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Hello my darlings,

Starting today I’m doing a diet challenge, I’m not sure if I wanted to call it a diet challenge because I don’t like the word diet.  But if I say nutrition challenge it just doesn’t sound quite right, so I combined both :). Summer is around the corner, it’s at my corner all year long since I live in FL, but for everyone else it is actually around the corner.

If you have been Loving Fit with me for a while now, I am pretty sure you guys are already in great shape, but we can always find some room for improvement and nutrition is something everyone can work on, even me. Our bodies only change based on what we eat, two people with exactly the same body type and exactly the same workout plan but on a completely different diet, will have completely different results.

Good nutrition is actually a lot more simple then it looks, there is really no need to make it complicated. We don’t need to count calories or look into things too much or obsessing with details ( unless you are competing in bodybuilding ). If you stick to simple rules and stay consistent, your goals will be easily reachable, because consistency is the key to success at anything.


Here are the rules of this challenge: 


  • Rule one – Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day, period. This is how you enter your day, your breakfast is how your whole nutrition day will play out. If you eat junk for breakfast then you will crave junk all day long. If you eat nutritious breakfast then you will crave healthy foods all day – it’s that simple!

I am not sure who started the trend of waffles, french toast, cereal, hash browns etc for breakfast, but that person is blacklisted in my book. To be honest, the first time I’ve heard of cereal for breakfast is when I moved to US. Think about it, cereal for breakfast – really?  Cereal can be a snack, but it sure isn’t breakfast, not to mention that most cereals contain high amount of sugar. Even if you take the healthy cereals with little or no sugar, it’s still doesn’t even come close to being a real breakfast. There is no complete protein in cereal, even if you add milk, unless it’s raw goat milk, which these days it’s so hard to find, you will probably find a diamond before you find raw goat milk, ( I don’t recommend dairy products from Cow ).


So what is the right breakfast?

My perfect breakfast is the one in the picture above. A perfect breakfast is 2 eggs, preferable cooked with coconut oil or walnut oil, some raw nuts, lot’s of fresh veggies ( raw only, because cooked veggies are dead and have no nutrients at all ), maybe some very little roasted oatmeal or buckwheat, you can also add a serving of fruit raw, not from the can – this is the real complete breakfast. Your goal is to have a complete breakfast every morning.


  • Rule 2 – Eat your veggies raw and raw only

You know what really really gets me?  Is when people say – ” Well, I found a perfect way of eating my veggies and hiding them in foods, I don’t even taste them “. If you are cooking your veggies and hiding them in food, then you are not eating any veggies. The only time when veggies count as veggies is when they are completely raw or very very lightly steamed. If you can’t taste them, they are not there, there is no nutrients left, might as well eat some paper, the effect would be exactly the same.

So the rules to this challenge is eat your veggies at every meal, at least one cup of them ( kale, spinach, collards, arugula ( my favorite ), bok choy etc ), in the raw. Raw veggies = Nutrients. Cooked veggies = nothing.


  • Rule 3 – Night time eating

This is not only a golden rule, this rule is a diamond rule!  Eating at night, or even lightly snacking at night will cause you to gain weight.  Not eating at night, will cause you to loose weight fast. I can lay down my life on this rule!  This should be one of the first bad habits anyone should break, 4-6 hours before you go to bed, lock your refrigerator and hide the key!  If you get hungry then a hot tea will solve that problem right away.

Let me just tell you, this rule alone will help you get in shape faster then you ever though possible!  I noticed if I eat at night even if its something small such as an apple, then the next day I look puffy.

Say goodbye to late night eating today :).

As you can see this diet challenge is not that difficult to follow, but it will bring you great results!


PS – Tonight we are resuming to shoot workout videos, and tomorrow there is going to be a fresh lower body workout :).


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