just by glancing at those Splint Jump Lunges my quads get all kinds of nervous. 😉

    • Ha Ha Ha :))))

      I was wondering if you would like for me to share the links to your favorite articles on your blog in one of my next posts?

      • Sure…is there one you already had in mind? Feel free to shoot me an email. 🙂

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    I can’t wait to do this routine next week. I’m doing some cardio and abs today after work, and I’m done for the week. Yesterday, I did one of your older workouts – and I loved it! You are more comfortable in front of the camera now and you look leaner, but your older workouts kick ass just like the ones you post now. I know I’ve said it many times before, but I’ll say it again :), thank you for being so creative and motivational!

    • Ohh yes, I am way more comfortable now, before I felt like an Alien in front of the camera, it was even more weird to see my videos, now I don’t even notice the camera.

  • steffi_dk

    Oh no, still sore from the last one:-D

  • Lili Suke

    can’t wait to do this… thank you Tati for the workouts 🙂

  • Looove this workout!! Today I have been totally in the mood for some booty-exercises. Tatiaana, can you tell me If I can get back/venus dimples? or are they genetic? I can see them slightly in good light, but wanna see more of them 😉

    • Wow that is a good questions, I would have to look int it, but I didn’t have mine before, and now I have them.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    no fair… know what time I go to bed now….lol….and you post right after it……… NINTH !!!!!!!!!

    • Gonna wait for you next time :), normally I post it sooner but as I exported the video I noticed some things I had to fix, I had to do it over again, and even when I did it again, I realized that I forgot to edit ( the lighting ) in the explanations part.

  • I see I’m in for some soreness next week. Nice to take a break, but I’m looking forward to starting up again.
    Does anyone else experience a little sickness during their rest time? For me, it occurs around day three of my breaks and I need about two days to recover.

    • I wonder why you are feeling like that, sometimes it happens to me but only if my body is in a lot of pain during the recovery.

      • Your observation makes sense to me. I tend to take by break during period of travelling and I do hard routines then break for rest…this time is was “Muscle Authority and Isometric Burn”

    • KirryKaatje

      Often experiencing sickness during a rest-period means your body is continuously in a high stress mode and you probably have a high level of cortisol. So on the days where you give your body rest it releases from it’s ‘survival-high cortisol-mode’ and thinks: “Awesome.. time to rest and feel save and heal up for the next phase”. Then you’ll get sick, because that rest-time is perfect for your body to finally ‘let go’ and to deal with illnesses that have been hovering over you for a while, like the cold or a flu. Long story short: you need more rest in between. Maybe you’re working too much, have too much stress or you workout too much. (extensive and too much exercise keeps your cortisol high) Best of luck! Sorry for the smart ass advice. 😛

      • Your answer is not smart ass. I tend to travel during my break time and was I completing a move this last time. My next break doesn’t coincidence with any travel, I will see how my body respond. I only work out 4 days a week doing just one of Tati’s routine with some short cardio (not always successful with doing cardio) and I take a week break every 6-8 weeks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • You are always so kind my dear hugs and kisses 🙂

  • <3 U

  • taltul73

    Hey Tati.. thank you for another good and hard workout. i had pretty bad week … and did get to do my weekly routines… so just did this one and i feel much better now… first part took me 19:55 and i used 22 lbs. second part was harder for me… but i did it.
    now im going to have my homemade tomatoes soup… wish you and all my loving fit friends a wonderful weekend.
    much love

    • Feel better sweetie :), have a wonderful weekend!

  • Maria

    38.15 with 30lb SB it was great plus the iso is a great bonus…hope they keep coming!

  • 1Ivana

    I think I will try this tomorrow..:)

  • Didn’t see this workout in time and did the hardest leg workout known to woman kind…….Pure Torture Workout! Let’s just say walking is a bit of a challenge today……I’ll test this one next week to see if it holds up to your old torture workout, scared to think something could possibly be harder…..

  • Just finished this bad boy…this one has the strange property of seeming to take much longer than it does! I did not LIKE this workout, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t challenging–quite the opposite! I think I both need a new sandbag, because mine is a mess of duct tape and falling apart and very difficult to do presses with (it just has one strap going lengthwise, so my hands slip toward the center, making the sandbag rest uncomfortably low on my forearms), and I just suck at side lunges for a variety of reasons, because this was one of those workouts I just couldn’t get a flow going, I was always tired, and always felt uncomfortable. But my time was surprising to me: 27:27! Part 2 was difficult, but also because I was feeling it in my mid-back–not good. But I was sweating and huffing and puffing the entire time–got a fantastic workout! I warmed up with my weekly Sharper Abs. I will work out tomorrow and then I’m taking the week off to recover after 6 weeks on…my body feels like it could use it. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, m’dear!!! xoxo

    • Mary Lou

      Have a good rest week Kendra! They are definitely needed with the split routine way of doing things.

      • Thanks!!! I wanted to be sure to get it in before the holidays, because when those come around I’ll be pigging out and probably imbibing more than usual, so I’ll need some workouts to balance things out! 🙂

  • Christian

    Such a cool and fun WO! First part took me 29 Min with 12kg SB.

    The second part was really brutal, i tried so hard not take any break with Iso Squat Hold.

    Have a nice Monday dear!

  • Mary Lou

    27:18 of sweat. I used 20lbs on the first 2 rounds and dropped to 15 for the last 2 to keep from going sideways. I used 20 lbs for part 2 and only managed 4-5 squats due to the huffing and puffing… I can feel my butt…

  • Thank you for this boosting wo , feeling more than great now. And yes the isometric squats burned my quads 🙂

  • SuSu

    I don’t think I ever wrote down my time on here. I did this one in 23 min 34 sec for part 1. I thought I was going to pass out. But I think I may have been dehydrated when I did this…

  • Nice sore butt today after doing this one! 🙂

  • ltwin

    Hello sweet-darling Tati…

    26 min for me this time.. It was a great one for lower body and also upper body 😉

    spasiiibo bolschoe!
    obnimau i zeluu

  • A+ for this workout. My time was 28 minutes and I felt it in all my body. It could be also a full body workout. My warm-up was 3 rounds of burpee, MT climbers and pulse jump squat. Doing it almost alone at the gym.

  • I must have done something wrong, my time is too short for me to have done this routine in …my form was perfect.

    Warm up: 10 mins; Dynamic Stretching: 5 mins

    Part 1: 14:01. I did 4 rounds of all 5 execerise (set of 8lb dumbbells)

    Part 2: Completed. This combination had on me fire.

    Also did 3 rounds of 15 reps each of calf raises and myostatic crunches.

    Stretching and cool down 10 minutes.

    [edit] I watched the video again, I did everything in correct and proper form. My time must be because I was using light weights.

  • KirryKaatje

    Done!!Pfffftt! My time was 28:03 and I’ve used 6 kg. I can’t use higher weights due to my crappy lowerback, but this felt awesome and I wonder if I can walk tomorrow. ^^

    • KirryKaatje

      Yup, I was right. I work with the elderly and even the 79 year old who recently had hip surgery was more agile than me today. Leg day ftw!! (^.^)/

  • Hi there Tat! Today I did the second part alone, but I did 3 series out of it (so, 15 rounds, 12.30min.). ‘Man’ those iso squats are killers! My heart rate speed up a lot as well because of that. With the increasing of rounds is very very challenging to hold the squat for the entire 25secs. so I had to stretch a little when I hit failure, and breathe as hell! Very nice burn that one 🙂

  • Mary Lou

    I revisited this one today and was amazed! (I did it back on 12/10/12) I stayed with 20lbs the whole way thru and took 7 minutes off my time on part one and added 9 squats to part 2. You are a miracle worker Tatianna!

  • [email protected]

    Feeling so strong and confident after this loving workout.

  • oberlee

    Revisited this one again! My legs and butt felt really worked after this workout–feels good. Part 1 I obliterated my time since the last time I did this in December, however, I have a confession to make…I put the sandbag on my back for the side lunges. After not doing that for 6 months or so, I realized that my lower back doesn’t hurt when I put it on my back, and it DOES when I hold it in front, so…there ya go! I think that made the side lunges easier, too, because the position was less obstructed.
    35lb sandbag.
    part 1: 22:47 (last time as 27 min)

    Part 2 I got about 9-11 squats in. I was naughty and made mac n cheese for dinner (my stepdaughter requested it–I couldn’t refuse!) so I did a cardio (well, strength cardio) of the Burning Monster part 3 as a finisher. Fantastic! Got 8:56 on that.

  • The last time I did this routine I used very light weight… increased weight this time.
    Warm up: Basic warm up routine.
    Pre-workout: 120 reps weighted bridge (squeeze & pulse) – 25lbs sandbag.

    Part 1: 21:07. #1 thru #4, I used a set of 15lbs kettlebell; and 35lbs sandbag for #5.

    Part 2: Completed…35lbs sandbag.

    Then I did variation #1 of the 30 days booty challenge…
    1. Bag swing -15lbs KB.
    2. Isometric leg hold…stomach on the floor.

    Stretching and cool down 10 minutes.

  • saandy99

    This is an old one, but I got 20 minutes and 30 seconds with 5 pound weights. On some of the exercises near the end, I had to put the weights down because I felt a bit sick. But it was an awesome workout! I just need to go do cardio now;)

  • saandy99

    Wow! i did this workout 2 days ago, and I got 20:39, was using 5 pounds, and I had to stop using weights for half of the workout.

    Today, I got 17:36 and was using 5 pound weights for everything. On the weighted side lunge step, I actually used 8 pound weights compared to last time. For the weighted squats, I got 12 each time. This time, I got 13,14,13,13,12. Now I’m going to go off to do my cardio.

    This is a great workout!

  • Carmen Parara

    Today I went for a lower weight. I used a 15lb dumbbell for part 1 and a 25lb kettlebell for part 2. I completed part 1 in 25:55:81. I will be doing glutes activation for 15 minutes before I stretch to give some more love to my booty. This is a fun workout!

  • Olga Tihencaia

    22:26 dumbbell 5kg)