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May 17, 2013 by

Lower Body Workout


Hello my sweeties,

I have another lower body workout for you this week. Usually it’s our time to record a Real Time Cardio routine, but our schedule is a bit different for the next 2 weeks ( Miguel is going out of town ) so we had to film Lower Body ( cause it was my lower body training day ). This routine is about 30 minutes long, it’s divided into two parts. In first part there are a lot of leg work, in the second part we’ll work mainly the glutes.


For the Newbies

If you are new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Things to remember before, during and after your workout


  1. Warm-Up
  2. Always Practice Good Form
  3. Stretch



Workout Explanation:


In this routine I was using my Gymboss Timer, sandbag ( 30 lbs ) and a 10 lbs dumbbell.  You can use more or less weight, depending on your fitness level.  I use a lot less weight than I used to because I’m trying not to get bigger legs, but if you want to build bigger legs than you can use bigger weight.


Part One

Set your Gymboss Timer as a stopwatch, there is 2 exercises in this routine, 3 rounds total. This part is done for proper form and time:

  • Bag Clean Back Lunge & Pulse Right Leg – 16 reps
  • Bag Clean Back Lunge & Pulse Left Leg – 16 reps
  • Hammer Jump Lunges – 16 reps


Part 2

Set yourGymboss Timerfor 2 intervals, first interval is 1 minute long, second interval 40 second long, for the total of 7 rounds. ( so there will be 7 rounds of each exercise )There is no break in between so try not to take breaks at all and just keep going. These exercises set up in a way that you shouldn’t need a break:

  • Clean & Booty Squeeze ( make sure you watch Workout Recap for proper form explanation )
  • Bag Swing


My time:

Part one – 13 minutes 42 seconds

Part 2 – I was doing around 20-23 bag cleans and 20 bag swings


Have a wonderful weekend my loves!


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  • Whoot…first! Saving this for when I get back home and reunited with my sandbag.

    • YEY :), you are first! I bet you’ve had such nice time taking a break )

  • steffi_dk

    I´ve been sick for almost a week now, that totally sucks:( Can´t wait to get back into my training! But I decided to wait until I´m really healthy again this time…seems like I grow older AND wiser-lol

    • Sorry to hear that :(, but don’t worry, you will feel better 🙂

  • TessuCroft

    You are looking beautiful and happy! And nice pants! =D

    I hope I´m able to do a decent lowerbody w/o next week; there has been some kind of problem on my knee (pain when I squat or lunge) and it has take some time to heal. I think I overtrained, bad me… Last week I had my recovery week, and this week I have taken it quite easy with the lowerbody, no squating or lunging (are these even words? =D). Now the knee is almost pain free, so I´m optimistic what comes to the next week. =D

    Have a wonderful weekend! I certainly will, it´s an Eurovision Song Contest night! =D

    • Have fun watching Eurovision, I used to watch it too, but that was years ago!

      Sending you positive energy for your recovery 🙂

      • TessuCroft

        Thanks, hun! =D

  • Evaleen

    Has been a while since I commented here regularly, got plenty to catch up on… and I hope you’ve been doing well Tati, though your sunny smile says to me ‘Yes!’ 🙂

    Think I’ll try this one in a couple days, though might have to modify part two unless my glutes are ready for it by then. :p

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    Hi Tati!! Loved this workout 🙂 I will do it again next week, this time took me way longer to finish it compared to any of your other workouts! So, I don’t know if my energy level was low today or I didn’t push it enough, we’ll see next week!

    I used a 30lb sandbag and 8lb dumbbell. No modifications and all in advanced form.
    Started with 10 minute warm up and first part of week 2 of Round Booty challenge = 80 Bridges.
    Part 1 = 3 full rounds in 21:00
    I finished with the second part of the Booty Challenge
    Abs routine ” Sun Kissed Abs”
    And then 50 Burpees with push ups as a quick short cardio.

    Thank you, you are a very lovely lady!

  • I did this routine yesterday and it was soooo long for me. It took me twice the time than it took you. I think I was probably too tired from the Fitness Nymph routine I did the day before (500 crabs under my belt are really an accomplishment!). I also used 10 lbs weight for the Hammer Jump Lunges and I used 12 kg in my bag. It was a very tough workout, mentally as well, because I had problems with my bag and I could barely do the last intervals. Anyway, I completed it and today I treated myself with a long yoga session 🙂

  • Mary Lou

    I’m almost done with rest week so I’m looking forward to this and Fit Allure.

  • oberlee

    I did this yesterday. Today I’m traveling ALLLLL DAAAYYY LONNNNG (I woke up at 3:30am, train at 4:30, flight at 6:45, and two stops later I’m in Baltimore for another 2 hours to get to Columbus, so noooo working out today), and yesterday I needed a good punch of a workout. I had so much to do, so I didn’t have time for extras like cardio or planks or anything, but here’s what I did. Instead of the hammer jump lunges, which I basically did yesterday in my workout (only with medicine ball), I included 16 rounds each of the two jump lunges that you had in Amour for Tight Booty workout. Took a little longer, but it worked very nicely for me. I also love jump lunges–they get a lot done in one little exercise. So I did 16 clean/lunge pulse L, same on R, then 16 pass under jump lunges (with 10lb db) and 16 tricep jump lunges. 3 rounds took 17:16. Then in part 2, my poor sandbag has seen better days (I should upload a pic sometime–it’s made of duct tape), and my back can only take so many cleans, so instead of the clean and squeeze I did bridges. On odd rounds I did an isometric bridge with a medicine ball between my knees, and on odd rounds I did bodyweight heel bridges. Worked out great. 35lb kettlebell for the swings.

    Thanks as always, Tati!!! As you know, I just ADORE your workouts. And you. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  • I just have to say, you’re looking quite powerful and your moves look so effortless in the vid. Also, think the indigos are definitely your colour.
    Started with a 10 minutes warm up, then planks.
    Part 1: Took 19:01 ( I used a 28.5lbs sand bag…thought bag was 30lbs, but weighted afterward it was 28.5lbs). on the hammers I used a 10lbs KB.
    Part 2: Average between 15-11 for BCBL&P’s and BS using 28.5lbs…needed to break on 4 & 5 rounds (started after 30 seconds).
    Did 4 day PU’s challenge, cardio, 10 minutes stretching and cool down.

    • Thank you girlie :),

      I always work on my form, It’s actually quite hard for me as well, but one thing that I’ve learned when I used to perform in the shows is to make things look effortless even when they are hard, but trust me I struggle too.

      I love color indigo, it’s my favorite color 🙂

  • Jeanne

    That looked a lot easier on the video than it really was! I started with a 10 minute warm-up. The 1st part took me the whole 21:42. I was very slow, not very happy about it. My bag is about 35 lbs, and by the end of the first part I had blisters all over my hands and wrists. I am not too happy about it either.
    The 2nd part was a bit easier, although the last 2 rounds were a killer. I finished with improvised cardio including jump rope, crab kicks, push-ups, bodyweight lunges and some other things to make me sweat. That was very needed after some days of vacation in Prague and chocolate… lots of it.
    Glad to be back to split routines after 2 weeks of full body!
    Thanks for the fun torture!

    • Marjut Anni Maria Ala-ketola

      After the first part I also had bruises all over my arms, look like somebody beat me up 😛

  • Estefania Puigdemont

    Firt part only took me 22 minutes lol My legs are shaking so much, how can you do cardio afterwards. I can’t even walk! lol

    Great workout Tati! 🙂

  • AlishisPhillips

    3 rounds of part 1…that’s an important detail to miss!! I will have to revisit this. no wonder I blazed right through this workout!!

  • AlishisPhillips

    I revisited this workout doing it properly, with the three rounds for part one, and let me just say, I could not walk after this workout. Very nice feeling, oddly enough! Thanks Tati!!

  • Marjut Anni Maria Ala-ketola

    Hi Tati!
    While I was doing this workout I had a horrible pain in my back in both parts and not only in this workout in some other workouts too I have pain in my back. Where is this coming from and how I can get rid of it? It really slows me down 🙁 Does it mean I have a weak core?

    I hope you have the time to answer, thanks! 🙂

  • Cassidy Croskey

    Ooow, that first part. Whew. That was a toughie. 30 lbs. sandbag and 10 lbs. dumbbells: 22:27
    I had to take mid-set breaks to make it through after round one. :] I think I could have pushed harder

    And then part two happened, and oh my lawd. x_x I took breaks. I admit it. And decreased my weight to 20 lbs. after round three. But that’s an achievement for me, since I’ve had trouble taking it down a notch when I need to in the past. I’m super proud that I listened to my body instead of pushing through for pride. ^_^ Thank you, Tati!

  • Cassidy

    Part 1: 23:41 using 30 lbs. and 16 lbs. on the hammer jump lunges. This was still very, very hard for me, but because of time constraints, I had to workout fasted today. That might be way I couldn’t finish faster. My form was better than the first time, too. But I *did* push! You should see how sweaty I am right now, Tati. My skin is raining. 😛

    Part 2: Gaaah. After Round 3 I had to stop and break for a few minutes. My bag was rubbing the skin on top of my fingers raw. >_< I don't know how long I stopped for, but it was under ten minutes, I think. I didn't take another break and didn't decrease my weight this time. Improvement! Yay!

    I've recently decided to start tracking my calories to make sure I'm getting enough everyday. Apparently, I haven't been eating nearly enough for my activity level. Oopsie! That might be part of the reason why my scores haven't been where I thought they should be. ^_^;

    I want to do this one again in about a month and see if eating more helps my performance. I'm so excited to start improving. 😀

  • Kane

    I have no sandbag, so I turned the bag cleans into kettlebell-style one-handed dumbbell snatches. Holy cow did that make things tough! But very satisfying. That second part is just wow!