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Hi everyone,

I’m back with another lower body workout!!!  Last week I switched up my training a bit and I only did bodyweight workouts, so this week I was ready to get back to some heavier lifting. In order for us NOT to hit training plateau we absolutely need to switch the style of our workouts periodically. That will throw your body out for a loop and will help you keep progressing. ( Some food for training thought 😉 )

Yesterday I also posted a nutrition challenge that I stared following, it’s very simple but it’s powerful – trust me :).  You can follow it along with me if you like it’s up to you.

Now watch the Workout Video and don’t forget to watch the ” Workout Recap ” part of the video, where I go over all of the exercises in the proper form with variations for beginners.



Workout Explanation


Before you begin your workout you absolutely have to warm-up your body!  I have a great warm-up routine you can follow along with me. Then, right after your warm-up practice all of the exercises in the mirror with proper form.

In this routine I was using my 40 lbs Versa Fit bag from Power Systems, my Gymboss Max timer and a 12 lbs medicine ball. If you don’t have this equipment you can easily make it your self, take a look at this post ” Fitness Equipment On The Budget ” where I posted lot’s of videos on you can make all of this equipment you self for under 20 dollars. )

This workout consists of 3 parts, and you will repeat all 3 parts for the total of 2 rounds.


Part one – Time Challenge with Proper Form

Set your timer as a stopwatch, there are 3 exercises and only 1 round.

  • Weighted Squats – 30 reps ( slow down the movement on the way up )
  • Jump Lunges with a Medicine Ball – 30 reps
  • Weighed Jumps Squats – 20 reps


( Beginners will do these exercises without the weights )


Part 2 – Interval Training

Set your timer for 2 intervals, 15 seconds ( your break interval ( don’t you even think of shortening the break interval, because there is 8 rounds of hight intensity exercise and you need more time to recover so you don’t drop your reps ) ). The second interval is 30 seconds ( your maximum effort interval ), for the total of 8 rounds. So it’ will look like this 15/30=8

There is only one exercise

  • Kick Back Twist Jump Squat ( use your arms and squeeze your triceps on the kick back )


Part 3 – Proper Form Only

3 Rounds of the following combo

  • Superman Lifts – 10 reps, Roll Over – Bridge LIfts – 10 reps


Beginners – You will complete 8 rounds of 10-15 jump squats as how I am showing you in the Workout Recap part of the video, and you will complete all the rounds in proper form at your own pace ( no interval training yet 😉 )

Now, repeat all 3 parts one more time! After my workout I also did 3 sets of 20 toe raises with my bag and I skipped on the cardio today, but if you want you can do 10-15 minutes. Don’t forget to stretch!


My Scores

Part 1

Round 1 – 5 min 31 sec Round 2 – 5 min 52 sec

Part 2

Round one – 19, 17, 17, 15, 14, 15 15

Round two – 20, 16, 14, 14, 14 17, 19, 17 ( looks like I pushed better the second time )


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  • Hi sweetie, you are always giving me such nice compliments :), I am glad I can make your workouts fun!!! I have so much fun coming up with these routines :).  I’m so sore from this workout, it’s crazy!!!

  • jt

    Still a bit sore from the other day’s workout… but just a bit, less than yesterday lol 🙂 Will keep the weights away for this one today, my arms and chest are smashed from yesterday’s push-ups, and still have 6 sets to do throught the day. 
    Off to warm up and thanks for being so thoughtful on providing a lower body workout for the ones doing the Push-ups program! 🙂

    • Of course it was my pleasure to do it for you guys, JT I know that you guys will be needing your lower body routine :), 

  • Mariasole Verdi

    i bought a sandbag months before. infact i noticed the weight is distributed mainly on the back at certain point i have t to put it down cause my back is fatigued even if i try to keep good form. i cant make a versabag right now. how can i temporarely substitute? thanks tatiana

    • Mariasol, with the sangbag you can keep it in the front, because its dangerous to keep in on your back.  They even have a video about it on the sandbag channel, the trainer who created the sandbag said that if you will place in on your back your spine get’s jammed and it shortens.  So keep it only in the front. 

  • Jenny the Swede

    Another great wo! 40 lbs is no joke! I don’t have a bag like that. Didn’t make one… 🙂 What do you think is smartest – using my 12 kg kettlebell and do goblet squats or using my dumbbells 5-7,5 kg and keep them at shoulder height or just hold them straight down? 

    • Jenny the kettlebell is better, do the goblet squat and pause a bit longer at the bottom, so the movement is not too fast. 

      • Jenny the Swede

        Thanks, I’ll try that!

  • jt

    phewwwwwww!! I thought I was going to give up after the first round but… managed to complete it! 🙂 When I was warming up, I could bare move my arms
    No weights in my case, but looked very carefully into proper form 🙂

    Part 1. R1-3:47 / R2-4:07

    Part 2. (i switched between looking on the left/right per round). Loved this exercise, fun! And challenging to keep proper form, with the arms extended, nice jump…
    R1-14 16 15 12 11 14 14 11
    R2-20 17 15 11 15 11 8 15

    Then 1 minute plank hold.

    • Nice!!! After this one I was done, I didn’t even do my usual cardio, this was just enough!  

  • Vivi

    I’ve barely had the time to work out the last week and a half, thanks to a life-suck called end of term finals/research papers, so I had fresh and eager legs today. I used the same weighted equipment as Tatianna.

    Pt 1: 4:03 & 4:06
    Pt 2: 23-21-19-20-20-20-20-21 & 22-20-20-20-20-20-19-19 

    Boy were my legs and triceps burning during the 2nd round. For the second part, I really squeezed the triceps, stayed low in the squats, and tried really hard to stand straight and lift my chest up during the jump & twist. Your words about proper form were in my head the entire time for both parts. I kept thinking, what would Tats say about my form? (no hunching, no loosely swinging monkey arms girl!) Don’t want to let you down after all the work you put into your instructional videos! 😉

    Now, I just can’t seem to lift my chest up very far in the superman lifts. Maybe it just feels like I don’t or my back isn’t very strong. I don’t think it’s lack of flexibility. I can do back bends with ease..from off the floor anyway. What can I do at home to increase back strength? I was thinking about your Crown lift exercise (is that what they’re called?) on the balance ball, but with added weight – would that help?

    • Yep, those are the exact exercises you want to aim for.  Whenever you want to improve on something you have to work on those exact moves.  I’m glad you watched your form and you WWTD it ( What Would Tat Do 😉 ) :).

      • KirryKaatje

         Hi, where can I find this ” Crown lift exercise”? I’m also having troubles in raising my chest when doing Superman Lifts. 🙂

        • Hi Kirry 🙂

          The crown lift you can find in this video :

          • KirryKaatje

             Thank you! <3

  • erlingtonjames

     Just finished boy I am pooped! lol. Well the first lot the Jump Lunges I could only do without the medicine ball. Was a bit intense with ball but I carried on, at the end my thighs, butt and was burning.
    Kick Back Twist Jump Squats the first time I done those, was real careful when done those as I did not want to cause injury. But I did them! And a real sweater of exercise too, great cardio.
    Kick Back Twist Jump Squats: 14,11,10,12,11,12, 11,12/ 14,14,15,15,14,14,13,12
    Superman Lifts then Bridge lifts time was time: 2.22 and 2.55.

    Oh I did the 3 sets of 20 toe raises time was 1.40, 2.09 my calf’s are burning lol. Going to be sore tomorrow morning : D
    Thank you Tatianna I really do appreciated your work and time for us.

    • Thank you so much for sharing, I actually did some toe raises as well, I totally forgot to post that!  I did 3 sets of 20 with my 40 lbs bag. 

  • ?????! ? ????????? ??????????, ????? ??????? ????????!! ????????? ????, ??????? ?????????! ????? ???????? ???? ??????) ????????? ????? ?????!!!!

    • Inusya moya dorogaya :), kak ya rada tebya sdes videt 🙂 🙂 :).  Vsegda podnimaesh mne nastroenie 🙂

  • Omg!! I can’t wait to try this routine out!!
    <3 the pants!!

    • Thanks Elizabeth, I really love those pants as well I now have them in 2 colors 🙂

  • Jos

    I did it this morning. Used 25lbs sandbag for squats and 8lb dumbbell for the jump lunges
    Part #1: 5:10 // 4:42

    Part #2: 
    R1: 18-14-13-13-14-12-15-12
    R2: 20-18-14-15-14-15-15-16
    Part #3:
    R1: 2:15 // R2: 2:22

    I will do the abs routine after i got home from work later! 😀

    • Great scores Jos!  I also did abs right after this routine 🙂

  • ltwin

    I just finished doing this amazing workout.. my buns huuuurt 😉 i love this feeling!
    Spasibo spasiiiiibooo thank you so much for your incredible work!
    Wish you a wonderful day Tatianna.
    Greetings from Germany

    • Lilija :), thank you so much for sharing 🙂 


  • KirryKaatje

    Oooooh, this was a tough one! I’ve used a 10kg sandbag and for the jump lunges and jump squats a 4 kg dumbbell.

    Part 1: Round 1: 7:55 min. (I accidently did 30 jump squats) & Round 2: 6:42 min.

    Part 2: I thought at round 1: “Oh, this is easypeasy!, but then I’ve hit round 6 and I was like: “Oh, dear god.. please make this stop! It burns… it burns!!” I really had to push myself mentally as well and I feel great now for doing this! 🙂
    My score:
    Round 1: 12, 13, 11, 12, 10, 13, 12, 14
    Round 2: 13, 12, 12, 13, 11, 13, 11, 13

    • I totally thought that too, and just like you said at round 6 I was like ouch!!! It’s a good thing it was 15 sec break, otherwise it wouldn’t be enough to recover to keep up with the reps. 

      • KirryKaatje

         Indeed! I was so happy with those 15 seconds. 10 sec would have been way too short. I needed atleast 9 seconds to crawl to my noteblock and write down my score, then another 6 to get back up into position. ^^

        • Yep, that’s how I felt too!!!

  • Tish

    I really am loving these workouts!  Did this two days ago and still feeling it in my legs. 

    My scores with 30 lb sandbag and 8 lb ugi ball:

    Pt 1    3:30:     3:50

    Pt 2    21, 20, 21, 22, 19, 20, 20, 21:    24, 21, 20, 19, 20, 18, 20, 20

    Pt 3    2:29     2:30

    Have a great day everyone !

  • Jenny the Swede

    Did I get it right doing part 1, 2, 3 in a row and then again, leading to two rounds of all parts? Anyways, I feel very heavy legged now! 🙂

    Part 1 (15 kg kb for squats, 1×3 kg db for lunges and jump squats – dropped db for second round)
    r1 – 07:13
    r2 – 06:45 

    Part 2 (a real struggle for me, but I pushed through! did 15/30×2, then 60 sec rest, then 15/30×2 and so on)
    r1 – 12 10 13 10 13 10 12 11
    r2 – 13 10 13 11 13 12 11 12

    Part 3
    No counting

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Yep, you did it right Jenny 🙂

  • Welcome my dear 🙂

  • sus

    I just finished this one.  I only did one round because I ran earlier today and need to eat soon and have a full evening ahead of me of work to do. Killer on the legs! Loved this routine! Here are my scores:
    Part 1: 4.00 (used 20lbs (will have to make one of those bags so I can start increasing my weight. Can only do 20 with what I have now) and 8lb medicine ball for jump lunges and jump squats)
    Part 2: 25,19,18,15,18,17,16,15 (KILLER)
    Part 3:  2.32

    • Awesome Sus, thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • I did this today and it was torturously fun…if that makes sense.  I wrote it down on my “to do” list of workouts and wrote “looks fun,” which makes sense from a not-working-out standpoint.  During part 2 especially I was cursing the other me that wrote that this workout “looks fun.” LOL.  O-kay.  Used my 33-ish lb sandbag and my 10-ish lb “ugly ball” for the medicine ball.  

    part 1:

    part 2:

    part 3 (I know we weren’t supposed to time it–I timed it just to keep track of how long the workout was taking, but I did not try to go fast):

    Followed with about 10 min of abs.  I would have to say, this is one that doesn’t need cardio.  Plenty of cardio in the mix.  Awesome workout.  Thanks!!!

    • Hi Kendra 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • AlishisPhillips

    I almost cried when I was done with this one.  “I’ll just do a simple lower body workout today, I don’t have much time and its at the end of the day”, I told myself.  I had to give myself pep talks during the interval training so that I didn’t quit.  This was a great workout, I’m worn out, and totally happy its behind me!!  Thanks, I know my comment doesn’t sound thankful at all, but for a relatively short workout to wipe me out like this is really good.

    Also, I’m too tired to post my scores 🙂 sorry…acutally a few rounds I lost count!  LOL, this was a brutal workout!! 

    • I’m so glad you ended up pulling through it!  I have a such nice workout cooking in my Macsie pooh right now, it’s full body just how you like it and it’s has a fun new push-up variation 🙂

  • daybelis garcia

    I did this workout again at 4 a.m today lol. This time I used 30 lbs for the exercises and I truly felt the difference. My time was 6 minutes for both times through in part one. For part two I consistently did about 14 kick back twist jump squats. I was pouring sweat at the end of it all, I then did 3 sets of 25 calf raises and 15 minutes of jump roping. I will be sore tomorrow lol

    • Yes you will be :), I am so today from yesterday’s workout, I just want to lay down and not move LOL

      • daybelis garcia

        lol,let me tellyou that on Monday your legs,butt and thighs workout left me sooooo sore, as in hurts to sit my butt on the toilet sore lol…gotta love the feeling:)

        • Ha Ha Ha, that’s funny 🙂

  • gymlafrance

    cette séance est terriblement dure! j’ai serré les dents pour aller au bout, sinon, j’abandonnais! merci Tatiana.

  • I missed my workout yesterday…Crazy Monday.
    I did my warm up and dynamic stretches, followed by the Abs challenge.
    Part 1: (30lb Sand bag & 6lb ball) :5:08 & 5:50
    Part 2: 17-16-14-17-17-15-17-17
    Part 3: completed all 3 rounds for form. I did 3 rounds of 20 toes raises with 30lb sand bag. 10mins of moderate cardio, then cooldown& stretches for 10 mins.

    • Warm up: 3 rounds of 15 butt kicks, 15 high knees, 15 squats, 15 knee push up & 15 Heisman’s. Followed by 5 minutes of dynamic stretches.

      Part 1: R1= 9:32, R2=9:36
      -Weighted squats – 2 sets of 30 reps (30lbs weighted barbell)
      -Jump lunges with med ball – 2 sets of 30 reps (10lbs med ball)
      -Weighted jump squats – sets of 20 reps ( 30lbs weighted barbell)
      Part 2:
      R1: 18-16-17-14-16-16-1515
      R2: 17-17-16-16-16-16-15-16
      Part3: R1= (30lbs weighted barbell on bridges)
      R1:7:34 for 3 rounds of combo, R2: 9:06 for 3 rounds of combo
      -20 reps Superman lifts – roll over 25 reps weighted bridges (on the third round of R2, I did the bridges weight free.)
      Cool down & stretched for 10 minutes.

  • JB

    I am on the road traveling and did this workout in my hotel room – wow it was a great!
    Here are my times:
    Part 1, round 1: 3min,8sec; round 2: 4min,14sec
    Part 2, round1: 11,10,10,10,11,12,12,11. Round 2: 10,12,11,10,12,11,9,12
    Part 3, round 1: 2min,9sec. Round 2: 2min,9sec. Round 3-forgot to write down my time.
    Finished with 10 min moderate cardio.
    Oh, I did this without weights since I am traveling. Thanks for the great workout 🙂

  • Great WO!! Squats with 18kg big dumbell, jump lunges 5kg and jump squats with 14 Kg sandbag

    Rund 1: 4:11
    20 19 20 20 20 20 20 21
    Round 2: 4:44
    20 18 20 21 20 21 20 22 (don’t know how but I push really hard!) didn’t count the back lifts and bridges…

    Then I did 15 min of HIIT and add some death lifts with 26 kilograms total! Each dumbell was 13 kilos. 10 reps in 50 secs.. Today the abs challenge really burn!! Didn’t expect the bicycle were that freaking hard! (Day 5)

    Thank youuuu Tati 🙂

  • OMG I didn’t noticed and it was 20kg for squats not 18….

  • Kane

    Tati, for about a year, I’ve been doing your workouts first thing in the morning. And it is so awesome to have your good spirit bring me into each day. It really sets the tone for my day and helps me deal with a tough commute and tough job. Thank you for everything!

    • Hi Kane,

      I am so happy that I can bring some good into your day :). Thank you so much for doing my workouts with me <3 Hugs

  • I did this workout today, it was killer!! extremely intense!

    WARM UP: 100 bridges (80 with 20 lbs, the rest bodyweight) : 4:57 min

    part 1: first round 4:57, second: 4:38
    weighted squats: used 30 lbs
    jump lunges used 10 lbs, and i didnt lift my arms, i just held it
    weighted jump squats 20 lbs

    part 2
    funny i did much more on the second round!

    part 3:
    2:41 / 2:34

    Isometric back lunge alternating 24 rounds 11/4
    Calve raises: 25 with 30 lbs shoulder width, 25 shoulder width bodyweight, 25 hip width with 30 lbs, 25 hip width bodyweight.