Six Pack Abs & Core HIIT Workout

Mar 20, 2012 by

six pack abs workout


Hi Everyone,

This is my second full length six pack abs & core workout.  I will be making many more routines that are full length for the abs. The last full length abs routines was the ” Abs Climber Workout “. This type of workouts are an extra addition to the workout routines that we do 4 times a week, and I recommend for you to train your abs with a full routine twice a week.

This workout is designed not only to work your abs but to also strengthen your core. I you area a complete beginner at working out I recommend you to start out building your strength with plank variations ( check out the video that I made with plank variations. This specific routine is for intermediate level and at the end of the workout I also give variations for beginners.

If you would like to add a bit more intensity to this workout then extend your interval to 1 minute, instead of 40 seconds.

Since this video is full length you will not need your timer, you can just follow me along. Don’t try to follow my reps, if you can do more, do more. If you can’t then do your best.

Since every exercise in this workout is for abs I extended the rest interval to 15 seconds, this way you can full recover between rounds and really push to your max without stopping during the max interval.

All I was using in this workout was a set of weights ( 10 lbs each ), a mat, a balance ball and my timer.



Workout Explanation


This routine consists of 7 exercises through which you will go twice. I set my timer for 14 rounds of 15 sec ( break interval ) and 40 sec ( max interval ).

  • Walking Elbow Plank
  • Sliding Scissors with weights
  • Leg Lifts & Butt Lift
  • Balance Ball Cross Climber ( watch how I did this exercise in the video, engage your abs through out the whole movement and make sure you watch your form )
  • Side To Side Oblique Crunch
  • Sit Ups ( half way )
  • Side To Side Bend Stretches ( keep your core and abs tight throughout the whole interval )



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  • taltul73

    hey Tatianna, amazing workout. i like it specially the “one on one” with you. i used your gymboss 😉
    i did it after 20 minute rest from another full body workout. anyway thank you for your workouts. i love them.
    have a wonderful day.

    • Thank you sweetie 🙂

      Have a wonderful day as well!

  • ashlie winner

    =)  Good One!
    What do you think about chiropractors? I have been getting mixed opinions… I dislocated my right PSIS (ileosacral joint) and it is a constant bother! I saw a chiropractor in Aug (I was skeptical) but I found it helped. A month ago I statred having the same issue and of course it thrwos off my alignment all the way up! I saw him last Friday and now I have pain bilaterally (worse on the left) at the base of my occipital and my left hip is a little sore. He did say it takes a bit to adjust after being used to a modified alignment… I have an appt on Friday but I am a little nervous about letting him mess with my neck again…

    What do you think?
    Thanks girl!

    • Hey Ashlie 🙂

      OMG I cannot believe you dislocated your joint.  Was it from running?I think chiropractor is a great idea.  I went to one several times and they can really align things back in place and give you a little water massage.  It’s definitely worth going to.

  • ltwin

    Hello Tatianna,

    I did this routine 2 hours ago.. my abs are burning! 😉
    thank you again 😉 I’m starting to love this site more and more day by day!
    Have a great monday..

    • Thank you :), I am happy to know that you are loving my site 🙂

      Have a wonderful Monday as well!!!

  • Katerina

    This is the second time I did this workout, after my regular 10 minute intense routine. You are sooo right when you say this is a perfect abs workout. I loved it, and I think I did better that the first time. I don’t have a stability ball so I used my sofa and still gave my best 🙂

    These are my scores:

    1) 19, 16

    2) 12, 12 (used 3kg dumbbells)

    3) 9, 7

    4) 16, 16

    5) 10, 10

    6) 13, 13

    7) 13, 14

    • Hi Katerina,  

      Thank you for sharing :).  As you get better and better at this routine, you can start increasing the max interval to 1 minute, that will give you extra challenge. 

  • Jenny the Swede

    Hi! It’s me again. 🙂
    I had trouble getting to the next exercise in time. The second round went a bit better. 😉

    1) 12, 9

    2) 10, 11 (2 x 3 kg) – loved this one!

    3) 10, 12

    4) 13, 16

    5) 11, 12

    6) 9, 9

    7) 10, 17

    Thank you!

  • sus

    These workouts remind me of before Zuzana left.

    • I get that a lot in the beginning, but my workouts are nothing like bodyrock, I use split routines lower and upper body on different days and my workouts are a lot longer, I also focus on form more then speed as well as recovery. Exercises are universal,  all though I do come up with my own unique moves all the time

      • sus

        I love that about your workouts!  Form is ABSOLUTELY necessary and important.  Thank you so much for not sacrificing form for time and reps.

      • Kate_CZ

        Your workouts are nothing like Bodyrock? Well, I think the right opposite as well as Sus. They are very similar to Zuzana´s style routine. But it is a huge compliment! That´s imho why lots of BR buddies like it here 🙂

        • ltwin

           I find Tatianna’s workouts more intense and creative, it’s all about form and propper excecution of the moves… I’ve never seen such improvement to my body. I’m so happy I found Tatianna!

        • Kate what I meant to say is the style is different, I do more split routines and BR does only full body.  But when Z was there the workouts were great, after her departure it definitely changed. 

          • Kate_CZ

            Yes, that´s true!

  • erlingtonjames

     Hello boy, my abs weak but I keep on trying. I am going to do this x3 twice week. I must keep on trying with the abs (a had a few operations when I was little) I have a little tone at the top of my abs but lower abs is hard to tone.

    • Yes I know what you mean, I working on developing more even tone all over. Planks – before and after your workouts, 1 minute long -3 times total. 

      • Han

        Hi Tatianna,

        When you meant 3 sets of planks before and after the WO, do you mean 6 in total or 3 – so long as you accomplish 3 sets? Love your information – been learning a lot! Thanks!!

        • Hi Han,

          I did mean 3 before and 3 after a workout. You can do either 30 sec or 1 minute, it’s probably best if you start with 30 sec. This will really tighten up your waist and abs from the inside. With time you can also do variations of planks, I have a plank variation video in the fitness section.

  • Kate_CZ

    I love the Walking plank. Such an effective exercise!

    I set my timer for 16 x 10/50 (I added one more exercise)
       1) Side Walking Elbow Plank – 23, 21
       2) Sliding Scissors (4.5kg) – 19, 17
       3) Leg + Butt Lift – 15, 12
       4) Balance Ball Cross Climber – 45, 43
       5) Side Oblique L, R – 18, 18 (counting each crunch as 1 rep)
       6) Sit Ups – 18, 15 (forgot doing the half and did full instead)
       7) Side to Side Bend Stretch – 26, 22
       8) Love Bends L, R (4.5 kg DB in each hand) – 28, 26

    • Hi Kate, thank you for sharing, I was reading some of your comments, you’re funny girl 🙂

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    so yesterday I had two workouts, mine and that one that I am learning, so today is my rest day, and tomorrow I will do this one!! I just love it!!!
    And the day after tomorrow I am gone…

    kisses to you all

    • tee_w

      have a good summer 1lvana!

      • 1Ivana

        Oh I will…here is time to go to sleep and tomorrow the rest of packing, cleaning up my apartment, say goodbye to family and friends etc…and of course with you all

        • I’m a little sad :(, I’m gonna miss you 

  • 1Ivana

    Ok…I just finished this workout,and after that I did 15 min of interval cardio…
    Packing is almost done, but of course things complicated a little bit this morning..I hope the complication is over…
    I will check the site in the evening with some goodbye message!!

    kisses to you all

  • Zarinda Bee

    Thanks Tatianna – this was a great ab routine!! I know I am going to feel this tomorrow 🙂

    • Welcome 🙂

      • Zarinda Bee

        it is now tomorrow and yes, I do feel it!!! Can’t wait to do the next workout of yours 🙂

  • I did this WO after completing “10 Min Cardio HIIT UNcut” rountine.
    1) Did not count….these suckers were harder than I thought.
    2) 7-6 (8lb DBS)
    3) 7-5
    4) 16-15
    5) 12-10
    6) 12-11
    7) 9-10
    After finishing, I completed a 2 minutes pistol practise.
    12 minutes strenching

    Post WO meal is also my breakfast: 3 eggs(just the whites);half cup cooked oatmeal & 1 cup strawberries

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    nice one….targeted the obliques nicely. I used 2 x 10 lb weights and a chair instead of a ball, counted each plank walk and did 2 to each side.

    1/ 26-29
    2/ 14-15
    3/ 16-18
    4/ 25-26
    5/ 20-21
    6/ 17-18
    7/ 24-25

    my reps were higher on my second round…lol….didn’t do any practice ones, so got the moves down in round one, more reps in round two

    I also did 30 sets of stairs in 6:20

  • I have never felt my abs the way I do after this workout! I’m very ‘aware’ of them right now. Amazing. I was thinking of doing some cardio afterwards, but this was my fifth workout this week. Time for a rest.

    • OMG yes it is time to rest! I don’t know how you do 5 days straight, I’ve tried that and I feel really tired.

  • Zivenaberry

    Did this today with 5 rounds of 15/1:00 plank variations as part of my active rest day. Your routines must really be doing me some good. When I first started your plan 2 weeks ago, doing a straight leg lift with butt lift was excruciating for me. It hurt my back, so I had to modify to keep my legs bent. After two weeks I can now proudly say that my legs are almost straight and no pain in my back! It has to be all the bridges you add to the lower routines (that and I’ve been trying to add at least 3 min of plank 4x a week). I have gained a lot of strength in my lower back thanks to you in just two short weeks! Since I herniated a disc in my lower back last year I have always had to baby my back no matter what program I did. Now that i look back, I realize no program before yours put so much emphasis on control and really having a strong back. thank you thank you thank you for all your hard work!!

    • I am so so so so so happy to hear that! I just love when people get results and they are happy, you made my day girl!

  • Heather Lindsay

    This was superb! I live the real time aspect as well. xoxo!

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    I love this abs routine!!! Did it today to complement my lower body workout plus I added real time cardio #4!! Thank you Tati!!

  • sofie88

    I am SOOO glad I found you Tatiana. You are such so encouraging and a great teacher, and I can see your passion for what you do jump through the screen 🙂 I am a personal trainer myself but when it comes to my own training sometimes I just want to “shut off” so to speak and have someone else do the guesswork for once. Your routines have been a lifesaver to me! Thank you for providing these amazing free workouts.

    Blessings & Love XO

  • Cassidy Croskey

    LOVED THIS. My core is tingling! 😀 Haha!

  • Carmen Parara

    Great workout! It is very intense but at the same time it flows and makes you forget time. Love it!